My brain houses these random thoughts.

I've had these random thoughts floating around in my head for awhile now.  They aren't capable of just one post for each thought.. but together.. they will make a wonderful piece of literature for you to devour.

--My husband is the best hair brusher ever.  Favorite thing ever is other people doing my hair. 
--I Hate, yes with a capital H, home owner's associations.  I mean really?  Our neighbor can park his truck on the curb all of the time but we can't park our truck on the curb with the boat hooked up to it on the weekends?  Thanks for complaining whoever... you just confirmed how much we want our own land, out of town, away from rules, where we can do as we want.  When we want. SO HA.
--I heart this quote.. I can't for the life of me remember where I found it though.  So if you wrote it, then thanks for this inspiration: "I only knew that even hard times with him were better than an "easy" life with someone else".  Military spouse motto anyone?
--Faith Hill's new song also reminds me of being a military spouse... American Heart.
--I love America so much it sometimes hurts.
--I say that quite often.
--My bias towards my friends children is outstanding to even me sometimes.  Those ladies have created some of the cutest girls ever.  Plus it makes my heart melt that Rob loves shopping for them.
--The dogs are messier than I ever imagined dogs could be.  We are talking mud, sticks in the house, toys outside, toys inside, everywhere... just mess.
--Internet drama and whining makes me =[.
--I can't wait for March.  Like for real.
--I've become addicted to Pinterest again.  I mean hello.. there is so much random crap ideas out there!  It's just unreal some of the things I see on there.
--It is baloney that my husband put his reel on my fishing pole. IT'S MINE.  Even if I don't use it that often.
--I dislike JavaScript.. what fun for me.. Interactive Scripting is one of my classes this session.
--Early Summer warm days coolish night temps are my favorite.  Lucky us, Georgia has been playing nice!
--I'm still optimistic about 2013... even though so far it's been nothing special.
--I never grow tired of listening to country music. Ever.
--I've been eating smaller portions since the New Year started and I'm down 1.5 pounds.  Now imagine if I got up and started working out/moving more... I'd be golden.
--Klutch thinks that me vacuuming the living room is an invitation for him to chew sticks on the floor. He's wrong.
--And Piston.. he thinks that pillows are for him.  Not humans.
--I love, love, love my little family.  I don't know where I would be without them.


Happy Sunday.. cheers to a new week!


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  1. "I only knew that even hard times with him were better than an "easy" life with someone else" I just love it! So true!

  2. I can't believe someone complained our your truck and boat! That was our 1 major requirement when we bought our home, absolutely no HOA.

  3. People suck!! I hate that! But I'm eating lighter meals too and stopped drinking soda and snacking all day and I'm down 5 pounds! It's amazing what simple things you can do to make things better.

  4. I love that quote! And I also love when you pin things on Pinterest. I think I've told you before that you're one of my absolute favorite people to follow on there because you pin the best stuff. So take all of my repins as flattery and not copycattyness. (Oh that word just happened yes ma'am.)

  5. Love that quote! And I too hate internet drama. I'm so thankful that most neighborhoods up here don't have HOA. I don't know what I would do if people complained about the way I did things...I'd probably get really upset lol.

  6. Nice list.

    Internet drama drives me insane too.

  7. Have you ever seen the movie "Over the Hedge"? It's cute, and the HOA in it is pretty much exactly why everyone hates them.
    Also, yay for hairbrushing! :D

  8. your husband and my husband need to have a chat. then maybe yours can teach mine how to brush my hair! haha
    and pinterest is sooo addicting. not so good when you have exams and other priorities in general haha

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