Today I...

Feel smart. :)

I FINALLY put two and two together and realized that those e-mails about comments I get in my inbox.. THAT is what you smart cookies respond to when you respond to my comments and I get an actual response in my inbox as well.. ...if that makes any sense at all.  So be expecting actual responses in YOUR inbox from me from here on out!

Well we are in countdown mode in our little world right here in Kansas.  The dog and I are anxiously awaiting the time we will get to spend with Rob soon.  Yesterday the world seemed to take a SERIOUS slow down though.  For the past 6 plus months time has just flown at work, and yesterday I could see each second stretch into 5 or more it seemed.  What is funny about all that is, the clock drags at work, but flies during the night.  Something wrong with THAT picture!

This past weekend was full on relaxation.. for the most part.  Nothing major that we had to rise and shine for.  Except a deep tissue massage on Friday which was to die for, I'd highly suggest you find a good one in your area and spend the extra cash on one.. ((p.s. the lady I got mine from is a national champion body builder.. she puts the fear in you just by looking!  But dang she knows JUST what to do.))  Saturday P and I went to sleep with NO alarm set to wake up for.  Which of course meant my Mom called about 11:30 (early for me!) to say that her and Dad were stopping by.  But Piston enjoyed it, as he always does when his grandparentals stop by.  Sunday was of course spent with some beer, football and.. you guessed it, homework.  Nothing to complain about there.. each Sunday spent doing homework means another week closer to so many things! :)

I also have good news to report, I have made almost a FULL recovery from the AWFUL fall down the stairs.  :)  Last night I did have some random pains in my ankle.  I hope this isn't one of those injuries where it comes back every once in awhile to make life annoying.  Those stink, bad.  But all in all, we be good y'all.


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  1. And here I thought I was sleeping in at 730 yesterday morning. LOL

  2. Yea for counting down! I didn't know that either, so I learned something new today! Glad to hear you are recovering from your fall. :)

  3. I felt so silly when I finally figured out how to respond to comments from my readers. Now I'm just really sad when they don't have their email set up so I can't respond! I love your blog! Good luck with your countdown!