And then I took a decorating/self-promoting break.

I know it's been like forever and a day since I introduced you to a new room in our lovely house... but I'm kind of being lazy about cleaning... and taking pictures... and creating blog posts... and all that jazz.  However today I am motivated!  I guess lunch with a fellow blogger will do that to you, huh?

So come back Thursday for another house post.  Until then an update is in order.

I just looked.. and I haven't posted a life update in over a month. My bad.

In the last month we...

Bought a boat.
A gorgeous 18 foot bass boat.  It is exciting to say that at 22 we own 2 cars and a boat, completely.. and yes, I am bragging about that.

Planned for the future regarding Rob's military career.
At this point we are weighing a couple of different opportunities to see which best fits with Rob's career goals.  So I can't say a whole lot, but it is soooo good to have those options.

Cleaned up way too many sticks.
From my house no less.  My darling puppy is polar opposite from his older brother.  He LOVES spending time outside.. and sneaking sticks in.  And chewing them up.  And leaving stick shreds all over the just vacuumed (cause that's prime stick eating time!) carpet.

Got Klutchie officially cleared of worms.
The vet gave him the all clear!  Not only that but at 28 pounds.. he's growing and healthy.  What more could you ask when you "adopt" a dog out of the Walmart parking lot?

Haven't turned the heat on.
The lowest its been inside so far is 64.  But the sun is a shining still.. the blinds can be opened.. and it warms up by the time evening comes around.  Take that Kansas!

Started decorating the master bedroom.
Yes.. we've lived here for going on 4 months and I am just now starting to decorate our bedroom.  I was hoping to replace our dressers before I decorated, but I hate waiting.. so it has begun!

Created a new sleeping habit.
Or Piston did at least.. he now HAS to touch his daddy... at all times.  Or no bueno my friends.

Met a blogger friend.
Today! I met up with Eliza from Case Study for a lunch date.  I. Am. So. Excited.  Not only is Eliza my age!!! She also lives in Augusta!!! She's married!!! And my husband can hang out with her husband!!! Win, win, win, win. :) This is promising you all.

Discovered my wisdom teeth situation is not ideal.
Long story short.. I need all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed.. they are inverted and my parents paid way too much on braces for me to leave these suckers in to mess everything all up.  The surgeon rates my situation as 8 out of 10 in seriousness cause I have a tooth intersecting with a nerve and another with a sinus.  Awesome.  To top it all off... Tricare will only pay half of the total... boo!

Made plans for Thanksgiving.
We are going to be Florida bound! :) I've never been.. so I'm pumped.  4 days away from doggywogs, makes this just way to exciting to bear!  Plus we get to be with family for the holidays.. so another score!

Got excited for Christmas.
Our first Christmas together since we've been married!  (First one I went home (R couldn't get leave!) and second one he was deployed.) We have a menu figured out.  Know when we are decorating.  Have budgets set aside.  I have Christmas lists started for presents and cards.  Bring it!

We've got a new hobby around these parts y'all.  Fishing.  Rob's out on the local lake every weekend scaring up monsters from the bottom of the lake.  (If of course you think bass fish are monsters, then this sentence is completely true.)

Started another session of school.
Four sessions left after this one. Not that I am counting down or anything!

Reminder: Only two more days to sign up for the Holiday Card Exchange!  I have 13 wonderful people signed up.. have you?

Happy middle November followers!


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  1. You have a lot going on! Congrats on your boat purchase!! :)

  2. You've been busy! So happy about your Christmas plans! :)

  3. You guys have been busy! So glad to hear things are going so good for you two! That is awesome!!!!
    Boo to you being in Florida while I'm gone, but that just means you will have to come back and visit again.
    I hope you guys have a great trip and I hope you enjoy spending your first Christmas as a married couple together!!!!!

  4. I am so jealous you guys have a boat! I want one!!

  5. You are definitely busy! Nice boat!

  6. Ooh the boat looks awesome! Glad you're getting some fishing in. And I love that Rob has a special shirt for the occasion.

    And YAY for meeting Eliza!! I'm kinda jealous. I stalk both of you via IG and blogs, and I just wanna hang too! Where did you eat? I'm imagining Panera or something similar. She always posts pictures of yummy food and for some reason Panera sounds so good to me lately.

    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving in FL!

  7. So fun that you got a boat and that you met Eliza! We tried to meet up last summer when she was still in VA and I was there visiting, but it didnt work out. What a small bloggy world we live in ;)