Friday, May 29, 2015

Sesame Street Live - live in Augusta!

Happy Friday friends!

Now that Grace is one - she is finally starting to show interest in some things.  She loves her dolly and tucking bags into the crook of her arm.  And recently she will sit and watch some Sesame Street.  This is the first show that she has shown interest in, and I could NOT be more excited for this awesome event coming up in Augusta in less than two weeks. The event?  Sesame Street Live.

Admit it.  You watched Sesame Street while growing up too!

"No matter where you’re from or where you’ve been, everyone is special – so join in! Elmo, Grover, Abby Cadabby, and their Sesame Street friends welcome Chamki, Grover’s friend from India, to Sesame Street. Together, they explore the universal fun of friendship and celebrate cultural similarities, from singing and dancing, to sharing cookies! Join the fun and make a memory with your friends and family!"

SO mark your calendars for June 10th!  There will be two showings - one at 10:30 am and one at 6:30 pm.  Both showings will be at the Bell Auditorium.

I'm giving away one family four pack to one of my local readers.  To enter, all you need to do is comment on this post why you want to win and who you would take with you.  Next Wednesday (June 3rd) I will use to pick one lucky reader!

Tickets are still available for this event though - so visit to get your tickets NOW.  For more information about this event please click here.

Happy weekend friends!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What having grandparents around feels like.

My parents just left this morning to drive back to Kansas.  They got here Thursday around lunch time and we packed their days here full.

We went out for lunch Thursday after they arrived.  Followed that up with shopping, flying kites, bubbles and some pizzas on the Big Green Egg.

Friday we woke up early and hit the road.  We drove down to Savannah for the day.  We spent the morning driving through the historic Victorian district before stopping at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  Which was breathtaking.  The outside is so simple and plain but the inside is so colorful and unexpected.

After that we headed down to Bay St for lunch at Moon River Brewing Co.  The weather has been nothing short of perfect lately with low humidity and so we took advantage and sat out on the patio for food and beer.   Then we walked a block over to River Street to walk the river, shop and take some pictures.

Next stop was Tybee Island.  We didn't swim, but we stuck our toes in.  Grace was unsure at first, but eventually grew confident and started kicking around.  She loves being outside, so this was right up her alley. We let the wind fly our kite for awhile and then laid down to relax for a bit.  Rob and I both think we would be okay with a beach house someday.

Eventually Grace got antsy and so we loaded up to head home.  Not before stopping for dinner though.. if you are in the Savannah area you should check out Papa's Bar-B-Que.  I don't think any of us complained about our dinner.. just Grace being done with the adventure.  So home we went.

Saturday everyone slept in.  Including Grace.  When we did finally get going we went to the Ford Mustang show here in town.  Rob and my dad are both big fans.  So it was a nice little walk and there were tons of cars to look at as it was the South East Regional Mustang Car show.. LOTS of entries.  And now I have a husband who is even more set on getting an old mustang to fix up...  We stopped for Mexican food on the way home - which hit the spot.

That evening Rob cooked wings on the Big Green Egg and Abby and Nick came over.  We finally used Grace's swimming pool she got almost two weeks ago.  She was a total ham and loved it, of course.  The bubbles came out again too.

Sunday we woke up and drove to Columbia, South Carolina to go to the River Banks Zoo.  It is a small zoo so we were able to walk it in about two and a half hours.  We had two free tickets and bought the other two tickets ahead of time so there were a few bucks cheaper than at the zoo.  This was Grace's first time going - so our first stop was to ride the carousel.  She was a fan for 95% of it before she was ready to be done as the ride was coming to a stop.

After that we fed goats, fed giraffes, posed with statues and saw all the animals we could.  The zoo is under construction right now so it was a little underwhelming.  Would I go again?  Probably.  It was just enough and by the time we left we were robbed of $10 for a small stuffed animal and ready for food.

We met up with my cousin Shelley and her husband David for dinner.  They live about an hour Northwest of Columbia and drove down to see us.  Shelley is due with my "niece" in August and I could NOT be more excited for her and David.  It was good to see them and catch up while my parents are here.

Eventually though Grace was all but done and we parted ways.  We drove through Fort Jackson on the way home and had enough time to watch Wild before calling it a day.

