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A selfie, I just now found on my phone.

Making: Tons and tons of mental to do lists - to add to the tons and tons of already written down to do lists.  I like lists.
Cooking: Not a thing as it is 10:45 at night.
Drinking: Ice cold water.

Reading: Good night text messages from my momma.
Wanting: Diesel to lay down and stop being a nuisance.  With everything.  I'm dying waiting for puppyhood to JUST GO AWAY ALREADY.
Playing: Glee episodes every chance I get.

Listening: To Diesel pace.  The fridge hum.  And the baby monitor pick up on every little movement.
Wishing: For Thursday to be over.  Road tripping 8 hours alone with the girls.  But it is totally going to be worth it.  Even if it takes me 12 hours.
Enjoying: The silence.  It is the most beautiful sound ever to a stay at home mama.

How she fell asleep last night.

Liking: The clean kitchen and beautiful baby dresses all ready for my uncles wedding this weekend.
Wondering: How much crap is going to get chewed up when I leave my husband with the dog for a week.  He thinks silence from a puppy when you can't see him is okay.  Tell that to his $100 PlayStation controller that has funny knobs now..
Hoping: For cooler, less humid weather.

Marveling: At Brooke already being five months old!  How did this happen?!
Needing: To start packing.
Smelling: The spiced pumpkin candle I lit earlier today.  It is NEVER too early for Fall scents.

Wearing: Yoga pants and a t-shirt.
Thinking: About how excited I am to watch the Bachelor in Paradise episode from tonight tomorrow morning.  I'm obsessed..
Feeling: Tired and hungry.

We MAY be obsessed with snapchat filters... but come on!

What are you currently up to?

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  1. Clean kitchens are the best!! I hope the puppy behaves himself while you are away! :)

  2. Here is to a safe road trip!!!!


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