A to Z!

A. Age: 22 as of 12 days ago!

B. Bed size: Queen.. for now.  Hopefully when our next Army adventure unfolds, wherever that may be, we will scrap the super low to the ground too small bed.  ESPECIALLY if Rob wants another boxer (okay.. so I do too!).. King for the win!

C. Chore that you hate: Dishes.  Especially right now because the dishwasher is broken.  I also hate laundry cause I have to lug it all the way down to the car.. over to the laundry place.. then either wait on it or make a million trips back and forth.. then lug it all back up.  By then I am usually exhausted so it sits in the hamper for awhile.. and days later I put it away.

D. Dogs: I love my dooooooogie!  He's my best friend.  Even though he is a spoiled rotten dog who thinks just because he is a purebred that cost his daddy an arm and a leg, he should get what he wants when he wants.  He has certainly opened my eyes to what being a parent is about.. thus we wait.
(Piston with his Aunt Erin (my sister).. he thinks he is a lap baby.. this was taken on my iPhone so excuse the quality!)

E. Essential start to your day: Hitting snooze.. many times.

F. Favorite color: Purple.. or pink.. or teal.. 

G. Gold or silver: Silver.  Definitely a silver girl.

H. Height: 5'5".

I. Instruments that you play: I don't.. I briefly attempted the flute in middle school.  I'd love to play the guitar though..

J. Job title: Receptionist.  Wife.  Fur baby's momma.

K. Kids: Piston.

L. Live: Kansas City.

M. Mother's name: Phyllis. :)
(my pretty Momma.. have I mentioned I have the best genes ever?  Need more proof:
and that's my Dad.  My sister and I are so lucky!)

N. Nicknames: Used to go by Critter a lot.. or just my maiden name, Ritter.

O. Overnight hospital stays: Never.  Thank the Lord.. **knock on wood**

P. Pet peeves: Bad drivers.  Know it all's.  Complainer-pants.

Q. Quote from a movie: Can't think of any.. all I can think of is Adele's song over and over again in my mind..

S: Siblings: One little seeeeeeester.. and she's not that little.  Hey Erin!  If you are reading this.  I also married into a tooooooon of siblings.. 3 on Rob's Mom's side and 6 on Rob's Dad's side.
(my sister!)
(Rob's siblings on his Dad's side.. minus the two little boys in the front on the left.. they are cousins.)

T: Travel favorite: I'm used to roadtrips as that is the way with my family.  :)  I tend to sleep though.  The WHOLE time.  When I fly I feel glamorous though.. bahaha.. don't ask me why.  I couldn't tell ya.

U. Underwear: What about them?

V. Vegetable(s) you hate: Brussel Sprouts.. thanks Mom.  Lima Beans.. thanks Mom.  Fried Cabbage.. thanks Mom.  I could go on.

W. What makes you run late: I blame the dog.. who always has to take an extra long trip outside before I leave.. and the fact that I live near an extremely busy intersection that can take a few minutes to get to the highway or FOREVER.  I most definitely DON'T blame myself. :)

X. X-rays you've had: Teeth.  Hips.  Foot.

Y. Yummy food that you make: That I make?  Does macaroni and cheese count?

Z. Zoo animal: I always loved the sea lions growing up.. 


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  1. I'm 5'5" too! Obviously a pretty awesome height to be. And, I'm soooo with you on the dogs. I love my puppies, and I knew I wasn't ready for kids, but having the dogs umm yeah wow I am SUPER not ready for kids! lol

  2. I have the same pet peeve! Cute pictures!