Tuesday, January 23, 2018

On being a new mom in the military world.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way.  All opinions are entirely my own.

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So you just found out you are expecting a baby, but you don't know what to expect.  After all, you married someone in the military and your life is largely unknown.  You are probably away from most of your family and friends and there is always the possibility of welcoming this baby by yourself in a military hospital somewhere.  It's daunting, and scary... but I promise you... you can do it.

I've been there.  Twice.  And somehow I made it out the other side with two healthy beautiful girls that make all the anxiety absolutely worth it.

Photo credit : Whit Meza Photography

How did I do it?

--- Relax.  Your life is not able to be planned.  Who knows where you will be in 9 months.  I get it... that can be stressful.  But if you can calm the anxieties and roll with the punches, take it one step at a time, you will get through those long weeks of pregnancy a whole lot easier.

--- Ask questions.  You are not the first, nor are you the last woman to give birth to a baby in the military.  Blanchfield Army Community Hospital on Fort Campbell, where I gave birth to Brooke, delivers over 101 babies every. single. month.  That's a lot of babies.  Find the wives pages, or the new mom pages and ask the questions you have.  Someone will be able to guide you through the unknowns.

--- Utilize your resources.  Through 1 Natural Way and Tricare, you can receive top of the line insurance breast pumps such as Medela, Spectra and Kiinde, along with accessories, compression socks and postpartum supplies at NO cost to you.  1 Natural Way does all the work for you, by contacting Tricare and your doctor to get all your needs taken care of.  Just another thing to check off of your pregnancy to do list.

--- Find your person.  Your spouse will eventually go back to work and you will have to settle into a new routine of some kind.  Working moms and stay at home moms all need that one person they can reach out to that can offer them a different perspective and the answers to their questions.  For me, I am very grateful that my mom is always just a text away.  I could never not give her the credit for answering so many of my new-mom questions.

Photo credit : Whit Meza Photography

--- Be thankful.  Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in how long it may take to schedule an appointment or how long a wait may be in a waiting room.  It may not be the best or quickest care, but it is free and most of the providers do genuinely care about you and your experience.  I'll never forget my OBGYN I saw on Fort Gordon with Grace.  Dr. Homeyer was old and partially deaf, I believe, but he calmed so many of my fears with my blood clotting gene early on in my pregnancy and walked me through every step of my first pregnancy patiently answering countless new mom questions.

--- Shop used.  Baby gear is expensive.  There is no doubt about it.  But it is also used for very short periods of time.  So if you see a rock'n'play on the local for sale page that looks almost brand new at a fraction of the cost.  BUY IT.  Baby stuff is rarely broken in because they move on to the next stage in their growing process so quickly.  Save money where you can.

--- Enjoy it.  It may be the most stressful time of your life with no family right down the road, but I promise you it will go quickly.  So enjoy every last moment.  All the late night cuddle sessions and the small but mighty achievements.  Before you know it your first born will be turning 4 and your family may be growing.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

26 Weeks//28 Weeks//Baby #3

Admittedly we are a bit all over the place with bump updates for this baby.  But at least there is SOMETHING being recorded for her.  I just opened Brooke's baby book to update it... and it hasn't been updated since she was 4 months old.  She turns 2 in March.... oops.  So the fact that there is anything out here for this sweet girl, is a major accomplishment in my book.  Sorry sweet cheeks!

What Fruit are you // scallion // large eggplant
Due date // April 12th
How far along // 26 weeks // 28 weeks
Next appointment // Jan 18th.. 28 weeks. // today!
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // wellll according to the home scale Rob accidentally broke a few days ago, I was actually dropping just a bit of weight.  With that being said I am hovering somewhere around 20 pounds gained, already.  Oye.  Side note, my doctors office has their scales set to kg.  Which is awesome because it keeps me from stressing over it. // dunno... didn't ask them to convert it to lb. ;)
Swelling // none recently.
Maternity clothes // if it isn't sweatpants, its maternity clothing. // only when I leave the house though.
Belly button // in
Sleep // acceptable... I can't complain too much except I would love more of it... all the time. // eh.  I have a bedhog husband and an almost 4 year old that still insists on squeezing herself into our bed... so it could certainly be better.
Food cravings // food in general. Nothing in particular. // Caesar salads and broccoli cheddar soup, along with chocolate.
Symptoms // pizza is officially spiking my sugar numbers again... which means I am for sure back in the gestational diabetes timeframe of this pregnancy.  Otherwise I feel large... so it's fun watching me stand up and move in general. // poor circulation... I almost always wake up with numb hands.  It probably has to do with the aforementioned sleep situation... but it's always loads of fun.
Movement // stronger everyday.  I notice her a lot when I lay on my right side and when I am able to sit still. // all the time.. she's head down and her feet are starting to get to the point where she kicks me, and if it hits just right... it hurts.
Labor signs // none.
What I miss // my energy and not having whacko emotions. // not going to lie... I kind of miss my body being my own.  Everyone has their New Years resolutions and I'm over here like... gonna get bigger, nothing I can do..
What I'm loving // being able to feel her move. // THE THIRD TRIMESTER!
What I'm looking forward to // seeing her at my next doctors appointment for a growth scan. // starting the work on her bedroom.  Hunting season ends next month and I have been assured the task of converting that bedroom from a little boys sports room, wallpaper and all, to a little girls room will begin.
Best moment this week // eh... it's been a so-so week with me being sick, Grace being sick, Brooke being sick and now Rob is finally sick.  We can't seem to kick it... but probably the high 50 degree weather we had for a few days before it went down the crapper again. // seeing the baby at a growth scan.  38th percentile and she's already a little over 2 pounds!

To read about Grace at 26 weeks, click here. At 28 weeks, click here.
To read about Brooklyn at 28 weeks, click here. 26 weeks was a miss with Brooke.

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