our story

I met the love of my life on the first day of senior year in high school.  He was the new kid in town and I had been there for far too long.  We had college algebra together.  I walked in.. walked over and said "Hi I'm Amanda, you must be new." and shook his hand.. for a couple of weeks we would talk outside of school, but in school we never really acted like we were anything more than acquaintances. We both got into other relationships the majority of senior year.  A couple of weeks before graduation Rob's relationship ended and we were back to being friends again.  After the whirlwind that is senior prom and graduation, summer started and Rob dropped some big news...

He had enlisted.  In just a few weeks he would be headed off to basic training for the United States Army.  Throughout basic we kept in touch through letters.  I was working on completing my degree and happened to have just finished class when I got that first phone call after he had graduated.  I was standing outside with one of my best friends, Bree, when my phone went off.  From then on we were in constant contact.  With the help of Rob, I got out of what had become a nasty relationship.  And was ready for the next phase in my life...

At the end of that year Rob came back to Kansas for his first time in 6 months.  After picking him up at the airport we spent two weeks becoming even closer and on December 20th he asked me to officially be his girlfriend.  He came back to Kansas several more times while finishing AIT, before he PCS'd to Fort Meade, Maryland.  I took many trips out there though and on one he asked me to marry him.  I said yes.  And a couple of days later we went to the most gorgeous courthouse ever in Annapolis, MD and tied the knot.  Fifty bucks and a short ceremony and we were legally married for the rest of time...

On our wedding day.  The only picture we have.
At this point I still had two months to go before I would be done with my degree, but just a few days after the graduation ceremony we hit the road in a jam packed Toyota Corolla.  24 hours after we arrived safely  in Maryland we picked Piston up.  At ten pounds, I had no idea what kind of trouble he would create.  I quickly immersed myself in life as a military wife.  Ft. Meade is a rather small community, and so I made friends quickly with the help of the company FRG and Enlisted Spouses Club.  Considering the circumstances I would say we adjusted nicely to living with each other...

About a year later we were faced with the choice of where to go next.  Although a year in Kuwait was not the most ideal choice, it was the only one that made the most sense.  So arrangements were made and a month before deployment, we moved all our stuff back to Kansas for a long year of working, sleeping, spending time with friends and family, school and more than anything waiting it out.  In a one bedroom apartment three stories up, we waited and waited.

July 2012 was what all the waiting was for.  By the middle of the month Rob was home.. and that one bedroom apartment was packed up and our whole life was loaded into a moving truck, a pickup truck and a Toyota Corolla.  We re-located to just outside Fort Gordon, GA, to a little brick home.  But life did not become completely quiet.  As a family, the decision was made to take Rob's 6-year enlistment and turn it into a full 20+ year military career.  Then Rob dropped a warrant officer packet and was selected in January 2014, on his first look.

The quiet for sure disappeared on January 25, 2014 when our sweet Grace was welcomed into the world bright and early on a Saturday morning.  Life certainly comes full circle when you give birth to your own little creation.  Grace's first year of life was busy shuffling between our Georgia friends, trips to see family and more than anything watching her grow up overnight.  Her first separation from her Daddy as a military child occurred in late 2014 when Rob went to WOCS (Warrant Officer Candidate School) for a month plus.  Much like basic training all over again, communication was limited.  But by December we were reunited and Rob was a Warrant Officer in the United States Army.

The year 2015 was much like 2014, but that summer we found out we had another baby on the way and a PCS to boot.  In September we packed up our first real home and moved 6 hours north to Fort Campbell.  We found a bigger house and a much different Army lifestyle on the Tennessee side.  

In March of the next year, within 11 days of each other we lost our fur-baby unexpectedly and welcomed our second sweet girl.  Brooklyn was born March 28, 2016 and our world has forever changed.

Our story is still being written each and everyday though...



  1. I hope that the year without your hubby goes quick! I don't know what it's like personally, but almost everyone in my entire family is somehow tied to military life. So i see loved ones everyday face military distance!! Women who's husbands are away for months on end are more of a women than the next! hang in there lady!

  2. I too am a military wife, as of August 27th. And I too am getting ready to tell hi goodbye on our first deployment of eight months. I know we can do it, but it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye. We recently acquired a nine lb ball of trouble and fur that is going to be the center of my world while "dad" is gone. Hope to check back and see things are well with you.

  3. i hope the year will pass quickly so you'll get your soldier back :)

  4. Lovely story. :) I, too, am an Army wife and we actually are stationed in Kansas, at Fort Riley. Your blog is wonderful!