Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thoughts on motherhood.

Mother's Day weekend is always the weekend that gets me pondering about life as a mama.  I've been a mother now for 3 years and while it hasn't always been easy... it is definitely the most rewarding "job" I've ever held the title of.

There are days, like today, where my kids are finally sleeping (WAY too late at night... GRACE.) and I am so glad.  It was a rough one.  Lots of "no" moments, tantrums and an especially hard day for the littlest lady.  And you can't forget the fur-child who just loves to build on stressful days in every way possible.  On days like today I am digging for those moments from the day that make motherhood such a joy.

It's not always perfectly captured Instagram moments.  It's not always making it to bedtime without feeling a strong need for a stiff one.  It is just plain not always easy.

Motherhood is my greatest challenge but it is also my greatest accomplishment.

I am raising two very strong willed girls.  I know that because my blood runs through their veins we are destined for some fun teenage years.  But because these little people are who they are I find some solace in the fact that they will never be walked all over.  They will never take no for an answer (literally).  And it is my hope that they will always know mommy loves them.  There is no mountain too high and no roadblock to big.

I learned these things from my mom after all.  I know how capable one is to love another because I saw it firsthand.  I know what it means to be a mom because my mother has been the greatest example.

This year I was excited to spend Mother's Day with my mom.  Being just 30 minutes away from my family makes spending holidays together possible after years of us being just too far away. And I could not be more thankful.

My husband treated us all to tickets for the Mother's Day Royals game.  We tailgated before the game with some hot dogs, beers and sunshine.  Then made it into the game in time for the first pitch.  Our seats were in the shade (thankfully!) and we won the game!  Unfortunately Brooke missed her morning and afternoon nap, so she wasn't a happy camper by the time the game wrapped up.  So we headed back home with the girls for a pizza night in.

It may not have been the brunch, day off, full of presents day some people expect.  But it was great in that I got to spend it with my mom and my children.  My mom and the ones that made me a mom.

That is something I plan to never take for granted.

Happy Mother's Day (a few days late) friends!

***[Huge thank you to all of the bloggers that linked up with Jen and I on Friday!  We had a blast and truly hope you did as well.  I can't wait to hopefully get back into reading blogs so I can learn more about so many of you!]***

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Friday, May 12, 2017

2017 Military Spouse Appreciation Day [Link-Up]

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day, friends!

I am blessed to know so many wonderful spouses and even though my journey as a military spouse is over after 7 years... I am still so thankful to call so many of you friends and even family. So today... I am celebrating you all. Your strength, courage and determination is something to be appreciated.  Your friendship is something I am forever grateful for.. and don't even get me started on all the memories made over the last 7 years.

To celebrate today, Jen and I are once again hosting a Military Spouse Appreciation Day Link-Up for all you military related bloggers.  I am HONORED to host all of you this year.

To join us... just answer the following questions and add your link!  Don't forget to visit some new blogs and leave some comments for others!  For extra credit, use the hashtag #2017MilSpoDayLinkup on social media!

//Tell us about yourself and your blog.
//What branch of military are you affiliated with?
//What is one thing you enjoy about the military lifestyle?
//What advice would you give other spouses who are new?
//Where have you been stationed?
//Do you work, go to school, volunteer, or stay home? 

//My name is Amanda.  I am a natural redhead that is addicted to Target, my new house and my family.  I mainly blog about that stuff these days... when I do.  Buying a house is for real time consuming y'all.  And when I'm not working on the house... we are always always busy.  But I would not have it any other way. We are near family and friends.  We are establishing ourselves in my favorite state ever, KANSAS.  And above all else, we are happy where life post-Army has taken us!

//My husband was a Warrant Officer in the United States Army.  After almost 9 years he medically separated this last January.

//I LOVED meeting new people from all over the nation and world.  I have friends from Massachusetts, Canada, Georgia, Minnesota.. just to name a few.  Our paths NEVER would have crossed had it not been for the military.

//Get out there.  I've said it before and I will say it again.  If you do not put yourself out there (whether it be a spouse club, unit functions or a group of spouses getting together) you will be very lonely.  And unfortunately you will have no one to blame but yourself.  It's hard.  Making friends as an adult is STUPID hard.  But it can be done.  Just not from your couch or behind your Facebook screen.

//I spent a year in Maryland while my husband was stationed at Fort Meade.  Then moved back to Kansas (my home!) while he spent a year in Kuwait.  Then we spent 3 years in Augusta, Georgia at Fort Gordon.  Our final duty station was Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  Also the worst.  I do miss getting to live places my Kansas loving self would not otherwise live though.  I experienced a lot of life outside these state lines.

//I currently stay home with our two beautiful baby girls.  I hope to get back into volunteering as they get into school and other activities.  I love volunteering and miss it.

Now it is YOUR turn.  Tell us about yourself and don't forget to add your link!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

These days.

These days it is has been cloudy and rainy more often than not.

These days things seem to go by in a blink of an eye.  Time is moving quickly.  Each day faster than the last.  Since becoming a family of 4 over a year ago time has sped up and I finally know what everyone meant when they said "it goes quickly, so enjoy it".  I scoffed then, pretended like I knew what they were talking about... but I had no idea what I was in for.

These days are full of gymnastics classes, speech therapy appointments, doctors appointments, trips to and from Kansas City and more errands than I ever dreamed possible.

These days are busy with family and friends and making countless new memories for our memory banks.  We are not taking one single second for granted.

These days are filled with vacuuming, sweeping, picking up five thousand toys five thousand times a day, loading the dishwasher, staying behind on laundry and filling up the dogs food bowl.

These days are filled slowly counting numbers, identifying colors, answering "what's that" every minute of every day, showing how to use scissors, taking stickers off of paper and impromptu dance parties.

These days are filled hosting playdates for new friends, trying new restaurants downtown, checking out new playgrounds and parks, learning back ways into the new neighborhood and joining new church groups and activities.

These days seem to roll smoothly and we are hands down enjoying these days.

But I'm also still trying to find my place in this new chapter.  I've always identified this blog as one written from a military spouse perspective.  However... since Rob transitioned out earlier this year, I'm no longer a military spouse.  So where does that leave this blog?  A lifestyle blog?  A parenting blog?  A whatever I want to blog about blog?  Who knows.  The name will stay the same.  After all... Somewhere Over the Camo makes PERFECT sense.  This is life, somewhere over the camo.. but for now the identity is somewhere in limbo.

So when Jen approached me to host the Military Spouse Appreciation Day link-up with her again this year, I briefly hesitated before saying yes.  I may not be a military spouse, but y'all... I have and always will have so much dang respect for all of YOU that currently are... and I love bringing spouses together.  So you should join us next Friday, May 12th for our annual Military Spouse Appreciation Day Link-Up.  You can find the questions over here on Jen's blog.  Come back next Friday, add your link and find some new blogs to follow.  I am honored to host all of you wonderful ladies!

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