Monday, October 29, 2012


So after thinking about it for awhile now... I finally decided to create a Facebook page just for this here blog.  I have been posting from my personal Facebook and decided it was time to create a special little place for my blog in the Facebook world.  If you would be so kind to go like it.. I would be forever grateful. :)

I'm also contemplating buying the domain for my blog.  Since we reenlisted a few weeks ago I don't see my blog changing anytime soon.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  I know sometimes followers are lost in translation... so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

As always, thanks to my followers.  I write for myself, but it is great to know that someone else cares to hear about it too!

P.S. Have you signed up for the Holiday Card Exchange??!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Holiday Card Exchange!

In three days it is Halloween.  In four days, it is November... and what does that mean?  The holidays have begun.  In my opinion at least.  I'm not the one that cranks up Christmas music and gets out the decorations... I am the one that starts planning her holiday cards to send to family and friends.  Yes people, I am still someone who enjoys sending out holidays cards to tons of people... because I know the thought of them means something.

And this year... this year I'd love to send cards to my blog friends too!

So here is the plan... you send me your name and address by November 15th.  I will put a list together of all the names and then distribute it via e-mail by November 20th.  Then you have a whole month to send a holiday card to everyone on the list.  Simple as that.. and before you know it your mailbox will be stuffed with fun little cards from people all across the nation (and world?).

Are you interested?!
Shoot me an e-mail at and I will add you to the list.
(Although I purchased my domain and have a new e-mail through it... I will still use the hotmail e-mail for this exchange!)
Then be on the lookout later this month for your address list!
Somewhere Over the Camo

Oh and feel free to add this button to your blog and tell your friends all about it!

Unfortunately, this exchange is only open to bloggers.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Honey, I'm home [LIVING ROOM edition]

So who wants to see more?!

The Living Room.

The lighting is awful in these pictures, so please excuse.
View from the entryway!
We've got fabulous carpet.. a fireplace.. a ceiling fan.. an offset TV.. a cut out to the kitchen on the right and some fabulous new furniture!  Hands down this is the room we spend the most time in.  Probably because it is the LIVING room. Bahaha.. Oh I am so clever y'all.

My favorite part of this room is probably a mixture between the fact I have a fireplace and all of the natural light.  My least favorite part is that the TV is offset because of our Directv box and X-Box..
Our living room.

View from the backdoor.
Like my couch ornament?!
Coat closet.
We have a coat closet.. that will probably never be used.  This is Georgia, so I am still skeptical on if coats and scarves will actually be used here.  We shall see.

Since I took these pictures a week or so ago I am in the process of moving the black bookcase to the office and I added a lamp to the corner bookshelf.  At some point we would like to replace the pictures in the big black frames with images we have taken from our travels.  The images currently in those frames were taken by Rob's Aunt and Uncle who gave the frames to us when they moved.  Eventually [if we stay here long enough] I would like to build a shelf or something above the TV that can hold the DVR and X-Box so that the TV can be centered.  The last thing is... I would love to add a rug to the living room.  It is actually probably the next thing on my list to look into finding the best deals for.  [Anyone found great deals on big rugs somewhere?!]

Well that is that.  Our living room!

Be on the lookout for the bathrooms, the guest bedroom, the office, the kitchen and the master bedroom sometime in the future.


Monday, October 22, 2012


I've been busy shopping lately.  I mean, what girl doesn't like to get her shop on occasionally?  My big weakness... Facebook For Sale pages.  People sell new and gently used items for a fraction of what they are worth!  There was one in Maryland associated with Ft. Meade and there is one here associated with Ft. Gordon AND another one associated with the Augusta area!  So sometimes I sell [[I'm a purger.. I love to get rid of stuff not being used!]] but more often than not.. I buy.. Like recently I've found our new desk to replace the broken one from the move.. for $20 [look for it in a future post about the office!], the rug used in the laundry room for a whopping $5 and some gorgeous cubby shelves for only $8 that will soon be put to use in the office.  Then there is Craigslist.  My husband.. he's a fan.  He gets it from his father who could basically make a living buying and selling cars and what not and flipping them for sometimes twice as much.  Remember that bench for the entryway?  Craigslist find.  Oh and did I mention last week we became owners of a boat.. I didn't mention that?  Well we did.  A Craigslist steal... and my husband is in man heaven you guys.  We definitely aren't afraid of giving other people's treasures a new home... BUT that certainly does not mean I don't ever hit up the stores...

