Ups and downs.

Well rather than update you all on every mundane detail of everything that has happened since last Wednesday I thought I'd put together a PROS and CONS/UPS and DOWNS/YAYS and.. well.. the bad  parts of the past couple of days.

Let's start with the positives.
-Piston and I have mastered walking like normal people around the neighborhood.  IE, he no longer pulls me like we are in a super big rush.  He has a harness that he wears whenever we go outside now that pulls on him when he pulls on me.  Such an awesome thing I tell ya.
-Rob and I have mapped out Christmas gifts for everyone important this year.  Now on to buy them.
-We fixed our cars.  Oh wait, you all didn't hear THAT story.  Wednesday night Rob got home from work in my car and the drivers side window would not go up.  We take apart the door to discover a missing bolt.  Unfortunately the bolt was un-retrievable from the bottom of the door and we ran out of light on Wed.  Thursday it rained so my car sported a giant trash-bag eye patch as I am now calling it until Saturday morning. (Rob got home late on Fri.. so no daylight.) Sat we got up and fixed it and then yesterday he fixed some issues on his car as well.
-The weather has been fairly awesome the past couple of days.  A little wind, and FREEZING at night, but beautiful days.
-Sunday I got to go shopping just a bit.  Something I have greatly missed since moving out here and no longer having my own job.  So it was very appreciated.
-Rob won his fantasy football game this weekend.

the negatives. =/
-Our neighbors are rude. Still. No surprise huh?  The past two nights have consisted of some ridiculously loud music bumping between the hours of like 9 and 10:30.  I miss the nice Midwestern people!
-Chiefs lost.
-Cowboys lost.
-Laptop is missing the F5 key.  It may be nobody's fault but my own.  It has decided that it and the internet do not want to work all that well together.  (Ridiculous I tell ya.) and I may or may not have showed it who is boss leading to a key mysteriously falling off.  POS.
-Piston thinks barking is the answer.
-After being woken up by the jackhammer on Wednesday.. I was woken up by a saw on Friday at 7:30 IN THE MORNING. (You better believe this resulted in a nasty gram phone call to my rental office.  Do they seriously not have standards for when they tell their contractors they can come out and start being rude in the mornings?) and then on SATURDAY Rob and I were woken up again at 7:30 to a cement mixer truck.  (Thus my car getting fixed by like 10AM.)
-Oh, on the note of sleeping... I've developed a habit of being REALLY restless at night, and it's not working too well for me.

That's depressing more negatives than positives.  Well, in all fairness there really hasn't been anything FUN going on around here recently.  So, I guess maybe that is why?

[One month EXACTLY and Lindsay and Brian are here to visit.]
[Two months and one day until Rob and I are back in the MIDWEST!]

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