Saturday, December 12, 2015

24 weeks//Baby B

What Fruit are you // an ear of corn
Due date // March 28th
How far along // 24 weeks
Next appointment // next week sometime...
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // don't know... I am definitely not weighing myself unless I have to.  It is the holidays... duh.
Swelling // none.
Maternity clothes // bought two more long sleeve maternity shirts... they are what I prefer to wear when I go out in public... aka when I am not wearing sweats.  Aka the REAL maternity clothing...
Belly button // in
Sleep // better... still hip pain but not killer.  I also feel like I have been sleeping much harder then I was before.
Food cravings // sweets.  Especially chocolate chip cookies.
Symptoms // just crazy messed up hormones.  I always feel on the verge of breaking down.  Tears come easier and I have very little patience.  Which is hard when you are a stay at home mama to a toddler that is testing you on just about everything.  I have also had some troubles breathing.  Get out of breath crazy easy and I am constantly sounding like an out of shape old lady.
Movement // I feel her pretty much every time I sit down.  Rob got to feel her a couple of nights ago.  Which is six weeks faster in this pregnancy then he did with Grace.  I can also see her from the outside when she really gets to going.
Labor signs // none.
What I miss // my energy.  I have so many good intentions each and everyday to get so much done, and I never do because the energy is just not there.
What I'm loving // watching the baby move.  It is just as surreal the second time around.  I really don't think anything compares to it.
What I'm looking forward to // all of our Christmas presents being wrapped and loading the truck up to head home for the holidays!!
Best moment this week // getting all of our Christmas shopping done.  Andddd seeing little miss kick from the outside.  Definitely makes you thankful for this little blessing.

To read about Grace at 24 weeks, click here.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


It is definitely one of those nights... ironically enough, a Monday... where the hot chocolate, leftover pumpkin bars and twinkling Christmas tree lights make everything a little better.  Overall it was a typical Monday full of errands, cleaning and prompt baby naps... and then this evening came in sort of like a wrecking ball and we were struggling.  Hard.  So after fighting bedtime like I've never seen a toddler fight - this mama is dialed in to some Bravo crap in a quiet living room still trashed with the various ornaments yanked off the tree throughout the day.

But this weekend? This weekend was good.

Even though we were originally planning to spend Thanksgiving with family in Maryland... we made the most of our holiday together just us, our baby girl and the dog.  Rob smoked a turkey on the Big Green Egg and I baked, casseroled and loaded down the crockpot for a feast fit for the entire weekend.  The Tennessee weather was beyond gorgeous with a surprisingly sunny, warm day (only to follow with rain basically every day since...) and we soaked up every minute of it.  It was definitely one of those days where I went to bed feeling blessed beyond belief.

The rest of the weekend was spent Black Friday shopping for Christmas gifts we probably didn't really need to buy ourselves, getting a Christmas tree, binge watching Hallmark Christmas movies like I seriously never have before (surprise... they ALL end the same - happy Christmas after!) and eating tons of leftover turkey until the 50% off any Domino's pizza special was just way too good to pass up.

Our house is decked out for Christmas and the shopping lists are all made.  Holiday travel plans are almost finalized and I'm feeling on top of my game.  How long will it last?  Nobody knows... probably until the baby wakes up tomorrow morning ready for another day of toddler shenanigans.

I am every so thankful for that sweet girl though - among other things like her daddy, the dog, my family, hot chocolate, pumpkin bars and twinkling Christmas lights...

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

22 weeks//Baby B

I started doing every other week bump updates when I was pregnant with Grace at 20 weeks.  I never got around to taking a picture or writing a 20 week post about this pregnancy, so 22 weeks it is... sorry babe!

