Friday, September 23, 2016


I know things have kind of been quiet around here lately in regards to our life and what the heck is going on.  We've got some pretty major changes and things happening but Rob and I have made the decision not to discuss it more until we have more information from those that call all of the shots.  Pretty much the story of our life.

Unfortunately though, this is a MAJOR part of what is happening in our life right now - so it makes blogging about what we are up to just a bit of a challenge.  But I thought maybe a brief update was in order on those that aren't getting to see us on the norm or aren't privy to our personal Facebook pages.

Rob just started another semester towards his masters degree.  He's a badass when it comes to his certificates, degree and overall knowledge.  We met in high school during senior year college algebra and Rob didn't even have to come to over half of the classes, or study for that matter, in order to pass the class.  When you are 17 years old - that's obnoxious to just about everyone else.  But now that I am his wife, it makes me very proud to watch him excel at everything he puts his mind to.  Which also includes golf right now.  So when he's not at work, watching football or spending time with us... he's golfing.

Grace is growing and learning like crazy.  She's still not using full sentences, but she does use phrases and her vocabulary has expanded.  I still go through times where I can't understand what she is asking for or talking about and we ask her to show us so we can help her learn.  Just yesterday she randomly started counting - "two, three" - and then throwing a ball.  Rob and I are not even sure where she picked that up, but it makes us very proud!  Her molars are working their way through right now... and that's a real B word to put it nicely.  I can't always tell if that is what gets her all hot and bothered or if that is just her personality popping through.  She's demanding and emotional.  A whole lot like her mama.  But she's so beautiful and has such a big heart.  She's constantly doting on Brooke and handing out hugs at just the right moment.

Brooke is almost six months old (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!) and definitely coming into her own.  I will not go into too much detail as her six month update will go up in a week or two.  Besides boycotting naps - she is still a wonderful addition to our family.  And nothing beats her gummy smiles that she hands out like candy.  Nothing.

Diesel is a mess.  He's also 6 months old... and still a terror.  Considering we had a boxer before, I truly thought I was prepared for puppyhood.  I'm fairly certain nothing prepares you for puppyhood when you have kid toys everywhere and a toddler encouraging the situation.  Overall I'd say Diesel is a good dog.  But he most certainly has his moments.  He thinks he is the boss and calls all of the shots, but when he is good, he is good.  I'm hoping to get him all caught up on his shots and then get him fixed here shortly which will hopefully help with the insane amounts of testosterone going through his system.  Once he leaves the baby toys alone and stops acting like he owns me... I think we will be on the upside of puppyhood.  Maybe, just maybe.

I keep busy going through our day to day routine.  The girls and I have been sidelined with the truck being difficult (three cheers for the a/c getting fixed today!), so we have spent a lot of time at home lately.  I've been trying to take more time for myself when I can get it.  The girls have been going down between 7 and 8 most days, and I started a 30-day yoga retreat.  It's a challenge but I feel myself getting stronger... and even if that is all the workout I get in, it is better than nothing.  Thankfully all of the good fall shows are back on this week... praise the Lord.

It may be fall on the calendar, but Tennessee is still living in summer temperatures and I'm over it.  Ready for sweater weather and boots.  With that being said... we look forward to the things happening in our life.  And can't wait to share more with y'all hopefully very soon!

Happy weekend friends!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Things you will never find me doing.

I'm a pretty simple person.  I get by on Pepsi, Netflix and the knowledge that bedtime will come (two children extra needy from some teeth that just need to pop through already has me counting down the hours to bedtime...).  But there are a few things you will NEVER find me doing...

Owning a cat. I'm allergic.  So no.

Gardening. Black thumb... I keep fake flowers alive and that's good enough for me!

Running. Too much jiggling for my liking.  It kind of just hurts.

Coloring my hair. I am a natural redhead... people want my hair color (not to be bold or anything...) so why would I change it?

Eating mushrooms. Gross.  Just the thought of them makes my tummy curl.

Not standing for the National Anthem. I am a proud military wife and a very proud American.  Are there issues with this country?  Sure.  But I don't think disrespecting our flag and the very principles this country was built on is the way to see that change through.

Sticking to a vegetarian diet. My dad's family is full of farmers.  So I'd probably starve if I ever decided meat was not part of my diet.

Loving summer. Heat. Humidity. Sunburns.  Why do people like that?! Fall all of the way here!

Enjoying pregnancy. I know I will hear... but you should be so glad you were even able to get pregnant.  I AM people.  I am so fortunate and glad that I was able to get pregnant and carry both of my baby girls through to a healthy birth.  But being pregnant?  I hate that.  Not being able to bend.  Not being able to lift the laundry hamper.  Not being able to drink if absolutely necessary.  Being miserable and large and miserable.  I didn't enjoy it.  The only bright side was feeling my girls move and hearing their heartbeats.

Willingly waking up early. Not in any way, shape or form a morning person.  But I often stay up late at night because nighttime is my jam y'all.

And with that my hooligans are back at it.  Because heaven forbid mama sits for like half a second.  NOOOOO... someone has to steal a toy from someone else (the dog from the toddler, for the record... baby is still immobile.  Thank heavens!) and World War III breaks out.  Who thought getting a puppy was a good idea?  Oh right my sweet husband who is conveniently at work ALL DAY.

I digress.

Happy Tuesday friends! (It is Tuesday, right?!)

What would I NEVER find you doing?

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