What would you do?

I generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt.  But after this afternoon... I am not sure what kind of society I am living in where it is okay to ignore certain situations.

Less than an hour ago Rob and I went and grabbed a late lunch at Moe's.  As we are eating our food we notice this girl walk back and forth in front of the window about 3 times.  All at once a table of older teenagers hopped up and ran towards the door.  As did my husband.  I turned around in time to see what appeared to be a fight.  About a minute later my husband came back in and had his phone out to call the police.  He witnessed a man holding a woman by her wrists (the same woman that was walking back and forth).  Told the man to let go of the woman.  She walked away, came back and hit the guy on the head.  Essentially it was a dispute of some kind.

Rob called the police.  Told them what he saw and then we carried on with our meal.

What dumbfounded both him and me... was that nobody was going to step in and stop the dispute.  Obviously there is no telling what actually happened (one of the Moe's employees stated he saw the woman start the fight by throwing a cup of water on the guy) and I'm not going to speculate on who was or wasn't at fault.  But a crowd of teenage boys rushed to the window... to watch.  The Moe's employee was out there doing something... but just watched.  It was my husband that stepped in and told the guy to let go of the woman.  My husband that called the police.  My husband was the only person to step in and break the fight up.

Since when are we a society where we just sit back and watch stuff like that go down and don't step in to help?  Since when is it okay to just be a bystander when you see a domestic dispute like that?

Do we wait until it gets worse and someone is seriously hurt?  Do we wait until help is asked for?  Even then do we do anything?

Come on people.. I'd like to think better, of everyone.

(On another note.. it took the police 20 minutes to respond to the mall of all places... thank goodness it didn't escalate any more.  Something wrong with that picture!)


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  1. Wow that is nuts. I know as a woman, who would get their butt kicked in a fight I might not physically step in. But, I sure as heck wouldn't be standing around watching not doing anything! In fact I think that is egging it on because now it's in front of an audience. I would definitely be calling the police! How can people think that is cool to sit back and watch?! What is wrong with people?!

  2. That is crazy, but good for your husband to step in! That's how you know you got a good one. :) I'm absolutely amazed/appalled by society almost daily and sometimes would prefer to just stay holed up in my little home to not have to deal with it!

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now, but just started my own. I'm a fellow Army wife and looking forward to meeting more bloggers! :) Feel free to stop by if you have some time, http://elizabethjonathan.blogspot.com/


  3. I'm glad that your husband stepped in - so many people nowadays just let crap like that happen. I can't believe that the employee didn't do anything though, that's kind of appalling.

  4. Wow! That is crazy! I'm so glad that your husband stepped in and stopped what was happening. It saddens me to see how society is. :/

  5. It's sad how society is now days, how easily people turn a blind eye or don't do anything. Imagine if that woman was seriously hurt or injured! So glad your husband stepped in!

  6. I don't think it's a "these days". I think we as a society have always had a measure of sitting back and watching, not risking personal harm, etc. It's a heroic thing to jump in and help another, whose dispute is not your own, so kudos to your man!

  7. i just started following you feel free to check mine out, great blog can't wait to read some more

  8. I remember reading something that said if you are ever in trouble, look at someone in the crowd in the eye and ask for help, some psychology of people always expect someone else to step in. I am glad your husband was that guy though~!

  9. Most people not only LET that crap happen, they grab their cell phones to take video and pictures instead of intervening. :( Kuddos to your husband for having the integrity and strength to step up and do the right thing.

  10. Props to your husband for trying to step in and help. It is very concerning to think that people would just stand and watch, especially as a WOMAN was being assaulted. I was in a situation not long ago at the post office where a man was very clearly and loudly verbally abusing his wife/girlfriend/friend and NO ONE said anything to him, and there were several adult men standing around observing this happen. I looked at the girl and mouthed "Are you okay?" to her and the guy immediately became verbally aggressive towards me, so I walked away from the situation for my own safety. I was so sad for her and so disappointed in the "men" that just acted like nothing was wrong with what was happening. And maybe I'm wrong for assuming a man should handle another man's bad behavior, but I'm old-fashioned. And I would expect my husband to speak up had he been there.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment, but I feel your frustration! Society makes me sad sometimes.
    I'm a new follower and a new blogger, looking forward to reading more from you!