Being an adult is overrated.

Or so the whipped cream commercial says.  The same commercial that directly reflected my family at Thanksgiving every year of my life thus far.  The "adult table" and the "children's table" was the norm.  Wait, what? It's Thanksgiving time already??? I'm not sure I am ready for the holidays this year.  But it keeps catching me off guard just how quickly it's come around this year.  I guess that's one way to keep me out of the stores though... put up Christmas before Thanksgiving even pasts.

How gorgeous is this table?

I'm lucky though.  I don't have to worry about planning Thanksgiving dinner or anything.  That's what the adults are for. :)

We did decorate for Thanksgiving around here though.. we decorated, but didn't clean up.  It's like half decorated, half messy.  It's lived in

Other than the holidays creeping up on us...

-grades came back.  4.0 for my first session at DeVry.  Now to keep it up.

-it has finally rained here.  A steady rain since this afternoon.. including thunderstorms.  Kind of strange for November, but we will take it!

-4.7 magnitude aftershocks in Oklahoma?! What exactly is going on?? I can't say I'm one that has felt it though.. my dad thinks that is because I am always sitting on the couch when it happens.  I guess I'm just not an experienced earthquake person.

Well I woke up this morning with some mad drainage in my throat.  Progressively feeling worse as the day goes on.  =/ No good my friends.. I pray it doesn't develop into something worse.  Boss lady needs me at work tomorrow!  So evening plan? News. Shower. Warm bed.


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