Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ghosts and Turkeys

It is almost Christmas... so what better time to talk about Halloween and Thanksgiving.. am I right?  We all know how it goes when I'm in the process of growing a kid.  My blog game becomes almost nonexistent.  Who knows when we add a third kid to this gang how I will be able to keep up with just about anything.  I do miss reading blogs though and actively keeping this thing updated.  No promises though that this "schedule" is going to change anytime soon.

This year has been so exciting for us because we are celebrating our first holiday season in our new home.  And that makes everything just a bit more special.

Wayyyy back in October was of course Halloween.  Besides the typical trick or treating on Halloween night, we also went out to my sisters Halloween event.  She's the Program Supervisor for a nearby towns recreation department so we love to get out there and support her and her efforts.  Actual Halloween was on a preschool day this year so besides having a little Halloween party during school, Grace was pretty excited to wear her costume to school for the costume parade.  Halloween night we had my parents and sister over to our house for dinner.  Then while Rob, dressed as Olaf to appease his 3 year old, answered our door at home... I had some much needed help taking the girls around the block.  It was pretty chilly for all of us but we lasted longer than I really expected we would and both kids had a great time running up to each door and collecting their loot.

Then what seems like forever ago, but was really just a few weeks ago, we hosted Thanksgiving at our house.  Since we spent the first 6 years of our marriage being tied to the Army for most holidays, it has been nice to host family and enjoy the holidays at home without having to travel on crazy long road trips to see those that mean a lot to us.  This is our second year hosting Thanksgiving... but in my book last year was a failure compared to this year.  This year we have a dining room with a table big enough to hold my family, my parents and my sister.  So I cleaned, I decorated, we cooked and we celebrated all that there is to be thankful for in a true sit down meal fashion.  It was delicious.  After the meal there was football to watch and for the first time in my life I was at a store right after the doors opened for Black Friday shopping.  We were there to get ice cream and just showed up at the wrong time, but I can now say I have done it and don't ever need to do it again.  That is what actual Black Friday is for... not Thanksgiving night where I still want to be thankful for all that I am blessed with, not wanting for things and gifts that can wait for tomorrow.

Now we are in Christmas mode.  I've been ahead of my usual curve with Christmas shopping and have just a few people left to buy for.  After getting the wrong Christmas cards from two times, they finally showed up as I ordered them and went out the door this week.  Our holiday plans are made and almost completely booked.  Christmas programs at school have been enjoyed and well documented and we have just one week left before break.  The wrapping paper is about to be busted out and the Christmas outfits have been washed.  We. Are. Ready.

Hope you are enjoying a safe, warm and happy holiday season with you and yours!

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


The Satcom curse is alive and well in our household.

And we are having another girl.

For those of you not familiar with the "nerdy" side of the Army... the satcom curse is something satellite communication soldiers believe in.  It all goes back to our time at Fort Meade way back in 2010.  Soldiers believe(d) that all their time spent near radiation kills off all of the male sperm and they are destined to have only girls.

This was 7 years ago... but we have 2 girls already and found out just about two weeks ago that this baby I'm almost halfway done cooking is also another girl.  Dashing my husbands hope of having a boy of the human variety and not just the furry kind.

Of the people we were stationed with at Fort Meade... I can count on one hand the couples that left and had boys.  Most of us?  Have girls.

It is what it is though and we are very excited to welcome this baby come April.  My husbands shock was very evident for a few hours, but baby #3 already has a name (that was decided upon within 24 hours - beating all other naming time periods by days) and I've already started scooping up some of the cutest baby girl items as I come across them.  Unfortunately I thought we were done having kids so I had started selling off most of our baby gear... but still hadn't sold the majority of our baby girl wardrobe.  So a loss and a win.

All I know is I can't wait to go through the newborn phase just one more time.  There is nothing sweeter.

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