What if?

Found this over at GI Joe's Wife.

What if I were to get pregnant? Well that would be a Virgin Mary sort of deal considering my husband is thousands and thousands of miles away.

What if I could have any job in the world? Ideally someday I will be a stay at home mom that runs a design business how of my at home office.  That way I'd get to raise my children and somebody else wouldn't have to do it for me, and I'd get to use my degree for something.

What if I had a day all to myself? I have those ALL the time.. unless you count Piston as me not being by myself.  My days tend to consist of running tons of errands with the occasional pampering session thrown in. By occasional I mean few and far between really.

What if I could get married all over again? If I could do it all again huh?  I want the big ceremony and stuff, but I feel the way that we did it was the best for us at the time.  The one thing I would change is having my family and friends there with us when we eloped.  Someday in our future we will have a vow renewal that will be the ceremony I've always wanted, but there won't be that "now what" phase after.

What if I could live anywhere in the US? I love Kansas. But I also love many other parts of this country. I'd be fine living anywhere if my family or Rob's family was there as well.

What if I were to have more children? More? Maybe I should have one first? We are contemplating getting another fur baby.  It will be exciting, and make it so my house is constantly bustling without human children.  Piston would love every minute of it though considering we plan to get him a sister when we get him a backyard as well.

What if I could have any talent in the world? I'd be one of those people that works out everyday.  Doesn't have to talk themselves into it, just does it.  If only...

What if you met me in real life? You'd think I'm awesome.  I'm super easy to talk to (or at least I think) and I'm not judgmental at all.  In fact I've been known to talk and talk and talk.. especially when I am tired.. You'll learn that if I consider you a friend, I will go out of my way to do things for you.  And you'll learn that I love to love things, people, life.

What if I went back to school? Already doing it.  =) So proud of myself.  I took a semester off, changed degrees 3 times but I am still getting it done.

What if money weren't an object?  I'd pay off my student loans.. now and future.  I'd set up college plans for my someday children.  I'd drive a newer car.  I'd own a house.  I'd be a regular donor to charity..

What if I could meet one celebrity? It might be fun for like a few minutes.  But then I would realize just how weird their life is compared to mine.  I'd like to meet J.R. Martinez though.. he is such a huge inspiration.

What if I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life? Target.  I think I could manage only shopping there.

What if I could choose an animal/pet? I think Rob and I already have.. his name is Piston.  He has crazy energy.  Yes, he is named after a car part.  We also have a beta fish named Rodney.. Rod for short.  So we have Rod and Piston.. if you know anything about cars.. you'll get that.

What if I could go on a trip right now? I'd go to the Bahamas.  With Rob. It's my dream vacation to stay at the Atlantis and live as though money is truly not an issue.

What if I had to choose between a house cleaner and professional chef? I'd have to go with chef.  Then he could teach me how to cook, better.  Once I learn.. wallah, I fire the chef and get a house cleaner.  Then I sit back all day everyday and do nothing.

What if I had the option to get plastic surgery? I don't know.  I'd think long and hard about that one...


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  1. Your baby Piston is SO CUTE! I love this post, I may steal it!

  2. Hi Amanda! I'm a new follower and I found you on the Military Spouses Blog thing. You commented right before I did. ;)

    This survey is cute and I might do up a post like it since there is NOTHING going on here at the moment. (Hubs is doing field training this week. Blech.)

    Hope to read more soon! :)