Moving on.

Well the whirlwind that was last week is finally over.

The first week of classes, 2 work days, 2 visitations, a doctor's appointment and a funeral later.. Labor Day weekend can commence.

I worked Monday and Thursday.  Thursday obviously being the more productive day at work.  Both days went fast even though Monday involved a lot of mind wandering and endless thoughts of things that needed to be done.  Unfortunately Monday also involved finding out Piston's shots weren't up to date.  So as a result, he got to go with me to Concordia Tuesday.

Erin drove up with us.. we stayed at Grandpa's old house.  Even though it's completely empty of all furniture it was alright.  Piston was able to stay in his kennel in the front room no problem, and he was really well behaved the whole time.  Especially considering I was out of the house almost all day Tuesday and Wednesday before we left.

The funeral was nice.  Tons of tears were shed, but that's what happens when someone that has always been in your life as an extremely close person passes away.  Tons of stories were shed and memories were reflected upon.  He will never be forgotten.  That's for sure.  There was the typical military farewell at the grave site and that always makes my heart skip a beat at how just plain haunting those shots fired are.  In a way for me it makes me realize just how real it all is.. or maybe it was going back hours later to see the fresh dirt and already dying flowers due to the sun baking them to death.

It's weird cause I already feel like I have no true connection to the small town of Concordia, Kansas.  Obviously this is not true as both my grandparents are buried there, and several family members still live there.  But the main reason we traveled 2 hours and 15 minutes West and then 45 minutes North was to see grandpa.  To spend a few days with him, laughing, making memories and sharing life together.  ... I better stop.  I feel the tears coming again for the first time since Wednesday.  All I can say is we all have to adjust to the new normal in our life, without this very important person in it.

Since I got back I have been trying to catch up on schoolwork.  Not exactly the most ideal way to start my first week of classes at a new school.  But I think my professors understand, or at least I hope.  After this week, I should be able to settle into a routine with this as well.  Just like everything else in my life recently.  It's all a routine that Piston and I share while we wait for Rob to return.

Today I had a doctor's appointment to get the birth control in my arm removed.  I finally decided after a year and a half of dealing with various symptoms that my body was better off without it.  Now I will wait out the year or so it takes for my body to return to its normal state.  I wish that I never would have went on it as it messed so many things up.. but then again, I guess it was always better than a pregnancy.  =/

Well, the family is out of town this weekend at the lake.  I opted out, as it is more than a bit stressful to hit up the lake with Piston.  He has to be on his leash 24/7 there practically and it is stressful for both him and I.  So I decided we would celebrate this holiday weekend from our humble apartment.  I have big intentions to do some rearranging and redecorating over this weekend.  Along with homework and catching up the dvr.. P and  I are going to have an amazing weekend.. to say the least.  Will update more later on if my plans and intentions for the weekend actually came true.

=) be safe all if you are traveling.

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