When I saw this link up with From Mrs. to Mama this week.. I figured I'd indulge you all in my shopping habits.  Aren't you all just the luckiest?!

1. Tell us your favorite stores to shop at.
Hands down Target.  I can go into that place for one thing and walk out with 5 just as useful and pretty things I didn't quite know I needed.. but for sure can put to use.  We are about 20 minutes from the closest one here.. so luckily it is not my local haunt unlike the apartment in Kansas where I could literally walk to Target.  For clothes I am a fan of Rue 21, Kohl's and just about anywhere with a clothes rack.  I've found awesome items at dollar stores, Walmart or on sale at department stores.

2. What are you "signature pieces" to wear.. your go-to outfits?
Jeans. I've always been a jeans girl.  With a pretty top for going out, a t-shirt for running errands, a sweatshirt for every season but summer.  Growing up I had my tomboy phase where I wore nothing but baggy t-shirts and shorts.  Then in high school I basically lived out of jeans and t-shirts/hoodies.  I'd like to think my style has evolved.. but I still reach for jeans and a t-shirt 6 out of 10 times.

3. Show us your style through pictures {of you or pinterest finds}.

Two recent pictures from this summer.. I'd say my style is comfy yet cute.  When scrolling through my pictures most of them you can't see my whole outfit.. but the top one was from a graduation party with my closest girlfriends.  The bottom one is from a country concert I went to this summer where my cardinal rule of not wearing boots with shorts/dresses was broken.

As for Pinterest... most commonly you'd see me in an outfit similar to this one during the summer:  Minus the Toms.. add sandals, and instead of coral.. add blue. :)
During the winter... you can find me in an outfit like this one, more often than not. Minus the Sperry's add a pair of cowgirl boots:

4. Show us your favorite celebrity style icons.
Love me some Miranda Lambert with a side of Blake Shelton.  She's such a badass who loves life, and I think that is definitely something to admire.

5. If you had to spend money on clothes or home items, which would you choose?
I have to choose?!  I love buying stuff for my home.  But I also love the feeling of wearing a new outfit out and about.  That would be a hard one.  Probably go with home items though as they are usually more expensive and if I have the money to spend.. I want it to go towards something I have really been wanting!

6. Show us your favorite accessories.
Hands down favorite accessory that I wear every single day.  Besides that I like earrings.  I always have my cartilage earring in.  Always have plain silver stone studs in my second set of earlobe piercings, and I mix out my first set depending on my outfit.  [That makes me feel like I have tons of piercings.. even though I really don't...] 

7. Tell us in one sentence your philosophy behind shopping. {What makes you buy an item}
It has to be cheap first off.  My momma raised me right by teaching me you fan find some of the sweetest deals on the clearance racks.  If it means you buy late in the season, that is what you do.  Jeans are pretty much the only item I buy regular price.  Otherwise I have to feel truly comfortable in it, or it goes back on the rack no matter how great the deal.

Oops, that was supposed to be one sentence. My bad. :)

Anyway.. happy Monday y'all.  On week 8 of my current session in school, which means final tests due by Thursday!  Otherwise so far a fairly relaxed week planned.  Tomorrow I have orientation for the Employment Readiness Program offered on Fort Gordon for military spouses.  Once I am through with orientation it is on to hopefully finding a job through their program!  Check back mid week for another house tour post. :) Only have two rooms left to complete before I can take pictures for future posts!  Which makes me BEYOND happy.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

One more thing...

And then I promise I am done for the day, week, who knows..

Today I am being featured over at Military Monday!  Go check out Jamie at Handling with Grace and her growing group of gorgeous people and read a little bit about Fort Gordon and our military experience thus far.

