Insta Tuesday Update!

I know I've been relatively missing from the blogosphere when it comes to everyone else's blogs and comments and such.  For that, I apologize.  I saw on Twitter though that the lovely Jane at Taingamala is doing a link up today and I thought what a PERFECT opportunity to share what the heck is going on in our new neck of the woods.. so with out further ado, I bring you Insta Tuesday.

A couple of weekends ago we made the two hour drive over to Atlanta.  Man oh man.. I am not kidding you.  Downtown ATL is gorgeous.  Hands down the prettiest downtown I think I've ever seen.  We went to the World of Coca Cola and a gun show and then drove back home.. I can't wait until my parents get here later this month to explore even more.
All of our goods have arrived.. my stuff from Kansas, Rob's stuff from Kuwait and of course the stuff that made the trip with us.  So now I have the daunting task of unpacking it all.. boo.. not a fan.  My motivation to do just that has been absolutely lacking.. which sucks.  And considering they destroyed my desk.. a major piece of furniture, I have no way to set up the office.. which only adds to the suck factor of unpacking.
This past Saturday I went and got my second tattoo.  It was my Grandmother's birthday.  In her honor I got "love always" in her handwriting on my wrist.  I love this tattoo.. it means so much to me.  And it's right there every single time I look down.
I've also spent a lot of time with these two.  Although Piston has pretty much permanently attached himself to his Daddy again, which kind of sucks for me.. at least he is home.  :) 
Finally I've been missing home.  Someone I know from back home posted this on Instagram (@ caramfpoe) and it reminded me of why I love my hometown so freaking much... and who can blame me??

Find me over @ agregory08 !!!!

On my to do list is to catch up with blogs and e-mails.. so if you get some whack out there delayed response to an e-mail, sorry ahead of time!!


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  1. Atlanta is gorgeous! I think it would be such a fun city to explore. Ahh I am so frustrated for you and the desk! Are the movers going to pay for it at least? A desk is a pretty important thing to have. I hate not having a desk. Well, I have one, it's just 3,000 miles away. haha Your tattoo is so sweet. My dogs are the same way! They are all about me, and the second Daniel walks in, it's Jane who. haha I've been pretty homesick lately too. I hope it passes for both of us. Thanks for linking up!! And yay for you coming back to blogging. I've missed you!

  2. New follower, I found you through the link-up! I love your tattoo!

  3. I seriously love your tattoo. I am going home to my Dads house tomorrow and I am going to look for something handwritten from my Mom. I might copy you. I am seriously in love.

  4. Atlanta is an awesome town! I love your tattoo!!!!! Glad you are spending lots of time with your two favorite guys :)

  5. I thought it read "lone always."