Our First Christmas. TOGETHER.

Matthew 1:21-
"She will bear a son, 
and you shall call his name Jesus,
 for he will save his people from their sins."

Rob and I have been married for almost 3 years.. but this year was the first year we got to spend the whole holiday season together.  Our first Christmas I was in Kansas while Rob was in Maryland.  Last Christmas Rob was deployed.  So this was our year...

And it was great.

My husband is seriously the most handsome man ever.. especially when he gets all suited up for Christmas Eve mass.  After mass we opened presents.  (Because the day was for celebrating the birth of Jesus I have decided I won't be posting anywhere on the web about our gifts that we exchanged.)
The boys loved it.  And Piston found his way into the Christmas wrapping paper just like last year.
Then we snuggled up in bed and woke on Christmas day with child like excitement (or at least Rob did.. I'm still not a morning person, Christmas day or not.)!  Rob cooked.. and we ate.  And we raved about how marvelous the meal was.  We watched movies and spent the whole day together, as a family.
Ham, green bean casserole, potatoes and Texas Roadhouse imitation rolls and butter.
And then.. just like that today rolled around.  The trash found its way to the curb... the leftovers will be heated... Rob pulled on his ACUs for another half day and it goes on...

It was a very...
great birthday celebration for Jesus..
and a merry Christmas to share with my loved ones!


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  1. Hurray!! For spending Christmas together! It's too bad that you had to wait so long for it, but that must have made it all the sweeter when it finally arrived!

  2. How fun to spend this special time with your special man! I am stopping by from the Wednesday Walkabout and am now following. I would love for you to stop by my blog and follow along.

  3. So glad you got to spend Christmas together! :) Looks wonderful.

  4. Yea for getting to spend the entire holiday together!!! I'm glad you guys had a great day!!!!

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you guys finally got to spend the holiday together! :)

  6. So glad you two were together! Family and loved ones is the best gift of all! :)

  7. Hooray! That is SO exciting!

    I grew up an Army brat ... My husband is an Army veteran, and is now a driller on an oil rig. I know somethin' about not being with your loved ones for the holidays. Unfortunately, this year was the 4th year in a row that Tim had to be away over Christmas, but it is so fun to see someone who knows what that's like get to be with her hubby for that special day.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. I'm so glad you had a nice Christmas! I'm always glad when my husband is home for holidays as well.

  9. Just out of curiosity... where did you go to mass? Downtown?

    And the thought (and sight) of Texas Roadhouse rolls kinda just made me drool...