Goodbye summer.

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Well tomorrow is OFFICIALLY the first day of fall.. so with that, let's discuss how that summer bucket list went down...

--Take Grace swimming. // nope. We only went to the pool once, and it was Saturday.. and it was breezy. BUT I have plans to hopefully start taking little missy to Aquatots at the pool on post.

--Make Rob's first father's day a memory he will cherish for years to come. // check. here.

--Have professional 6 month pictures taken of baby girl. // check. I had my cousin take a few.  So we didn't go to a studio, but I did get some good ones that I love!


--Finally graduate. // check. here.

--Go garage sale-ing.. more than once. // sort of... I think I went once.

--Host many barbeques. // sort of... we had 2? So many may be a stretch.

--Attend a fireworks display over July 4th weekend. // check. We went to the one on base and our own little one out front.  More here.

--Cherish every moment with all the family coming to see us this summer. // check!! We enjoyed every second of our family time.

--Whip the yard into shape.. as in pull weeds, trim bushes and tidy it all up. // nope. In fact.. I'm pretty sure the yard only got mowed like once this summer... just pitiful.

--Start taking regular walks with Grace and Piston.  Maybe Rob too. // nope. It was hot. I despise hot.  Maybe this fall. 

--Eat on the patio at a restaurant over in the a/c. // check. We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant that has an amazing patio sitting area!

--Light up the fire pit some night... sit around it with family or friends. // nope.  Just never got around to it.  Maybe before Rob returns to WOCS.

--Finally (hopefully) scoop up some fantastic gently used patio furniture! // nope.. and no immediate plans either.

--Invite friends with babies over for play dates. // not really... I did sign Grace up for a playgroup on base that is starting sometime later this year.

--Redo our master bedroom, once and for all. // I've started.  Our above the bed art is updated.. so that's a start.

--Take tons of pictures.. of EVERYTHING. // check.. duh!

Ten of 16.. not too bad.. maybe the other 6 will be accomplished by the end of the year? Hard telling.

How did your summer bucket list go?!

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  1. It's so cute that she's sitting under the maternity photo! And fall in Georgia is pleasant, so you'll be able to enjoy fires whenever you want.

  2. I still haven't taken Evelyn swimming either. She's dipped her feet in the ocean, but no actual getting into the water at the beach or the pool. There's a swim class that she can start once she turns one, so I'm hoping that we can fit that into our schedules.

  3. You did well!! My summer consisted of 60+ hour work weeks. No fun. We managed some fun on the weekends and I was able to go home a few times but nothing crazy. It seems like you enjoyed your summer with your precious little girl though!

  4. That last picture is absolutely precious!

  5. pretty accomplished list!! I love that last picture!


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