The most wonderful time of the year...

So maybe things have been a bit heavy around here.  I hate that.  I don't want my blog to be me complaining about not having friends, talking about tragedies or focusing on the real me. ;) I mean who does?  Haha.  Just kidding... those are all important things.


It's Christmas time.. I want to talk about Christmas!

My finals are done.  The Christmas cards are mailed off.  Cards have filled my box almost all month.  Presents are starting to get wrapped and placed beneath the tree.  Shopping is done.  It snowed rained and it's cold [ish].  Holiday half days have started for Rob.  And just five days from now we will cook the feast, sing the songs, praise His birth and celebrate Christmas TOGETHER.

So in light of the holiday... some fun questions from Jane at Taingamala... aka the girl who is so much like me it freaks me out.  [[Today she posted about not being perfect.. so you should definitely check that business out!]]

When do you start decorating for Christmas?
Nine times out of ten.. when I have energy/motivation/feel like it.  Haha.  Rob and I are trying to start a new tradition of doing it the weekend after Thanksgiving.  This year we did it the weekend after the weekend after Thanksgiving.  If that makes any sense?

The fireplace.. back door and Klutch. :D
Please ignore the horrible picture quality.

Christmas attire, casual or dressy?
Dressy.  Especially for Christmas Eve mass.

Best gift you ever received?
Every year there are tons of gifts that each have their own special meaning and importance behind them.  I love all of the ornaments my Mom selects and gifts every year.  Back in 2008 just 5 days before Christmas I got a pretty good Christmas present.. my husband asked me to be his woman. :)

Worst gift you ever received?
I can't say there has been one.  Like I said before each present has its own meaning and purpose.

Snow, love or hate?
Love.  During the holidays at least.  Rob and I were just talking about it the other day.. snow was falling during a football game we were watching on TV.  It is just so strange to have the holidays without chilly temps or snow/ice.

Favorite Christmas song? Least favorite?
I love all of the church Christmas songs.  All of the old caroling songs.  My least favorite would be the Christmas Shoes song.  I love the song and the purpose behind it.. but it ALWAYS makes me cry.

Best Christmas movie? Worst?
Elf hands down.  Otherwise not a huge Christmas movie fan.

Christmas tree, real or fake?
Real real real.  Never had a fake my whole life and never will.  Actually I take that back, last year I had a fake tree.  My grandpa's old little 4 foot tall tree.  Which was perfect for our third floor apartment and lack of husband because of deployment.

Our 8 foot beauty this year.. Please ignore the awful dining room light that hangs in the way...

Do you have a favorite ornament?
Many.  My new favorites are becoming the yearly ones I get personalized for our little family every year.

Family traditions?
Pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve mass, dinner and then presents.  Christmas morning parade watching and stocking/Santa present opening.

The easiest and hardest people to buy gifts for?
Easiest.. my parents and sister.  I can usually pick something out for them I know they will love and appreciate.  Hardest is hands down my husband.  When he wants something he usually gets it.  He doesn't build a Christmas list throughout the year... and he definitely doesn't sit around and wait on certain presents until Christmas day.

Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas?
Christmas Eve!

Clear or colored lights?
Clear.  We have clear on our tree and the ones we have for outside are the blue white lights.  Although I am not entirely sure that those lights will get put up this year..

Travel or stay home?
Stay home.  Starting a new tradition this year and carrying it on.  I will no longer be traveling back to Kansas for the actual Christmas day unless by chance Rob can come with me.  I love to travel during the holidays, like Thanksgiving but want to spend Christmas with my husband.

Themed or homey decorations?
Homey.  Ones that mean something.  Like someone gave me this this and this.  Or we made this.  Or I picked this up at a flea market and made it our own.  Not that there is anything wrong with themed!

If you signed up for the Holiday Card Exchange... your cards should have been mailed today at the latest!!!  I know I still haven't received a few...


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  1. Love your answers!! Elf is such a good movie! So funny. I totally agree church Christmas music is the best. Midnight mass on Christmas is my absolute favorite service. And, I'm with you on the homey decorations. I love when they have meaning behind them.

  2. It was fun reading those! I LOVE christmas and all of the traditions that go along with it. :) I sent my cards out :)

  3. Elf is the only Christmas movie I like too!

  4. loveee these questions and this post!!!