Sunday, August 18, 2013


So I borrowed this sweet little survey from Angie... thanks lady!

A. Age?

B. Bed Size?
-King... but seriously could be wayyy bigger and still not be enough.-

C. Chore You Hate?
-Laundry. Hands down.-

D. Dog?
-2.. my beloved boxer, Piston and my lab/pit mix, Klutch.
Fun fact... our dogs ARE named after car parts.-
"Sorry for our alien eyes... the flash is just so captivating."
E. Essential Start to Your Day?
-Checking my phone.-

F. Favorite Color?
-Purple or teal.-

G. Gold or Silver?
-Silver, hands down.-

H. Height?

I. Instruments You Play?
-None. I played the flute growing up... but it didn't stick.-

J. Job Title?
-Stay-at-home-wife.  Still gotta tell y'all about that one...-

K. Kids?
-A sweet baby girl on the way!  Otherwise our furchilds.-

L. Live?

M. Married?
-Yes.  For three LONNNNG years.-
N. Nicknames?

O. Overnight Hospital Stays?

P. Pet Peeve?
-Loud eaters.  Slow drivers.  Over opinionated people.-

Q. Quote?
-"The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you."-

R. Righty or Lefty?

S. Siblings?
-1 younger sister.
5 sister-in-laws.
4 brother-in-laws.-

T. Time You Wake Up?
-Usually not before 10 but not after 11.-

U. University Attended?
-Johnson County Community College for my Associate's.
DeVry University for my Bachelor's.
[[p.s. three cheers for their military discount!]]-

V. Vegetables You Dislike?
-Brussel sprouts and lima beans.-

W. What Makes You Late? 
-Life?  Haha I am horrible at staying on a time schedule.
So... the dogs.. my hair.. sleeping in.. not having gas.. etc.
It's all down hill once the kid gets here.-

X. X-Rays You've Had?
-Hips when I was a baby for hip displasia I was born with.
Teeth. Ankle when I tripped and fell down the stairs.-

Y. Yummy Food?
-Macaroni and cheese.-

Z. Zoo Animal Favorite?
-Sea lion.. couldn't tell you why either!-

In other news y'all... an important tidbit to update... I am jobless.  While traveling back to Georgia from visiting Kansas I received a text message from my boss saying she wanted me to stop by when I got back into town.  Considering I was planning on working the next day I knew it probably wasn't a good sign it couldn't wait until the next day.  Needless to say I missed my shuttle from Atlanta to Augusta and told her I was not coming in when I got back to town shortly before 8 that night.  Asked her what she needed and told her I was fine with hearing whatever over the phone.  To which she responded with she didn't want to do it over the phone but she was letting me go.  Her reasoning was that it was still within my initial 90 day window and she just didn't think our personalities were working well together.  I said okay... or something along those lines.  I mean what else can you really say?  She continued to say she would write me a recommendation letter if needed and that I really am a hard worker.  I can't say that I was surprised that is what she wanted to talk about considering the timing of the initial text.  But I am surprised with the reasoning... we've never clashed over anything.  I picked up the job duties fairly easily and even helped make a few changes... had never had any sort of problems.  So that my friends was sort of a shock.

But everything happens for a reason.

I am back to being a stay-at-home-wife.  I was going to try and find another part-time or temp job to fill in until baby gets here... but the hubs likes having me at home when he gets off.  So I think I am done working for a bit.  And I'm for real okay with that.  Sleeping in... keeping up with the house... finishing my last session of school... preparing for baby... getting busy with base activities again.  I like that life.  A lot.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's a...

Come January it will be Rob, Amanda and our sweet baby girl !!!

We were hoping that last week we'd get an answer but it did not go as expected... I had had nothing but water for 4 days and I downed a Mountain Dew 30 minutes before our appointment to try and get our little bit hopping.  We get there and surprise surprise there he/she sits cross legged with the cord between their legs. The technician tried for 30 minutes to get her to flip and show us... but like a stubborn little lady she stayed put.  Needless to say we were just a wee bit bummed.

Yesterday we got to see little bit at the doctor.  Of course he couldn't get a clear look either.  He said he thought it was highly likely we'd created a boy.  But he could not say with much certainty.

Today we went back to the prenatal imaging place and about 5 minutes into it.. the technician says "I'm certain it is a girl".  She was flipped on her head showing off this time.  SO once she got a clear look, she showed us why she was saying that... and wabam... silence.  It was like crickets.

You could say we were not expecting to hear that.  Rob and his co-workers had done about every myth test in the books and they all resulted with the answer of boy.  We had a boy name picked out.  We had hardly even though of our sweet little bit being a girl.  So I guess you could say we set ourselves up for that one.  ;)

Regardless we did our first round of shopping.  We've picked out a name.  And we are adjusting to calling our sweet baby G our little girl.  It's weird... it's scary... it's exciting!

"Let her sleep... for when she wakes... she will move mountains."

P.S. I promise to return not just when I have baby news to share.  I don't want my blog to turn into a baby blog.  Not that it really had a purpose before.... but ya get my jist.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Looks like we made it...

First trimester... done and done.

Thank the sweet Lord above.

Because if being pregnant meant nine months of THAT.  We'd be one and done.  I promise you that.

Within the last week or two I've started feeling normal.  Even almost not pregnant.  Minus the swollen ankles and firm belly of course.  I'm not AS tired and I feel a bit more normal... knock on wood.

This here blog has been silent though because I've been on a two week vacation to Kansas.  One of my favorite places in the world... (the others... the lake, my Grandparents farm and with my little family in Georgia).  Which has been two weeks of busy.  It started with my cousins bachelorette party.  Then went into lake time.  Then became a wedding frenzy as my cousin got married.  This last day today has just flown by and tomorrow bright and early I board a few planes, travel in a bus and arrive back right where these last two weeks started... home.

I'm ready.  It is funny how getting older changes how you feel about home.  I'll always have two homes.  The one with my parents... and then the one with my husband and boys.  Our little gang.  I miss that second one when I am at the first and vice versa.  I guess that is life... always changing.

Of course once I get home things don't calm down in the least little bit.  However we do have an appointment scheduled to find out what we are having... so... YOU tell ME.

Over there on the left I added a poll.. and I'd love for your input.  Girl. Or boy.  Maybe next week I will be back with what we found out.  Or as my husband puts it... confirms.  ;)

Also, please know... every last one of those sweet congratulatory comments made. my. day.  I feel the love from you all.  Even when I've been so vacant recently.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Until next time my friends...

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