So I went MIA.

Yikes, blogging got away from me for just a second.

Things on my mindddddd:

-I love long weekends.  And right before another long weekend too?  I will most definitely, certainly take that boss lady.  Thank goodness for her taking vacation a week early and Thanksgiving falling on a Thursday!  (Not that this weekend has been all that productive, but it was still a long one.. and it ain't over yet.)

-I've decided the most awful situation anyone ever has to endure is going to the DMV.  Actually scratch that.. going to the DMV for something that should take five seconds.  Long story short, I ordered a personalized plate when my Dad officially gifted my car to me.  That was in October.  A few weeks ago I got the letter saying that it was in!  So on Wednesday I drove up the place I ordered it from.. to find out it's not there.  It's at a different one.  Friday I go to the other location.. and it's a 2 HOUR and 45 MINUTE wait.  What?!! To pick up a plate I already ordered?!!!  Needless to say.. not sure when I am going to have close to 3 hours to wait at the DMV to pick that up...

-Saturday's weather was GORGEOUS here in Kansas.  Almost 70 degrees.  We had windows open and music going, and Piston and I were LOVING it.  And then it went to about 30 degrees in under an hour.  Oh Kansas, you love to play mind games with me, huh?

-This week has been kind of stressful gearing up for next week at school.  I am going to be out of town most of next week.. somewhere where internet is not an easily accessible commodity.  Go figure this would be the week that one class has a group project.  How nice.. huh?  I explained to my professor my situation and she told me to go to a library.  Uh lady.. the closest ANYTHING is 30 minutes away, and I'm not kidding.. so then she was like well one year I was in Texas and I was surprised to find internet at a gas station and a coffee shop... oh really?  That'd be nice.. minus the fact there isn't either of those for probably even farther than 30 minutes.  Apparently she doesn't get Kansas. ;)

-I stepped on the scale today and it was five pounds lighter than when I started focusing on weight November 1st.  My biggest change believe it or not is eating more fruits and veggies and cutting out almost all pasta and replacing it with grilled chicken.  Not to mention not drinking soda except on occasion and instead drinking tons of water.  It's amazing how much better I feel already.  I've also cut portion sizes, without even realizing it.  I just naturally eat less and feel full faster and I've been telling myself to stop before I eat that last little bit that I'm not hungry for.  I'm a bit worried about the holidays, but I am going to try walking more.. around the farm, and with family.  In return I am not going to worry about indulging on Thanksgiving.  I just don't want to be someone that beats myself up over eating crummy one or two days.  It's not worth it.  But I am at a much better place right now, and on my way to happiness when it comes to my body again.

-So I have a minor rant... I'm getting annoyed with coupon-ers.  I mean more power to you.  I do it on big items and should probably do it on smaller ones too.  I'm not annoyed with the ones that do it for what they need.  I am annoyed with the ones that do it for stuff they don't need just because they can.  What exactly does it solve having a ton of febreeze bottles sitting around?  Not only that but it clears off a shelf of items that people are going to pay for and use.. I don't know why, it just annoys me.  Or maybe the pictures of a huge stock pile are what really annoys me...  End of soap box.

-I discovered a setting that had a bunch of the blogs I read on anonymous subscriptions.  So if I have been to your blog lately and commented but you didn't see me following until now, I APOLOGIZE!  I promise I've been reading all along!

Well it's one in the AM and that's all I can think of. =) Off to go read everyone else's fabulous blogs!  Probably won't be around much this week as the aforementioned trip is coming up here real soon!  But regardless, happy Monday to all!


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  1. Congrats on the 5lbs down! That's awesome! I've been finding that if I put less on my plate than I usually would, I am almost always full afterwards! So the extra that I had been eating was just that- extra! Gah! Also, I've been putting my food on smaller plates. For some reason that little mind game works on me. LOL

    I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!