What Fruit are you // a spaghetti squash
Due date // March 28th
How far along // 22 weeks
Next appointment // have to go in for take two of my 20 week ultrasound next week.  Someone would NOT budge so that we could get a shot of her whole spine.  Regular ob appointment in roughly 2 or 3 weeks.
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // up 13 pounds according to my home scale.
Swelling // none.
Maternity clothes // I've been wearing pants for awhile because... elastic waste bands, duh.  I have more maternity shirts this pregnancy that are already in the rotation... but I am still wearing mostly regular shirts.
Belly button // in
Sleep // rough - lots of tossing and turning.  My hips HATE being pregnant... have been sleeping with a pillow between my legs for months now.  It gives me some relief but I still often wake up with insanely sore hips.
Food cravings // salads.. otherwise I haven't had anything major so far.
Symptoms // still pretty tired even though we are well into the second trimester.  heartburn comes and goes fairly often so far too.  I've also been rather grumpy with this pregnancy, just feel like my hormones are way out of whack.
Movement // late at night.  I typically feel her when I get a chance to sit.
Labor signs // none.
What I miss // alcohol.  There has been some really trying days lately with the toddler and alcohol would have been a lovely indulgence at the end of a long day.
What I'm loving // Grace.  She is of course keeping me very busy.  But it still feels like time is absolutely dragging.  Probably because we found out at 6 weeks (which was really 5 weeks) and then had to repeat week 11 when they pushed my due date back a week.  That's rough.  But I'm loving that slowly but surely we are getting there.
What I'm looking forward to // Rob and Gray being able to feel baby B.  And Thanksgiving dinner obviously.
Best moment this week // Rob unexpectedly having the weekend and then Monday and Tuesday of this week off.  He will work tomorrow and then be off Thursday on.

To read about Grace at 22 weeks, click here.

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Friday, November 20, 2015


Somehow it has been awhile.  Even though my husband has been working extra long days for the past week plus and my time has been endless.  I've been dragging.  Always always tired and so things just aren't getting done as I hope... including blogging.  So, let's take stock...

Making: A Christmas shopping list.  As usual I am left wondering what to get Rob's siblings.. so I text his brother and say - "what do you want for Christmas?  I don't know is not an answer." the punk responded with "I'm not sure." So as you can see... I am getting tons of ideas.

Cooking: Not a thing.

Drinking: Milk.

Reading: Blogs.. trying to catch up on some of my favorite people of course!

Wanting: Rob to be off this weekend... but no, he gets to work 8 to 8 until next Tuesday.  Then he luckily gets the holiday off..

Playing: I guess I am an unwilling participant in Grace's current game.  She keeps trying to close my laptop with her big ole head.

Listening: To Dinosaur Train.  My phone going off with a text from my best friend.  Grace chatting with Piston.

Sewing: Nothing.. I ain't got time for that.

Wishing: I didn't have to cook Thanksgiving dinner next week.  We were supposed to spend the holiday with Rob's family but it's just a tad too far and he can't go for a four day weekend.  So now we are on our own.  Luckily Rob is going to smoke the turkey, so it's just sides for me!

Enjoying: The sun shining... and the baby entertaining herself.

Liking: That baby B checked out as a normal healthy girl at her 20 week ultrasound Tuesday and doctors appointment Wednesday.

Wondering: If we should buy a real Christmas tree this year or finally break down and get a fake one since we will be spending the holidays with family.

Hoping: To finally get all of our laundry done.  It's insane though... like TONS of laundry needs done insane!

Marveling: At how big and independent Grace is getting.  It's 90% good until she tells you to "go" or throws an epic fit because you didn't let her do the very naughty thing she wanted to do.

Needing: To go to Hobby Lobby.  A couple of Christmas gift ideas are currently on sale 50% off, so we must capitalize.

Smelling: Nothing in particular.  Ready to break out the holiday scents for the wall plugs.

Wearing: Sweatpants and one of my many Royals t-shirts.

Thinking: Of how fun our visit was last weekend with some friends from our last duty station.  Unfortunately Rob had to work the entire time they were here, but we still had tons of fun going to craft fairs, eating good food, shopping and buying a mattress.  Haha.  Logan is getting so big and even though it has only been two months since we last saw them, he has already changed so much.

