Holiday Card Exchange!

In three days it is Halloween.  In four days, it is November... and what does that mean?  The holidays have begun.  In my opinion at least.  I'm not the one that cranks up Christmas music and gets out the decorations... I am the one that starts planning her holiday cards to send to family and friends.  Yes people, I am still someone who enjoys sending out holidays cards to tons of people... because I know the thought of them means something.

And this year... this year I'd love to send cards to my blog friends too!

So here is the plan... you send me your name and address by November 15th.  I will put a list together of all the names and then distribute it via e-mail by November 20th.  Then you have a whole month to send a holiday card to everyone on the list.  Simple as that.. and before you know it your mailbox will be stuffed with fun little cards from people all across the nation (and world?).

Are you interested?!
Shoot me an e-mail at and I will add you to the list.
(Although I purchased my domain and have a new e-mail through it... I will still use the hotmail e-mail for this exchange!)
Then be on the lookout later this month for your address list!
Somewhere Over the Camo

Oh and feel free to add this button to your blog and tell your friends all about it!

Unfortunately, this exchange is only open to bloggers.


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  1. Great idea, Amanda! If I had a blog, I would send in my info for your list!!

  2. Great idea, Amanda!! :) I left you an award on my blog.

  3. Such a neat idea!! If we had the extra funds I'd be all over it! :)

  4. AWesome idea! Shootin' you an email now

  5. omgosh love this -- found ya via destiny @ rockin' mama & will be sending you an email and posting on my blog as well.


  6. Totally just emailed ya my address. Thanks Rockin Mama for pointing me here. :)

  7. Aw poop - I missed this! Awesome idea...I hope it goes more smoothly than the penpal exchange I *attempted* ;-P