I'm off to do something productive like... clean off the DVR or rearrange the office to pick up my new elliptical tonight!

Happy Monday!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

When I was 17.

Tonight I feel like I am 17 because I am procrastinating on my homework, complaining about my homework.. and more than likely just being a brat tonight.  SO.. you get another post. I like link ups that go "back in time".  Even though 17 was only 5 years ago. 5 years ago makes it feel like a lot to me.. but to some of my readers I am sure they will laugh at how young I am.  Anyway without further ado I am linking up with From Mrs. to Mama again for Show and Tell Monday.

1. When you were 17, tell us what kind of car you drove, where you worked, and what you were usually up to on the weekends.
Car-a '93 Nissan Altima that my parents drove, I drove and my sister drove.  I believe I was still 17 when I got my graduation present.. my current car '04 Toyota Corolla.
Pre window tinting days!
Worked-At 17 I quit my first job at the local YMCA, where I worked in the childcare area.  I then got a job at Build-A-Bear which I hated.  Haha, children and the holidays and a store like that do not go hand in hand, ever.  But it was fun because I worked with great people!

On the weekends-At 17 I was in this transition period in my life... the first half of 17 was spent with one crowd of people in one town just hanging out and never really doing all that much.  The other half was the first part of my senior year that was spent with a completely different crowd of people in another town doing completely different things.  I was either working on the weekends or hanging out with those that meant the most to me at the time.

2. Show us a picture of you when you were 17 {roughly}.
Trying on dresses for homecoming!
My sister (on the left) and I at homecoming my senior year.

3. When you were 17, tell us what you wanted to be when you "grew up."
A teacher.  Which is what I was going to be all the way up until I graduated from the local community college with my Associate's degree!! Pretty much all of high school that was my plan.. until I realized just how much  patience was needed for that!! Haha.

4. When you were 17, tell us the kind of boys that you dated. Did you have a type? Do you have a relationship you remember well? Tell us about it.
I definitely didn't have a "type".  At 17 my first real relationship ended after a year and a half of dating.  We were basically inseparable and I could walk to his house from my work.  We were young and in love, but we differed in our ideas for the future of our relationship.  Since I spent almost all of my free time with him and his group of friends, when that ended I had this huge bouncing back period.  Sometime after that is when I met Rob!  Whom I was interested in.. but wasn't getting the reciprocation I wanted.. so I got back into a relationship with an ex from way back.  Awful idea.  Definitely changed my life in so many ways.  None of which very positive.

But we all know where my love story ended!! (If you are new around here.. read our story here..)

Friends y'all... the summer I was 17 was definitely one to remember!

5. When you were 17, tell us where you pictured your life 10 years from then. Did it turn out the way you expected it to?
Considering we are only 5 years down the road, I am not sure I can actively say if it did or did not turn out how I wanted.  At this point in my life I was already supposed to have my Bachelor's that I got from K-State.  I hadn't really pictured my life past college I guess.. I always knew that I wanted kids eventually and to get married.. but I don't think my 17 year old self quite realized that at 20 I'd be getting married and moving away from everything that I had ever known.  At 22 I'd still be working on a degree, months after my friends finished.  But you know what.. I think my 17 year old self would be proud because I have been through a lot at only 22... believe it or not. :)

Okay.. I suppose I must stop procrastinating..


Honey, I'm home [ENTRYWAY & DINING ROOM edition]

End of another weekend.  Which was busy with cleaning, Octoberfest, Steed's Dairy Farm (it's a Fall thing around here that is geared mainly towards kids.  We went in the corn maize though and holy cow.. it was harder than it looked!) and Fall Fest at our church.  Now I am taking a break from homework and tending to the puppy.  :/  Poor guy must have ate something that doesn't agree with him.  So I am hoping tomorrow he wakes up feeling like himself again!

This Sunday I bring you two new spaces in our glorious house...

The entryway.

