Who you'd be today.

Just a quick update from the great state of Kansas.

The weekend was spent in western KS buring my Grandpa.  It's never easy.  The funeral was beautifulAll of my aunts and uncles were able to make it.  Several of us grandkids as well.  The part that struck me the most was out at the cemetary though.  It's unbelievable hard to have those final words said, but when the haunting sound of guns saying 'goodbye' happens... it's even harder.  I'd never been to a military funeral up until that point.  But my Grandpa served for 3 years during World War II and was honorably discharged at the end.  They managed to get some VFW members together from a local town and they lined up behind the coffin a few feet back.  After the final words were said, the guns blasted and taps played.  We all cried.  Probably will never forget that sound.  Now Grandpa is buried next to Grandma.  Somewhere in Heaven they are together again.  Happy, I hope.

Originally the plan was to stay there until today... however, a "huge" snow storm was set to come in to Kansas Sunday.  So after church we packed the car, truck and camper up and trekked back across the state.  Good thing we did... a couple hours later my cousin posted up the first pics from the farm house of snow covering the grass.  All day Monday it did the same here at my parents.  Thank goodness I had nothing to do!  And by nothing to do, I really mean NOTHING to do. :)

Mom went back to work today but was gracious enough to leave her car with me as long as I dropped her off at work, and picked her up.  The roads were decent.  The car made it back in one piece.  I had lunch with Lindsay, which was awesome.  I love "catch-up-lunches".  Even though I just saw her in November I feel like there was so much to catch up on!

After a little shopping I headed home... and can I just say something real quick... some CHILDREN are really not very smart.  Once I got back to the neighborhood I witnessed kids driving their vehicles around corners just to spin out.  Really?  Maybe you shouldn't have a drivers license... let alone a CAR if you can't drive it properly.  Okay? Thanks.

Just wanted to update everyone on how things are going here.  Tomorrow I head home (hopefully)... as long as the snow does not hit Baltimore as bad as they are saying it is going to I will be home.  Tonight I'm just going to relax with the family... that I hope I will not be seeing again in the next 2 weeks, AT LEAST.

Hope everyone is safe, snowed in, warm and/or happy. :)

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