What I am loving..

In light of some recent things I've watched go down on my Facebook news feed.. I want to take a moment and be thankful for all that I have and all that I love.  For those of you on my FB going through life changes.. keep your chin up.. life may not be ideal now, but at some point it will get better.

So here goes... What I am loving, right here, right now.

E-mails from blogger friends.  You truly are my friends, even if I can't come over and drink wine and complain chat.  And if we are ever blessed with the opportunity to not be separated by a bajillion miles.. I will do a serious happy dance.

Sleeping puppies.  Oh boyyy am I thankful for this.  Overwhelmed with puppy hood is DEFINITELY an understatement.  So when they sleep I party sleep.  Or if I am really lucky I am able to get them back to sleep after 7:30 in the morning and we are all three able to sleep till like 10.

Piston using his brother as his pillow.

Big (clean) houses.

Packages from parents.  Especially when they include dog toys that keep them entertained for hours! Long lost mail.  Presents and loveeeeeeeee.  It was like Christmas day on a Wednesday in September!  Which of course reminded me oh how lucky I am to have two parents who love me TOGETHER.

Clothing.. on sale.  Besides jeans I couldn't even tell you the last time I bought anything over $15.  Take this dress from last week.. $6 at DOLLAR TREE.  I ain't ashamed y'all.

Winning a giveaway for the first time.  Granted there were 100 winners.  I STILL won $40 to this awesome online jewelry store.  You best believe I'm doing some guilt free online shopping!

Organization.  Slowly but surely I am making my way from room to room.. the kitchen and breakfast nook were completed before my parents got here.. and the dining room is empty.  Now I can add the spare bedroom and office to those rooms as being ORGANIZED.  Let me tell you about the closets.. to die for.  One is an organized purse store and the other is a craft/office supply dream. 
It is possible I have a problem.

Fallllllllll. I'm obsessed.  While I can do with some cooler temps.. there is fall in the stores and fall in my house.  I haven't quite decorated yet.. but you best be believing that the pumpkin scent has been added to the Scentsy.

To do list checkmarks.  I can't even describe the feeling of being accomplished.  Nothing compares.

But most of all..
My man.  Who cleaned the house while I was at the grocery store this afternoon.  Who cooks meals for me every night, because I am spoiled.  Who provides for me.  Who dreams big and chases his dreams.  Who loves me for me and not someone I could be or might have been.  That is the BEST.


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  1. I love the purse store closet.

  2. LOVE! Thank you! I needed something positive today. I love your purse closet, I wish I had one and you are very blessed with an amazing man! P.S. I love check marks on my to do lists :) It's a great feeling!

  3. I would never guess you paid $6 for that dress. Nice score!

  4. Your dollar tree sells CLOTHES? I would be all over that! ;)

  5. lol!! girl, no shame in a dollar tree dress..i had one from walgreens before lol..and OMG soooo glad i know you (someone!) who won that jewlery giveaway! :)

  6. Love that picture of y'all!! You look great- so HAPPY! :D