Now on to the OTHER entryway.. the front door!  First off, can I say just how much I love our entryway?  It is brick and cozy.. and recessed so if you feel like being a little redneck when it storms, you can stand out front and watch!
Our "got dirt?" mat has been with us since our townhouse!  It was one of our first purchases towards the house!
Loving our wreath.. I found all the supplies needed at Walmart too!  Took a plain wreath they had out for fall.. wrapped it in twine, added some sunflowers by cutting them towards the top and stripping the wrapping off the wire.  Then I just poked the free wire through the wreath, painted a wood "G", wrapped twine around it and the wreath to secure it on.  Braided some stray twine for a hanger and wallah.. 4 supplies, no glue and a year round wreath.
Once inside you are greeted with hardwood floors!  This is the future home of the bench we are refinishing, some picture frames, a hook system and a vinyl decal.  But for now it is just an empty area.  Through the door on the right is the laundry room...

I do have one part of our entryway done.  A lot of military spouses have wall hangers displaying where they have been before in their military career.  I knew I wanted to do something similar but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg.  So this is our where we've been wall:
I already had the EST 2010 letters from the apartment.. spray painted letters from Hobby Lobby.  Just added some matching picture frames with an image of the house, and underneath the pink is the address associated.

I had to pink box out the addresses!

To the right of the door (left in these pictures) is the dining room.

Which the dogs love for stalking watching the neighbors.. and napping.

As of now this room is used for Klutch's kennel (the rest of it was being cleaned..) and possibly the future home of a either a pool table for Rob or a nice dining room table.  Not sure yet which... either way I don't mind the empty.

The entryway and the dining room are the only two rooms in the house with hardwood floors.  Which actually works out perfectly.  They are gorgeous.. the first time we have ever had them.  But I will admit they are harder to maintain with dogs.

So there you have it.. the first actual room of the house!

Be on the lookout for the bathrooms, the guest bedroom, the office, the kitchen, the living room and the master bedroom sometime in the future.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

That time I caught up on life.

Here it is.. October.  Exactly three months after my main man made his way home from the desert.  I can't really say things are crazy busy.  Busy, yes.  Crazy busy, not really.  Shall we recap?

Yesterday was eventful.. to say the least.  For the last month Rob has had these random chest pain moments that make it hard for him to breathe.  They usually pass within a few minutes though.  Yesterday however was a bit of a different story.  The chest pains were so bad he was having trouble breathing, couldn't even move for about 5 minutes.. and when he did he said we need to go to the ER.  The episode lasted somewhere between 30 minutes and 40 minutes, way way way longer than normal.  About 5 minutes after we got to the emergency room the pain subsided.  So we sat for an hour waiting to even be called back.  [Let's just say I am glad it wasn't a life or death situation.. because we waited far too long in my opinion.]  By that point all of the symptoms were gone but we went back anyway as answers are definitely needed.  There we sat for another 2 hours.  They did an EKG and some x-rays, which both came back normal.  The doctor concluded that it does not have anything to do with Rob's heart and that he does not think it is serious.  What he does think.. it has to do with his rib cage.  So he got some pain meds and discharge papers.  He is supposed to follow up with his regular PCM to maybe get more answers.  So if you can.. say an extra prayer that we can get some better answers other than.. I think it is your rib cage.  Not that I don't have crazy relief regarding it not being serious.. it would just be nice to know more of what exactly it is.
Kicking it in room 10 at the hospital!

