38 weeks//Baby B

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What Fruit are you // a leek
Due date // March 28th
How far along // 38 weeks
Next appointment // next week.
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // too much.  No longer putting a number out there.  HA!
Swelling // since last weekend I have swollen hands and feet/ankles.  Officially lost my wedding bands... which never happened with Grace.
Maternity clothes // the very limited clothes that fit.
Belly button // half in.
Sleep // non existent.  I've started waking Rob up with all of my restlessness.
Food cravings // sweets.
Symptoms // tons of aches and pains.  Swelling.  Heartburn.  Crazy insane emotions.  Just overall crap.
Movement // lots of movements after eating and drinking... otherwise just feel her flinch a lot and hiccups!! Holy hiccups batman.
Labor signs // 2-3 cm dilated.  50% effaced.  A contraction here and there.  Head engaged.  Super low... we've officially started trying to jumpstart labor with walking the last two days.
What I miss // Piston.
What I'm loving // that family is here to help with Grace... it is a huge relief to have them here should I go into labor shortly.  And that my house is officially and completely set up minus hanging some stuff on one wall.
What I'm looking forward to // having this baby!
Best moment this week // family getting here and seeing Grace with her family.

To read about Grace at 38 weeks, click here.

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