My birthday recap.

Finally a post you have all been waiting for! 

So Rob got into town on Monday the 20th.  My golden birthday was on Wednesday the 22nd.  Perfect timing, huh?  By far the best birthday present ever was getting to spend the whole day with my husband.
Birthday card action from my lazy lover.
I woke up to an awesome text message from one of my best friends: 
Ain't she the sweetest? Love you Bree!
Obviously my day was off to a GREAT start.  Rob told me to get ready he had a whole day planned.  First stop Waffle House.  That Wednesday happened to be Ash Wednesday (I have a love/hate relationship with my birthday being in February because in the past 4 years two of my birthday have landed on a can't-eat-meat-Catholic-holiday--and I love me some hamburgers and chicken!) so chocolate chip waffles and hash browns got me off on the right foot.  We did a little bit of shopping and then we were off to the tattoo parlor, where we spent roughly 2 and a half hours.. or so (hey it was a long time ago!)  Rob got his tattoo of Texas finished and I got a small tattoo on my right foot:
 Our awesome tattoo artist.. he served in the Marines and so Rob and him talked about the military the WHOLE time. 
My little tattoo.. obviously it is the infinity symbol with the word family in it.  It is in my own handwriting.. with three little nails incorporated.  The nails are a homage to my Grandpa.  He always argued that nails were ALWAYS better than screws, no matter what you were trying to do.  I love it.. it is just perfect for my first and only!

After we were all bandaged up we jetted off to dinner.  My second favorite food group besides American food is Italian food.  So we had salad, pasta, bread, WINE and a wonderful little dessert.

Totally not supposed to take pictures.. oops, oh well.
A pretty huge portion of the bottle was drained by none other than me.. so the next stop in my birthday adventure was eventful, to say the least.  Rob and I met up with one of my favorites and her boyfriend at the casino.  It's new, and we have to check out every casino (if only you could see the number of casino guest cards that I have!!!!)  Rob got himself a seat in the poker room, my friend found a seat at the blackjack table, her boyfriend and I found our way to the bar for more alcohol.  Then we explored.  It's a nice casino.. not a lot of table games though, tons of slots, which I will never understand.  The casino is built right next to the Kansas Speedway though, so it makes it special.  You could say.  Anyway 3 hours later, some money gone and a good buzz going we vacated.
My lovely BFF Kara!
[Wish y'all could see my outfit.. it was CUTE.  But it left my skin purple, which is not so awesome.. lesson learned though.. WASH EVERYTHING.]
Once we got outside it was raining.. and you know what, I didn't even care. :)  It was fabulous, all I could ever ask for. <3

I got countless birthday wishes all over the internet, so if you were one of them, please know I thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me!

[[sorry if this post is choppy.. it's 3:30 in the AM but I was/am DETERMINED to get this up before going to bed tonight!]]

My next post will have the sparkly outfit reveal. ;)


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  1. this tattoo is awesome!
    great post!!

  2. Aww it looks like you had such a fun birthday!!!

  3. Sounds like it was a perfectly fabulous birthday for a perfectly fabulous lady! Love the tattoo! :)

  4. Looks like a perfect birthday!