Other than THAT, Rob is doing good.  We've settled into our reenlistment decision and are now looking towards promotion again.  Along with that Rob is picking up new "job titles" within the Army that he is constantly in one class or another for.  When he isn't dealing with the Army we have fishing, talking about fishing, talking about trucks, talking about boats and watching TV shows like Pawn Stars, Top Gear and American Picker.  My life people, and I ain't even stretching it!
Yes, yes.. he does use a pillow when he sleeps..
Piston is being Piston.  He's attached to his Dad as always, which is more evident when his brother tries to get attention too.  Piston is NOT okay with that.  Remember how in this post I likened Piston's emotions to post traumatic stress from the deployment?  It has definitely made Rob un-share able with Klutch.  Me?  He is totally okay with me giving him a rub down while Klutch sits in my lap.  It is literally polar opposite.  When Rob isn't the main attention grabber, Piston and Klutch are the very best of friends.  They wrestle, chase each other and sleep near each other.  It was just like I knew it would be, Piston LOVES having a brother. :)  Well most of the time anyway.
May or may not have been holding his toy slightly to the right of the camera...
As for Klutch!  Today was his 9 week vet appointment even though he is 10 weeks old.  He got his next round of vaccines and another round of worm preventative.  Last time we went in three weeks ago he tested positive for hook worms.  Microscopic worms.  He had one detected today which the vet said is totally normal.  He weighs 20 pounds.. a whooping 10 pounds more than last time!  He's healthy and happy and sooo good natured.  We really lucked out by getting two great dogs.  We also got the go ahead for Klutch to interact with dogs other than his brother.  Which is GREAT news for me as I see puppy play dates in my future!  Potty training is still being worked on but he has gotten significantly better.. especially since he likes treats so much.  So as long as you keep an eye on him, he is pretty well behaved.
Cuddle buddies!

Then there is me.. between school and TV, I am swamped man. ;)  I talked to my adviser the other day and as of now I am scheduled for the July session at DeVry to be my last.  So by the end of August 2013 I will have my Bachelor's.  To see the end in sight is such a HUGE sigh of relief.  You all really have no idea!! When I am not doing school work I joined a club on post, have had a few friend dates and generally being a fur mom.  I've been applying for jobs and so far not looking so good.. I had an insurance company call me for an interview/information session.. but it was kind of like a glorified Scentsy/Avon/MaryKay scheme and I'm not too thrilled about that as of now.  So the resumes will continue to be submitted until luck is in my hands!  On the bright side we only have to worry about Rob's schedule so far when it comes to this winter and the holidays!  Finally I've been working on getting the house done, right off the bat..
Fishing the other day.. it was cold!! Who knew GA got that way? ;)

Which brings me to my final thing.  Sunday I posted about the entryway being postponed.. well my local consignment shop (Grovetown Consignment, if you are in the area!!!) is ran by this awesome lady who was willing to trade me this AMAZING bench for the stinky one I had purchased.  So we picked that up today and my wonderful husband is going to help me strip it and get it ready to be moved indoors.  I'm so excited, you all have NO IDEA.  So that's where THAT stands.  I'm probably going to decorate the rest of it and then create a post, because I am not quite sure when we will get the bench finished as of now.  Let's put it this way.. I may make it a goal to leave one thing unfinished in each room, to have an update post, if you will. :)

And that's pretty much that y'all.  I knew there were some friends on Facebook concerned about what went down last night after seeing our status posts last night, so I figured I better do an update.  I know it is kind of mundane for the rest of you.. but I'm hoping there are SOME people that care!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Honey, I'm home [LAUNDRY ROOM edition]

First off.. before I go any further.. I HAVE to announce.. that EVERY. SINGLE. BOX is unpacked.  There were two boxes I had a hard time unpacking and so they sat and were not completed until this last week.  My box of jewelry and Rob's box of dresser items.  I didn't know what to do with the jewelry and we were down a dresser until last weekend when it was fixed.  But have no fear.. that issue is no more.

This weekend I bring you a new area...

The laundry room.

So last week I showed you the garage... through that door at the very back is the laundry room.  I suppose you could also consider it a mudroom too.
It currently stores all of our cleaning supplies and random dog necessities.

This is probably one of my FAVORITE rooms in this house because I have my very own washer and dryer y'all.  If you've been around here for long.. you know that in our apartment in Kansas I had to hike (aka haul) ALL of my laundry down from the third floor.  Load it into the car.. drive it to the complex laundry mat.. wait an hour and a half and then pick it all up and haul it back upstairs.  Awful I tell you.  Laundry was pretty much ALWAYS on my to do list. Sooooo... it makes perfect sense why I enjoy this so much.
Side note before I proceed.. my original intention was to put the word laundry on that canvas kind of like what Jenn did right here [total coincidence that I'm recapped in that post!!]... BUT a's and u's and n's and d's are hard to make with masking tape due to their annoying curves! So I gave up and will eventually tackle it some other way.. maybe?  I'm kind of digging the bright blue square.  Oh and my zebra Scentsy was lost in the world of a man saying no because it has zebra on it.. so it is destined to be the mismatched bit of this bright hot mess.

