Tuesday, November 7, 2017


The Satcom curse is alive and well in our household.

And we are having another girl.

For those of you not familiar with the "nerdy" side of the Army... the satcom curse is something satellite communication soldiers believe in.  It all goes back to our time at Fort Meade way back in 2010.  Soldiers believe(d) that all their time spent near radiation kills off all of the male sperm and they are destined to have only girls.

This was 7 years ago... but we have 2 girls already and found out just about two weeks ago that this baby I'm almost halfway done cooking is also another girl.  Dashing my husbands hope of having a boy of the human variety and not just the furry kind.

Of the people we were stationed with at Fort Meade... I can count on one hand the couples that left and had boys.  Most of us?  Have girls.

It is what it is though and we are very excited to welcome this baby come April.  My husbands shock was very evident for a few hours, but baby #3 already has a name (that was decided upon within 24 hours - beating all other naming time periods by days) and I've already started scooping up some of the cutest baby girl items as I come across them.  Unfortunately I thought we were done having kids so I had started selling off most of our baby gear... but still hadn't sold the majority of our baby girl wardrobe.  So a loss and a win.

All I know is I can't wait to go through the newborn phase just one more time.  There is nothing sweeter.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


A gif from the church picnic we went to with my parents last weekend.

Making: A plan for a couple of Saturdays from now.  Birthday parties and painting classes.  It will be a fun one!
Cooking: Nothing - just finished eating breakfast, peanut butter toast.
Drinking: Milk.

Reading: Besides the words on this screen, text messages from my mom and husband.  I haven't read an actual book in quite awhile.
Wanting: The wind to chill out before it seriously damages something in our backyard.
Playing: Old movies I've seen 100 times.  The Notebook and Pitch Perfect to name a few.

Listening: To my sweet Brooklyn play with her toys in the playroom and the washing machine whirl behind the laundry room door.
Wishing: Rob's dry cleaning was available for pickup BEFORE 5 pm today.
Enjoying: The picture Rob asked me to find from his time in Kuwait back in 2012.

Liking: All the fall vibes.  Pumpkins, sweaters and my babies excited to wear there Halloween costumes several times over the next couple of days.
Wondering: If we will get to find out for sure whether the baby is a boy or girl this weekend.  He or she is another stubborn Gregory baby, making it difficult on us.
Hoping: Grace is having tons of fun at preschool this morning.

Marveling: At how much Brooke has grown lately.  Maybe not physically but she talks so much more lately and has this ornery little personality that keeps us busy but constantly in awe of how sweet she is.
Needing: To actually get ready before preschool pickup.
Smelling: Cool fresh air with a hint of pumpkin spice.

Wearing: Pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt.  Pregnant = comfortable.  Duh.
Thinking: Of todays to-do list.
Feeling: Tired.  Always tired.  Otherwise I am just annoyed this morning with healthcare related things.  The joys of adulthood.

It is a cold, windy day here in Kansas.  Winter like temps are supposed to arrive in time for the weekend, if we don't blow away first.  I say bring it on.  Even though juggling kids and jackets is a GIANT pain in the butt.. I will take it over summer heat annnnnnyday.

Happy Tuesday friends!

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