Yesterday Grace was up at her usual time of 8:30 - but everyone else slept till about 9:30/10.  We went and got Steak and Shake and stopped by Walmart for some necessities before heading back home.  Grace took a two and a half hour nap-of which the other four of us probably slept an hour and a half of.  It was a sleepy day that ended with Nick and Abby coming over to spend Memorial Day with us by cooking on the Big Green Egg some chicken cordon bleu, hamburgers and hotdogs, swimming in the pool (among other things...) and remembering those that have gave all to our great country.

So today we put everything back together and started tackling the giant pile of accumulated laundry.  I am so grateful my parents were able to make the trip down to see us.  While we missed my sister, it was a good chance for my parents to be grandparents - spoil the baby with clothing, toys and sugar.  Sneak in cuddles and steal kisses.  And snap almost 900 pictures, thanks Mom.  I have the best parents ever and by default they rock at being grandparents too.

Hope everyone else had an amazing AND SAFE Memorial Day weekend - and I hope you also remembered those who have sacrificed so deeply.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Good vibes.

Happy Monday friends!

It's been 7 (busy) days since I last blogged.  Every time I sat down to write anything I got sidetracked with e-mails and the fifty million other things going on.  So fifty million MAY be an exaggeration, but not by much.

Since the majority of what is going on is spouse club related, I will just do a year wrap up post after Wednesday (the last event of the 2014-2015 club year, that I am in charge of with the help of some awesome ladies (Rachel! Darlene! Debbie! Joanie! Jan!))!

This weekend though?

This weekend rocked.

On Friday, Nick and Abby dropped their dogs off at our house.  They are having one big giant sleepover at our house for a week.  Piston?  He loves it.  Dude is obsessed with Ainsley!  But having three dogs in the house has been an ADVENTURE.  These three are perfectionists at always being under foot, always having their nose up each others butts (Piston... I'm looking at you.) and always taking up the most space possible.  I'm not even kidding.. we finally got around to watching Fifty Shades of Grey tonight and on our three person couch was Rob, me in the middle and Ainsley on the other side.  Dakota (a German Shepard mind you...) wanted on the couch too.. so she came up and put the front half of her body on Rob and her butt on me... it's cool Dakota, you make that space for yourself.

So other than the dogs giving us a run for our money... Saturday morning we picked up my Mother's Day present.  A gently used Dyson vacuum cleaner.  I. Am. In. Love.  I mean I've talked about my vacuuming addiction on here before.  It's the real deal y'all.  It's so quiet, and it cleans so well, and it is so light weight, and I can clean the whole house without it shutting off... and, and, and.  Ha ha ha.  My husband just rocks.

We spent the rest of Saturday going to the giant county yard sale at the fairgrounds.  For the most part it was fairly picked over by the time we got there and we ended up walking out empty handed, but it was a good  walking adventure none the less.

That afternoon we met up with Rachel, her sister Haley and baby Lilianna at Thunder Over Augusta.  This free event was a celebration of Armed Forces Day put on by one of the amazing business owners in Augusta (he owns a local jewelry store and the space that was used for the CSRA Signature Military Spouse Appreciation Event (free of charge mind you!) that I went to a couple of weeks ago - he donates heavily to the military).  There were booths, food, presentations, the works.  We watched them skydive the flags in and listened to the Signal Band a bit before splitting.  It was hot!  On the way back to the car Grace and I walked through a chinook - an Army helicopter.  Which was a first for me and pretty cool in an "I can now relate to my husband, sort of" sort of way!

By the way, Happy (belated) Armed Forces Day to all of our country's amazing service members.  To say you rock is an understatement.

Yesterday was spent grocery shopping, firing up the Big Green Egg and watching Fifty Shades.  I don't feel like I missed much with that movie.  But we are excited for American Sniper to come out on DVD.  Hashtag parent problems. Always watching DVDs late.

Anyway busy week in our house - between this event Wednesday and my parents coming into town for Memorial Day (!!!) - we can't stop, won't stop.

So happy fresh week y'all.

Also - THANK YOU to all those that linked up with Jen and I on Military Spouse Appreciation Day!  I hope some of you found some great new blogs to read!! I know I did!

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