I survived.

Thanksgiving weekend with my family. =)

This picture should be in color.. cause that's a sunset.. 
but my camera jacked the colors all kinds of up.

Kidding, but not kidding.  It was a good time, truly.  I love my family to pieces and I was beyond grateful I got to spend this Thanksgiving with them.  But I was reminded why living in my own place is so nice sometimes. =)  Love you Mom, Dad and Erin!

We had a super busy few days.  Lots of shopping (aka Walmart, downtown Colby Kansas and the craft fair in Oberlin Kansas), driving to and from various towns, extended family gatherings and a whole bunch of little things thrown in.  Tons of great food!  [[In fact, that 5 pounds I've lost.. gained about 2 and a half back.. AWESOME!]]  Plus laughter and memories that will live on forever.  Red Solo Cup anyone?  Theme song to our whole trip.

This year was different though.  In the fact that next year chances are I will not be here to spend the holidays with my family.  Unless by some slim chance Rob gets approved for leave during that time [[judging from the past, a very very slim chance.]] I will be spending the next few years with him, wherever that may be, before we settle outside of the Army.  I guess it's a hard reality of growing up and starting your own family and traditions.  It makes me sad to think about though.  Very sad.  For 21 years I have known nothing but the green bean casserole my family specializes in [[and devours]] and the trip west to see the rest of the family.  Known nothing but spending the day being thankful with my own blood line [[last Thanksgiving was spent with Rob's side of the family, but for Christmas I flew home to visit.]].  And next year it will be a bit of a wake up call to spend the holidays away from family.  I know it is time to start our own traditions... but it still makes me feel unprepared and sad to move on from the "known".


End of heavy stuff. Promise.

Does anyone have some super magical advice for dry skin?  I have the world's driest skin right now and it's driving me insane!  Not to mention my skin is sensitive to break outs when I use "too much" product.  So I am kind of losing this battle with keeping my face hydrated and healthy looking.  Any and all advice would be GREATLY appreciated. =)

The other dilemma I have is... I read all my comments (and love and adore them!) but I am not sure how to respond to them without going back to someone's own blog and leaving some random comment.  Does anyone know how to solve this problem?  There is no respond button on the comments.  Is that my blog or other people's settings?

Otherwise... tomorrow I get to sleep in.  That makes me smile.  I love sleep.  It does great things for me.  But I also have to get up and tackle that dang DMV.  Ughhhhh.. makes me cringe just thinking about it.  So I'm off.. happy week all!


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  1. My best advice, as a fellow sufferer of dry skin during the winter (and the rest of the year) is find a good, unscented moisturizer, then put it on hands/feet/whatever right before bed, and if possible cover that area. I have terribly dry feet during the summer so put on lotion and sleep with nice thick socks on, so it keeps in the moisture. Same goes for hands, sleeping with gloves on, as for what type I do not have any specific suggestions. The other thing is I always keep a small bottle of lotion in my purse and use it constantly throughout the day. Hope this helps!! Good luck, both with the dry skin and the future :)
    - Elyse

  2. I use the baby oil gel for my legs, arms, and sometimes my face. It works wonders!!!!

  3. I love "Red Solo Cup." Good road trip song!

  4. Thanks Elyse! Yeah, I try and apply like 100 times a day.. just hate that tight skin feeling.

    Christie---never used baby oil. Let alone a gel. Might give it a try.

    And Lauren.. I know right? Crazy addicting though.

  5. We use baby oil gel on my son (who has RIDICULOUSLY dry/sensitive skin) as well as vaseline. Sounds yuck, I know, but it really does seal in some moisture! I always put it on him right after a bath and he wakes up with the SOFTEST skin ever.

    As for replying to comments, I had to google it to figure it out, and when I reply to comments on my blog, I have no clue if people know that I've responded or not. Oh well, I feel better knowing that I've made the effort! LOL Good luck!!