about me

I'm Amanda and I tell it how it is.

Yes, my hair is red, yes, it is natural.
And I'm not your typical military wife.

I'm old enough to drink, and closer to 30 than 20 these days.  I come from Kansas, the middle of the country, the wheat state, Chiefs country and home to 96.982% (give or take) of my family. When people ask me what my hobbies are, I never have an answer.  Cause the true answer is too lame.  I have a regular routine of TV shows I DVR, a stack of books and magazines I'd like to read a nightstand drawer high, a knack for being able to fall asleep anywhere and an addiction to social media.  I completed my Bachelor's in Multimedia Design and Development through DeVry University.  This is my third major (I dabbled in elementary education and interior design) and I've adopted the motto, don't look back and ask "what if" as a result.  These days I don't use my degree in any way, shape or form as I'm a full time stay-at-home-mom.  And by full time I mean 24/7/365.

I was born on February 22nd to two people that are STILL married and still very much in love.  I was raised in a suburb with 10 miles one way being country and 10 miles the other way being city.  After graduating high school, I got my Associate of Arts degree from the local community college.  I saved money, but had a quarter-life crisis in the end (thus the 3 majors).  As a result I took a semester off of school and moved to Maryland to live with Rob.  We got married, got us a high-energy dog and I faced the challenge of becoming accustomed to the military lifestyle.  I still learn something new every single day..

When I moved from Kansas to Maryland, I started this blog with the original intent being to keep my family and friends informed and in the loop of things I may not discuss with them every single day.  Then I moved back for Rob's deployment... and informing was no longer necessary... it became time to discuss the dirt in life.. The everyday doings, the military doings and my doings.

Thus Somewhere Over the Camo became what it is.  It has morphed from a blog for my family, to a blog for spouses everywhere.  Now that we live in Tennessee, I am once again informing about life through my blog.  But now we have added that special little element of being a mom.  A new change in my life.