Feeling: Slightly motivated.  **Knock on wood** so that doesn't go away before I actually accomplish things.

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Friday, November 6, 2015


I know tomorrow is officially one week AFTER Halloween... but around here I'm still reminiscing about last Saturday and how much fun we had.

I've said it a hundred times, but holidays with children are way better than any childhood holiday could have ever been.  Watching your own spawn enjoy the day with amazing innocence makes the day that much better.

Grace was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  A local photographer offered two or three pictures in exchange for non-perishables for a food drive.  Grace did not want to stand alone and pose, but we still managed to get a couple that reflect Grace and her personality.

We painted pumpkins instead of carving them this year.  I asked my husband to help her briefly while I went to get some paper towels... I came back down and he was showing her how to paint her legs, not the pumpkin.  The OCD in me had to take a deep breath and let my little be a little.

Our front door decorations!  The little blue pumpkin is how my girls turned out... just perfect.

Before trick or treating.  Rob was the fan to go with Grace's cheerleader costume.

First time trick or treating.  She thought she was supposed to give candy out of her bucket to the neighbor.  Rob took her to a few houses after I realized the candy bucket we left on the steps was getting rapidly cleaned out by brats (my Halloween rant to come...).  She came home with a small assortment.  Most of which we ended up handing out as our bucket went dry.  Regardless she had a bunch of baby friendly candy and was definitely on a sugar high.

We wrapped up the evening handing out candy at our house while Rob and Grace played in the driveway on her radio flyer.  We didn't make it out without a few scratches and bumps, but it was a great evening all around.

I will say after doing Halloween on my own for many years now I don't think I will ever get over the whole trick or treating part.  Kids and parents can be so freaking rude.  I don't get it!  We had kids AND their parents ringing our doorbell at 5:30 even though our light was off.  I was in the process of finishing up dinner and getting things ready to head outside later... yet I would have people ringing our doorbell until we answered.  RUDE.  First off, it wasn't dark.  Second, our light was off... so... what gives?  In fact one of those parents brought her kid back by later in the evening for a second round.  I see you lady.  Then to top it all off while we took Grace to a few houses together our bucket was basically emptied that I left on the steps.  Maybe two families went by it.  PARENTS, WHERE ARE YOU?!  Why are you letting your kids be complete and utter brats.  You RUIN it for other kids when we run out of candy early in the evening.  Also-if you think you are too old to dress up, you are too old to trick or treat.  Rob thinks I am a scrooge.. I think kids need to have values, even on Halloween and not be spoiled little brats.

Okay, rant over.

Our Halloween was nothing short of just what I hoped it would be like once I became a mother.  I know chances are Grace will not remember the day, but I know I will!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


It is an hour until Thursday on this great hump day.  While the house is still trashed and the laundry not finished... it has finally stopped raining.  Just in time for the afternoon sun to shine in as a pleasant surprise that stopped all of us in our tracks for a moment or two earlier today.  A reminder of how life can catch you off guard in the simplest of ways sometimes.

So, how about some happy thoughts?

  • The Royals are up TWO games to NONE against the Mets in the World freaking Series.  It is our year baby.
  • Our master bedroom is unpacked and everything but the curtains are hung up.
  • I've started to feel the bubble feeling of this little one inside of me.
  • Grace ate real chicken today (as opposed to McDonalds chicken...) on her own free will.
  • The delight of daddy coming home from work has returned to our house.  Crazy dog limbs everywhere and our beautiful girl stopping to smile as the boots trudge up the stairs.
  • Fall TV shows are back... and I'm slightly obsessed with Blindspot, Blood and Oil and the Blacklist.
  • I had to take the 1 hour glucose test early (because of the gestational diabetes I "had" with Grace..) in this pregnancy, which resulted in Grace going into the free child watch program at the hospital for a while.  The happy part?  No tears were shed.  (Which could also be sad too... she's growing up...)
  • This year will be the first year we take Grace legit trick'or'treating!  It is also Rob's first year to be here for Halloween.  Last year he was at WOCS during Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • Every morning I wake up and I am alive and free.
Happy almost-Thursday my friends!

