There's no place like home... in KS no less.

Well I am late.. as always.  But what can I say?  That's just who I am.

Anywhooooo-- TODAY or this evening or this morning rather I am here to share with you a bit of our home.  The lovelies at Hello. Also, I love you. and Our Reflection are hosting this awesome link up:

So it is only fitting to start with the outside.. since I complain about it OH so very much.  Meet the infamous, hated, dreaded stairwell.  This picture literally does no justice to the awesome climb up to our third floor adobe.
please note the size of the doorways....
Piston decided that in order for you all to truly see it he would have to model the stairwell for you...
Once you have climbed to the top and hung a right you've reached our dwelling unit.  One thing I will applaud this apartment for is the view that can be seen from our awesome patio.  The patio that houses two chairs I have yet to use and an old dog bed of P's that is used frequently as he is in love with sitting outside.  OH and that pesky over-sized satellite dish that doesn't work when I need it the most.. ie during midwestern storms.
Immediately in through the green dented door is possibly one of my favorite areas of the apartment.  Only because it stays clean while everything else just doesn't.. ever.  Our rustic mirror, EST date and catch alls greet you.. so dump your junk and come on in.

no it's not crooked.. and it is really frustrating that this picture makes it look that way too!!!
Directly inside the door is the living room.  AKA where I spend 89% of my awake time.  Or at least it seems.  In fact in this picture you can see that I lay with my head on the pillow under my favorite quilt.  I did y'all the favor of not even prepping this space. :)  Across from it is Rob's love child.. aka his precious TV.. which serves as a best friend for much of this deployment.  Or more specifically the DVR does.
On the other side of the couch is the office nook.  Which pretty much always looks like this.. with an out of date calendar [which I will note got changed this evening to a more appropriate date range!!], my beloved printer/scanner/miracle-worker, bills, cards, school work, pictures and my desktop.  Which is actually in an ordered mess.  And I'm not just saying that either!!!
At the very back of the living room is the kitchen.. separated by only a bar.. this is by far the messiest place, always.  Thus the only picture you get is of my favorite part of it.. the fridge.  It houses our alcohol collection on top, food, more alcohol on the inside, magnets Rob collects and pictures sent to me from near and far [Jenn.... play the I spy game!!].  Behind that door on the right is Piston's room [AKA what SHOULD be the laundry room.. but since we have no washer/dryer Piston gets to take over] and since he forgot to clean, you also get no picture of it either!
Now down our short little hallway we go... SO short in fact this is all it fits.  Which I love this piece as the bookshelf is from my Grandpa's house.. so not only is it sentimental, but it holds more pictures [seeing a trend here??], special momentos and some of my favorite books.  This area also happens to stay clean.  So three cheers for TWO clean spots. :)
On the left we head into the one, the only, bedroom.  As of right now our dressers are pushed together to create one long display space.  More pictures. :) Music, our vows, a bible, Rob's cowboy hat, my fedora for this summer and some special quotes.  This is by far my favorite wall of stuff.  And unfortunately the only picture of the bedroom as I forgot to make the bed!!
I suppose this counts as a bedroom picture... this would be the closet door.  And home to part of my purse collection.  Ain't it pretty?  I couldn't think of a better way to display things in our room then to hang my precious collection.  That's right y'all.. I've been holding out.. I am a purse FREAK.
Behind the door is the gem of this apartment.  THE WALK IN CLOSET.  Which holds ALL of my clothes, shoes, jewelry, decorations and some of Rob's clothes too even!! I think I'd have a hard time functioning without a walk in closet.  And I am not even kidding.

So there ya have it y'all.  I didn't picture the linen closet, pantry, "garage" [AKA outdoor closet] or bathroom.  But I think you should survive.  Oh and fun fact in 6 of the 12 pictures there is a cross.  Ain't that something special?  [the 6th one.. if you actually went back to count.. is the cross necklaces I know are hanging with my jewelry in the last picture]

Now you can feel right at home when you stop by and read my blog.  :)


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  1. I love your home! Especially the purse hanger ;) It looks like it could be in my house... Thanks for linking up!

  2. I loved getting a glimpse of your beautiful home! Your dog is so adorable! and my dog does the same, sitting on the patio ALL THE TIME!!

  3. I used to do 3 flights of horrible stairs - and currently I do 2.

    I know how you feel it is just so much steps!

    Very cute dog!

  4. Cute! I remember horrible stairs when I was in college, I think I lived on the 4th floor and hated climbing those steps. Oh my goodness!!!! I am a purse freak too!!!! I actually love bags and purses, and I always have. My mother use to call me the bag lady. If I couldn't find something, I was always told to check my bags. :) Cute apartment :)

  5. lol ok i love the fact that your desk looks like my desk table/stationery drawer!!! and i like seeing the crosses..we are just warding off the evil spirits hahah. Thank you for your very thoughtful home tour! and i recognize some of your books! Cute hallway too :)

  6. We DO have the same couch! Super comfy, huh? AND stylish, obvs. :) I love your bookcase- family photos and books and knick-knacks are my favorite to look at. :)

  7. thanks for the to see!!
    and pls thank your husband (and you too!) for his service....we pray for our military hero very single night.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  8. I love that totquoise purse!

  9. Thanks for the peek inside your apartment! We just did a peep link up over on my blog today and we looked inside everyone's refrigerators!
    x Jes,