Have you heard???

About the awesome Super Tintin giveaway going on right now?

You haven't?
If you have a loved one missing from your life then you must check this giveaway out.  Super Tintin is this awesome company that has partnered with Skype to make it possible for people with a PC to get a free Skype Recording License.  They are giving away 100 copies to deserving military families just in time for Valentines Day!

What exactly is a Skype Recording License?
Just what it sounds like!  This Valentine's Day when you Skype with your loved one how awesome would it be to record your conversation and play it back over and over again?  Great for your young kiddos to see Daddy or Mommy whenever they want.  Great for showing family members that aren't in the house when the conversation happened.  Great for a pick me up when that bad day just doesn't seem to be getting better.  If you win one of these license copies being given away, then you can do JUST THAT.

Cool, right?

Now how do you enter?
Head on over to one of these blogs that gets to host this awesome giveaway and enter!  Make sure to head on over soon as most of them end today, February 12th at midnight PST!

Good luck ladies.. I know I am hoping for a copy. ;)

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