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Vacation rocked-Kansas edition.

OKAYYYY---I'm finishing vacation wrap up TODAY.  Ready?! Set, go.

On Wednesday we pulled out of Missouri headed for Kansas and my parents.  Wednesday happened to be my dad's birthday and so for the first time in years we were home to celebrate with him.  After getting into town we did the mad dash to drop stuff off and then meet my mom at her work for lunch.  Of course she had to show Grace off to all her co-workers.. with the parents trailing behind... which I guess happens when you have kids.  You are no longer priority?  Just kidding.  I know without us that sweet girl would not exist..

After lunch we got my car washed on the way to see my best friend and her boy.  He's two months younger than Grace and I wish so badly we lived closer so that I could spend countless hours chit chatting with her and they could spend countless hours playing.  But since that is not happening any time soon we settle for the time we can get.  It is always worth it.

Then it was off to celebrate my dad's birthday at the best Mexican restaurant in town, Jose Peppers.  I could eat the queso everyday and nobody else was complaining about the margaritas.

Thursday we went with Allison and Harrison to the Deanna Rose Petting Zoo.  This was on our Fall bucket list and I am SO glad we got to go when we did.  The weather was great and it was not too terribly crowded.  Considering you can get in for free Monday-Thursday it was absolutely worth it.  We fed ducks and Rob took the kids into the goat pen where I was shocked to see Grace have zero fear and march right up and feed them like they were dogs.  After walking everything we paid the extra few dollars to take the kids on a hay ride... when in Kansas during the fall, right?

We got lunch after and then it was home for naps.  Before heading out again to meet my sweet friends and parents for dinner at Oklahoma Joes.  Another must for us.  (Fun fact, in college we called the fries crack fries because you can't eat just one.)  After a quick catch up, babies started melting down so we called it a day.

Friday was an errand day.  Rob ended up buying a new truck while we were in Kansas City.  So he spent much of the day busy with that.  Grace and I ran some errands and went to the park that I went to growing up.  It is always such a crazy feeling to take your babies to some place you frequented when you were basically a baby yourself.  After spending the evening with my parents we crashed early.

Saturday we woke up and Aunt Erin was in town!  Which Grace LOVED.  We immediately headed out first thing to go to Cider Hill Family Orchard to pick apples and pumpkins.  They were packed.  We hoofed it out to the apple trees and Rob and dad immediately got down to business.  Who knew picking apples was such a serious affair?!  Eventually Grace got into it too and we managed to fill a 16 lb bag full of apples.  The pumpkin picking was next and the selection was certainly interesting.  We decided to just get some gourds and a little pumpkin for Grace.  Then we waited in line basically forever to pay and get some cider slushie and popcorn.  The crowds kind of sucked, but it was an overall fun family outing.

We headed to lunch after and then took off for a great adventure at Ikea.  Rob is SO lucky we don't have one closer to us.  We walked out with $100 in random stuff... but it was all needed, obviously.  We stopped at a few more stores before heading home.  We had dinner in that evening as everyone was super tired.

Sunday we went to Mass.  Which ended up being Rob standing in the back trying to keep an antsy Grace calm.  She did good until we got about halfway through... we are working on it.  After Mass we went home for tacos and cleaning of the house.  We had some company over that evening - our family friends and their three kids, Grace's honorary great-grandparents and another one of my best friends, Kara.  It was a great time catching up, eating a lot and enjoying all the great company.

Unfortunately though, all good things come to an end.  We headed out bright and early Monday for a long journey back home to a relatively new place.  Regardless, I am so so glad we were able to get away and see everyone.  I had not seen my sister since last Christmas, aka the last time we were home.  So it was 100% worth it, worth every minute.

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