So there is the laundry.  It is pretty average.  Minus the blue square of course...

This week I was also going to show you the entryway through the front door.. BUT last night I decided I wanted a new piece of furniture.  I came across this awesome little bench on Craigslist.. went to pick it up today and of course the seller was a smoker.  She said the piece had been in her family for 15 years.  So 15 years of smoke is no bueno my friends.  [If you are a smoker, I am not judging.. just not a fan of that smoke smell in my house!]  Needless to say I also had my first encounter with bleach today... and now my hands smell.  Fabulous.  Anyway, I've tried 3/4 water-1/4 bleach mixture rubbed on twice now and it still smells.  Going to leave it outside tonight [80+ degree weather here still Kansas folk!  How about that?!] and see what tomorrow brings.  If you have suggestions though I am ALL EARS.  I love this piece but if we can't de-stink it.. then it has to go.  If tomorrow brings a fresh [er] scent.. then look for that post Wednesday ish.

Otherwise be on the lookout for the entryway, bathrooms, the guest bedroom, the office, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the master bedroom sometime in the future.


Also, thanks for the kind comments and boosts of confidence posted on our last post.  Your comments were greatly appreciated.  The blog community never fails.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our thoughts behind reenlistment.

Rob and I have been together almost four years.  Six months shy of his entire military career thus far.  For years the topic of reenlisting has come up more than once.  More often than not the outcome of the discussion is that getting out is the best option for what Rob wants to achieve in life and what our goals as a family include.  We've always talked about doing the six original years and then returning to Kansas as long as Rob could find a career.

Even though I strongly believed that was the best option for us, I've always had doubts.  Six years is over a quarter of the way to retirement.  What happens if things don't just fall into place?  If there is no job in Kansas then we end up settling somewhere else.  Our dreams are huge, but our fear of the unknown is greater.

A few weeks ago we started exploring reenlisting a little bit more.  Ultimately we knew we had to do what was best for us, but coming to that what-is-best decision is harder than it seems.  Finally we sat down and wrote out our pros and cons about both staying in and getting out.  Believe it or not there are more pros FOR US to staying in then there was to getting out.

It went something like this:

Pros to staying in- Healthcare.  Automatically building to a retirement (versus having to set money aside on your own).  Military discounts on various large items.  Having the opportunity to travel and live else where.  Can use leave instead of hoarding it.  But most of all a guaranteed income.

Cons to staying in- Living overseas with the dogs (they have to be quarantined for a time period in order to stay with us) and children.  Deployments.  Living away from family more often than not.  No guaranteed safety (although I am not sure you can guarantee that in the civilian world either).

Pros to getting out- Freedom.  Living and doing whatever.  Ability to grow hair out.  Ability to quit when you want to.  Potential for more money.

Cons to getting out- No retirement. No healthcare. You have to pay the cost of living to live where the job is (in the Army you are paid more based on where you are stationed and the cost of living there).  No guarantee on finding a job.

[[If you are military, your thoughts on what are important may differ from ours.  Obviously these are our comparison lists, and yours may look differently.]]

The bottom line is that financially it makes more sense, maybe not now, but later, for us to stay in the military.    Granted we will lose out on a few major things like being around our family and friends.  It still was something we had to think about in regards to our future and not here and now.

As a result, last week Rob got the ball rolling on a new contract.  There were 3 slots available and he took one of them with today being the reenlistment ceremony.  As of about 11:05 this morning Rob is reenlisted into the United States Army for another six years.

Now we get to look towards our future with excitement.  While again nothing is a guarantee there are several opportunities that Rob has the option to explore especially in regards to becoming an officer.  I am excited and my husband is as well.  In time these new doors will open and with them a new world of potential.  All that we can hope for is the support of our family and friends as we navigate this new path in our life.  We acknowledge it may not have been the ideal option in your eyes, but please know we are content with our decision and ready for our future and what it has in store for us.