Sue's take on perfection.

Hey guys.. today I bring you Sue.. she's kind of a big deal.  But luckily she is letting me swap blogs with her today.  So if you are looking for my post you can find it over at Hello. Also, I love you.  Sue lives in Japan.. a very far away land, and blogs about many great things, not just one topic, but many.  I highly suggest her blog to each and every one of my readers.. so without further ado, here's Sue.. (I rhymed.)

Hello Amanda's lovely readers! I'm Sue and I blog over at Hello. Also, I love you. I live in Japan with my husband and my puppy. I write about the ups and downs of life and everything in between. I try to always be honest with myself and others in my writing. I don't have anything that I consider my "specialty" in blogging. I'm terrible at WIW, recipes, and crafts, although I sometimes attempt each of them. If you have some time come visit my blog and say hello- I love to make new friends!

Amanda and I are swapping blogs today to talk about something our world is obsessed with. Perfection. It seems like that's what we're all chasing, doesn't it? We want to be the perfect wife, the perfect daughter, the perfect mom, the perfect sister, the perfect girl. We see someone skinnier than us and think if I had her body I'd be so happy. We see someone prettier than us and think I wish I looked like that. Then I remember that every skinny girl I know has something else she hates about her body and every pretty girl I know has something she'd change about her face. I don't know anyone who lives in perpetual happiness with who they are and how they look. And it's because we're all chasing that elusive thing called perfection. 

But here's the secret no one tells you when you're growing up: There's no such thing as perfect. Our idea of perfect is really just a lie. If you lose those 5 pounds you're complaining about are you going to be perfectly content with your body? Probably not. You'll find something else you want to change. It's a vicious cycle and the only way to change it to to make the change inside ourselves. The picture of me above? I can tell you 5 things I hate about how I look. Or I can tell you that I look cute and happy and that's what's really important. I know that my body isn't perfect, that I am not perfect, but slowly I'm coming to accept that it's okay. And just because I'm okay with who I am doesn't mean I'm going to stop changing. I work out, I eat healthy (most of the time), I take care of my body. There's nothing wrong with wanting to lose a little weight, or changing a feature about yourself, as long as you know that doing it doesn't make you a better person- and it won't make you "perfect." 

If you're a beautiful person on the inside you will be a beautiful person on the outside. 
And at the end of the day, perfection is overrated. 
I prefer to just be me.

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  1. I love this post and I'm glad you're coming to accept the fact that NO ONE is perfect!

  2. LOVE this post - you are beautiful both inside and out!
    I used to always have that mentality "If only I could lose 5 more pounds...I just know I would be happy then." I think once you learn to love yourself flaws and all, and only then can you come to terms that we do not live in a perfect world, but it is still a beautiful one nonetheless.
    Thanks for sharing and it's nice to meet you! :)