Laughter, weddings and memories.

Once again the week passed without so much as a blip of fun.  I guess that's what it is like to be a working person these days.. your weeks... SUCK.  But then again it was only 3 days versus the usual 4.

Friday I introduced my families to each other.  As in my parents and Rob's grandparents.  We went to a new diner out here in Olathe and then over to my parents to drink some wine and play pool.  Everyone got along great.. it was super special for me.  Just wish that Rob could have been there like I know he wishes he would have.  But there are years and years in our future where we can make new memories with our families together.  I just have to remind myself of that. =)

Saturday I dropped the dog off and took off for McPherson, KS with my family for a cousin on my Moms sides wedding.  It was fun.  I love weddings.  Even though they are sometimes hard to get through, being a part of another person's big day is special.  Just reminds me of how much I want to have a special something some day!

We ended up staying the night down there in a hotel.  Then took our time coming back today.  Stopped at some historical sites along the way and met my sister's new special friend.  Finally rolled back into KC around 8.  Too late to pick my sweet boy up from the kennel.  So I'm sitting at home tonight without him, and it's weird.  Hard for me to think of how much he has become a part of my life.  Especially with Rob gone.  Piston is definitely my best friend, house mate and rock.. I just miss him tonight.

But as I sat here just a few minutes ago watching Rob get ready for work, I'm reminded of how hard this day is for so many across America.  I was only 11.  Barely old enough to realize what those attacks on America meant back then.  Now that I am 21, I have a bit more insight into what it meant.. especially since my husband is serving in the Army and I am constantly around people that can acknowledge what that day meant so many years ago.  It changed us.  It didn't ruin us, but it changed how America operated.  All I know is, I am ever so thankful that President Bush was the president in the office at the time.  I can't imagine how others would have handled it, but I KNOW he did a fantastic job, given the circumstances.  Many years from now we will all remember that day.. eventually it will act like Pearl Harbor to many, but this is our generations same event.  I pray that future generations don't have to deal with the effects of a terrorist attack on their homelands, but it is a real issue to be worried about.  Each and everyday we must remember how many people it takes to make our nation the way it is.  And we must be thankful for it.

So tonight as I tuck myself into this empty apartment, I remember all those lost, all those left to grieve and all those who help contribute to how my life is today.. and I will send an extra prayer up to those departed.  They know they aren't forgotten.

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