Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer slow down

We are halfway through the month of July and I ruined my good streak of blogging every Monday.  After two weekends traveling to and from my parents lake house, a full month of running around town every morning Monday through Friday and the best summer holiday there ever could be, we are exhausted.  I feel like we are sort of in recovery mode.  We still have gymnastics for Grace, but speech through the school system is over until school starts back up in August and our swim instructor through the club is traveling for the next two weeks... so we are slowing it down and rolling it in.  Perfectly timed with the endless summer days where the heat is absolutely exhausting and the last thing a mama wants to do is load all the children up and into the car and then unload and reload them to do just about anything.

Don't get me wrong... we are still fairly busy... but in more of a we-have-3-kids kind of way.  This last weekend we had family night at home on Friday and followed that with a Saturday of lounging, lunch out and a movie night (for us girls - Dad was off meeting up with an old Army friend who was in town).  Sunday was another relaxed day for the most part.  Emily and I snuck out for a couple of hours to meet up with my sister for a quick happy birthday wine slushy at the local winery.  She's 26 now and you probably would have laughed at how long it took for me to do the math on that.  How old am I again?

Then low and behold I was up way too many times Sunday night into Monday.  Not with a nursing baby or anything... with a running nose.  I probably spent too much time outside Sunday in the dry freaking air that is Kansas right now... or I caught a summer cold.  All I know is this week I have been majorly feeling it and my motivation has been null and void.  Luckily short of canceling our one swim lesson this week, I've managed to get everyone everywhere they needed to be and run the laundry list of errands this week has so far called for.

But MAN Y'ALL.  I am slowing it down around here.  Less is best.  These kids have all those toys for a reason, right?  I've never been a fan of summer and the heat... so it is no surprise that we have kept the outside ventures to an absolute minimum since the temperatures crept up to the triple digits.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  Especially with a 3 month old.  We kicked June's butt... and July?  July is meant for inside activities and special ice cream treats to cure the guilt of losing my awesome mom summer jam.

It happens, right?

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Appearing put together

Since welcoming Emily into our family just a few months ago, I have heard from several mom friends that they don’t know how I do it and appear so put together. I always laugh and say I just have to. But the reality is I put on a really good front. I'm not a super mom.  I'm just trying to raise respectful little people.  My main goal in life.

My kids are healthy, well fed, and happy (I hope!). First and foremost that is always the priority. Getting from day to day with everyone alive and thriving is sometimes a challenge. Usually an hour or two before bedtime my patience is mostly shot and the “why” question from my 4 year old is grating on every last nerve. Some days we don’t even make it to lunch and the overwhelming feeling of being done is already creeping in for the day. I do have 3 kids after all.

My house will be clean if I know you are coming by. Drop in on me and you’ll probably be greeted with breakfast bowls in the kitchen (maybe even on the table still), dirt and food crumbs all over the bathroom sink and door handle, and toys as far as the eye can see. Even if the main floor appears clean, you can bet your butt our bathroom and bedroom is a disaster and don’t even get me started on the laundry room. The mess is quietly hidden behind closed doors, putting on yet another front.

Because I suffer from general anxiety. I can’t go to bed at night with dirty dishes in the sink, the living room a mess and laundry still in the dryer. Doesn’t matter how late my kids keep me up, if it’s not done, I can’t sleep. The toys all have a place and they all go back to it every night, thanks to the bedtime routine that includes a toy round up by their owners.  More or less I am borderline OCD with our routine and if I didn't suffer from the aforementioned anxiety, the day to day may be a wee bit different.

So while I appear put together - you may see me in my 15 minutes of glory for the day.  I am human. I yell, I get flustered and I lose my cool.  I can't pretend my children listen to me all the time, if ever (I'm looking at YOU Brooklyn).  But I am doing my best everyday... and right now that is enough.

Oh and those kind words of reassurance?  They get me through another day or two of this parenting gig.  So you all are the real MVP in my book.

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