Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Grace Elaine at 3.

Well we have had a 3 year old (commonly referred to as a threenager in this neck of the woods) in the house for a little over two weeks.  Our little 8 pound, 5 ounce baby is growing up... and it makes my mama heart both proud and sad.

At 3, Grace weighs 33 pounds (71st percentile) and is 37.5 inches tall (60th percentile).  She's our beautiful fair skinned baby girl with long brown hair and huge blue eyes.  She is currently wearing size 3T clothing and size 7c shoes.

Our girl has the BIGGEST heart.  She's sassy and sweet.  She loves to help with chores and will help you out when you need an extra hand.  She knows almost every animal.  But her favorite would be either a "hosey" or dog.  She loves playgrounds, especially slides.  She just started gymnastics, and loves it.  Her dad and I want to get her in soccer too.  She thrives on routine, and knows everything has a place where it belongs.  She loves Barbies and cars.  A lot.  She also loves to host tea parties and play dress up. She's finally grasping the concept of sharing and loves to mother other children.  Grace loves macaroni and cheese and pizza.  She refuses most vegetables but will eat almost any fruit.  She doesn't shy away from spicy things either, and loves salsa.  On almost anything.  She is very independent and is very stubborn to ask for help.  She loves Mickey and Minnie and Octonauts.  She asks if we are going to Gaga's almost every time we get in the car.  Gaga is the term used for my parents and Ein... aka my sister, Erin.  She picked up the sign of the cross on her own and loves to pray before eating.

Grace is an amazing sleeper... but she gave up naps (unless she happens to be in the car at just the right time) and still sleeps between us in bed.  Grace is still wearing pullups as we have had little interest or luck in the potty training department.  I am hoping it comes to her soon.  Grace's vocabulary is still delayed.  Her left ear failed a hearing test just last week and so we are probably on our way to see an ENT after confirming the schools diagnosis at the doctors office.  We are hoping that some answers may be on their way to us.  She gets very frustrated when she can't tell us what she wants or isn't understandable.  But her vocabulary has come a long way in the last year.

Our Graceface, Gray, Gracie, is one of a kind.  She's already showing signs of being a lot like her mama... which will prove tons of fun once those teenage years arrive.  She's the best big sister we could have ever asked for and she loves so deeply.

I just truly can't believe she is THREE.

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Monday, February 6, 2017


Making: My to do list for tomorrow.  Always a list.  I am a list person.
Cooking: Nothing.
Drinking: Water.

Reading: Nothing right now.  I desperately need to catch up on some of my favorite blogs.  I've also got a new book to read.  If I ever get around to it.
Wanting: The laundry to fold itself and the dishes to load themselves.  Maybe someday.
Playing: All my favorite shows as everything came back for the year.  Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Timeless, How to Get Away with Murder, Nashville, The Royals.  Hi, I have a problem.

Listening: To commercials from the KU vs. KSU basketball game (I hate basketball..), Diesel squeak his toy and the dishwasher do its thing.
Wishing: For the weekend.
Enjoying: That for the first time in many days I actually tackled my entire to do list today.  No worries, I will pat myself on the back.

Liking: My new car.  The Mustang wasn't cutting it in a Kansas winter so my husband traded it for a new Ford Escape for me.  Don't worry, he's already planning for his antique Mustang project.
Wondering: If it is going to be 60 degrees tomorrow too.
Hoping: The baby sleeps through the night (KNOCKING ON SO MUCH WOOD.).  The 2 am to 3:15 am cry-fest that occurred last night was awful.  For everyone.

Marveling: At Tom Brady.  I mean... GOAT.  I'm just ready for him to retire so some of the rest of us (cough the Chiefs!) can have a chance at glory.
Needing: To go switch out laundry.
Smelling: Some Scentsy.  Some Christmas scent..

Wearing: Yoga pants and a tank top.
Thinking: Of how happy I still am to be back in the greatest state, ever.
Feeling: Meh.  Tired and my stomach is kind of upset this evening.

I really wanted to blog about Grace at 3... but I didn't write down how tall she is, and she's already asleep... so I can't check.  I also wanted to blog about Grace's cupcake birthday party.  But I have like 2 pictures of the actual decorations... and getting pictures from my mom's camera is a chore.  (Hi Mom, love you!) So instead.. you get this.

Happy Monday friends!

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