Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hiiiiiii, I'm Amanda.

(That old school song that is all like "my name is what, my name is what, my name is chicka-chicka-slim-shady" or something like that legitimately just popped in my head after typing that title.)

(That is about as close to looking as you get...
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Hi, my name is Amanda.

I've noticed a lot of new names around these parts since May and our last Military Spouse Appreciation Day link-up... so I figured I would do one of those getting to know me posts.  It has been ages since I last did one.  So without further ado, a bit about me.

I'm a twenty something mom of two sweet girls - Grace is 2 and a half and Brooke is 4 months old.  I'm a wife to Rob.  He's kind of a big deal.  We've been married for 6 years, together for 7 and a half.  Rob is a smarty pants in the United States Army.  I'm also a fur-mom to Diesel.  Our 5 month old lab. Yes, I am also crazy.  A toddler, a baby and a puppy.  We did NOT plan that.

Rob is currently stationed at Fort Campbell and we live on the Tennessee side.  A year ago you would have found us just outside of Fort Gordon in Georgia.  The only other duty station we have experienced is Fort Meade in Maryland.  Rob has deployed once - to Kuwait.  I moved home.  It was the best decision ever.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Multimedia Design and Development from DeVry University. So graphic design.  I do nothing with it.  I also have an Associate of Arts degree.  I do nothing with it either.  I volunteer when I can instead of working.  And I legitimately cannot wait for my kids to be in school so I can be THAT mom volunteering for evvvverything.  Because, why not?

I'm a natural redhead, and a leftie.  A unicorn, if you will.  I live up to the majority of redhead stereotypes.  I've got a fiery personality sometimes.  But in general I think I'm fun.  I like to vacuum.  I drive a truck.  I drink pepsi, NOT coke.  I can't stand the after taste of coffee.  I enjoy binge-watching  TV shows.  I'm a night owl.  I love sending mail to people.  And I LOVE where I'm from - Kansas.

So that's me.

Now introduce yourself!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What I'm Loving.


It's 8:30 Wednesday night and my whole gang is asleep.  Please insert all of the hands raised in praise emojis here.  It has been a hectic day with a certain puppy being a puppy and a toddler going through the lovely "no" phase like it's the only word she knows.

I'm tired.

So rather than focusing on all that makes me count down to bedtime.  Here's what I'm loving right now...

Rain.  It makes the heat break... even if only for a moment.

That September is almost here.  The girls and I are traveling home for my uncles wedding, and I can't wait!  We have lots of exciting stuff planned for our time away and it should be tons of fun.

Winning stuff.  I got an e-mail earlier this week that I had won a spa package giveaway, courtesy of a blog contest I entered, good for me and some friends.  I basically never win so that was super exciting.  AND THEN I won a free LulaRoe shirt through my giiiiirl Abby's LLR party.  (Also, HI ABIGAIL! Happy birthday!!!)

Successful e-parties.  I've been a military spouse since 2010.  Everyone and their mom sells something.  But I just had my first home business party last week.  And it was a success!  I've officially started Christmas shopping for the girls... and Usborne books are most definitely a good way to start.

The dollar section at Target.  Hit it up last week for $8 worth of goodies to help keep Grace occupied during our road trip.

Freshly painted toenails.  For Grace and I.  Having girls is the best!

That football season is back!  Hallelujah, all is right in the world.

The sound of cicadas late at night and early in the morning.  Some people complain about the noise... but it reminds me of home and the lake.  So make your noise cicadas.

Gummy baby smiles.  NEVER gets old.  I'm okay with her never having teeth at this point.

Cuddles from my big girl.  She sits next to me on the couch.  Intertwines her sweet little arm in mine and smiles the goofiest of grins.

Nursing.  While I'm currently kind of sore... I will never not love and appreciate the ability to feed my babies to the healthy chunky phase of life.  Where it is socially acceptable to have dimples for elbows and five rolls on each thigh.  I'm not afraid to brag... I did that.

What are you loving?

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