Monday, August 31, 2015

On being a military spouse and having a career.

Let's face it... being a military spouse does not makes it easy to have a career.  The whole moving from duty station to duty station business is not ideal for a long term career solution.  As much as we would love to stick it out with that absolutely amazing job that popped up at duty station A... we find ourselves preparing for a move to duty station B because we go where our heart goes and they unfortunately have to listen to their boss, the United States Government.

It is a fact that when the military is a part of your marriage, you have to plan accordingly.  When it comes to your career, it must be portable.  It must work at duty station A, B, C, D and Z too.

Whatever it is you decide to do with your career... choose a school that will back you every step of the way.  Martinsburg College is one online college that keeps military spouses and our lifestyle in mind every step of the way.  Whether it is a certificate or a degree you are looking for, they offer a wide range of schooling solutions including Financial Management and Accounting, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Office Administration and so many more.

When Rob and I got married, basically forever ago now, I was still working towards finishing up my schooling.  I had a quarter life crisis and went through three degree programs.  Teaching... probably would not have survived dealing with other parent's kids. Interior Design... unless you live in NYC, the midwest probably will not provide too many career opportunities. Before I eventually settled on graphic design. The absolute best part of graphic design is that I can work for a design company or I can work for myself and do freelance design. Freelance = portable.  I can work with clients from a distance.  I can have clients from duty station A, B, C, D and Z too.  I don't have to be local to make it work.

I was sold.

Have I done much with my degree since getting it?  No.  Nothing major, but I do little projects here and there.  Knowing that I can eventually do something with it, no matter where we are, makes it valuable to me as a military spouse.  I don't have to worry about where we may pop up on orders to (except for when life is put on hold waiting to know if your orders may or may not change at the very last possible minute... making your current move stressful!  I digress...) because I know that my career can easily go with me.

Choosing a portable career is definitely the way to go when it comes to being a military spouse.  I've got friends that went to cosmetology school and take their hands, their talent, from duty station to duty station.  I've got friends that got business degrees and can rock out a front desk or run an office like a champ.  I've got friends that I'd trust with my accounting and taxes any day of the week, because they are that good with numbers.

Keep in mind that if your spouse is an E-5 or lower, you qualify for MyCAA funding.  Take advantage of this and get a portable career... and this crazy stressful life, will be a little less crazy and a little less stressful.

For more information about MyCAA and Martinsburg College, please visit this special Facebook group full of helpful resources and information for military spouses.

Disclosure - I received compensation for this post, but all opinions and stories are my own.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


The silence on the radio for the last 11 days brought to you courtesy of life.  A couple of posts ago I was all like... I've got nothing to do but pack.  Then our packing/moving plans were put on hold.  And now?  Now it seems like all hell has broke loose.

We still have no word on where we will 100 percent finish the year out at.  As of now we will be moving in October to Fort Campbell.  There is a month and a half between now and then though and as we all know with the military, a lot can happen.  So we are just buckled in and waiting for board results to come down so we know if this Cyber deal is a go or not quite yet.  It's fun.  Said in my most sarcastic voice ever.

Next week is my big event I've been preparing for since May.  Things are crazy chaotic getting vendor lists finalized, volunteers scheduled and just about every other little thing taken care of.  I'm on the computer when the internet isn't down responding to five billion e-mails and I've got to do lists a mile long when I'm not e-mailing.  But in t-minus 9 days, it's over.

My house has fallen apart in the mean time.  We ran out of dishwasher soap and used just about every dish in the house before I got more.  Nobody has time to hand wash dishes, so you can imagine the chaos that is/was my kitchen.  Rob cleaned out the garage.  Which is great.  Except a bunch of stuff made it's way inside to the dining room and so far hasn't been gone through.  AND did I mention I have a crazy toddler that delights in destroying as many rooms as possible in one day?  I'm drowning in chores y'all.

On the plus side, next week Rob is finally done with his WOBC schooling.  I know he is ready to be done with classwork and just get on with it.  It was made all the more real when I dropped off his dress uniform at the dry cleaner today.  I'm excited, he is excited, we are all excited for that final ceremony!

Anyway when I'm not trying to catch up on chores, or working on the Expo... I'm sleeping.  I can't get enough.  Mom life, for realz though.  I've been sleeping not so hot at night, which leads to the desire to nap during the day more.  So Grace naps?  I nap.  Which works great about 2 days out of the entire week.  But hey.. I will take what I can get.  You can NEVER have enough sleep.

I've got a book on my nightstand I've been reading for a solid month now probably and blogs out my butt to catch up on... but it's 12:30 in the morning and I'm joining my people in an evening slumber.

What are y'all up to?

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