Why is it..

That I feel like everyone else in this world is so negative?

A baby girl is missing in the Kansas City area.  The first thing people online from out of state think of is.. this is a scam.  After seeing the baby girl's father on the news, people think.. he doesn't seem sincere and upset enough.  Don't they realize everyone handles grief differently?  Can't they think that maybe for just one moment he composed himself enough to get through a TV interview?  Can people not just assume the worst of EVERYONE and think that maybe for just one minute this baby girl was snatched from her own bedroom, without anyone hearing by a complete stranger...

I feel like the only person these days that doesn't assume the worst.  I wasn't convinced Casey Anthony was responsible, knew Amanda Knox was not a murderer, wished for Troy Davis to be released just hours before his scheduled execution.  But everywhere I go everyone is so negative.  They assume the opposite of the positive outcome.

Call me naive, or call me dumb.  I guess I just see good in everyone and don't automatically assume guilt or fault.  I don't believe what the media always has to say.  I can come to my own conclusions based on the facts presented through the media.  It's just so crazy to see everyone jump to the worst conclusion possible.  Why the hell do we do that?  Is our society so screwed that we can't see good in anyone anymore?

I shake my head at all those willing to pass judgment so early.  All those not willing to see good..

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