Life just gets away.

I keep on telling myself... what about Somewhere Over the Camo?  All my friends and loyal readers who have been around since I started this adventure 3 years ago?  Why don't you update them on life as a whole??

And my answer to myself... because Amanda, time is so precious.  So little.  So valuable.  And right now there are a whole lot of things that beat out blogging... unfortunately.

I started working one day before Rob's grandparents rolled [literally, as they bought their travel trailer!] into town.  So between working and spending as much valuable time with them, I'm dead tired.  I am so thankful they are here... even though their 2 week stay is wrapping up this weekend.

We've been busy learning new games, BBQ'ing, going to the lake, going to festivals down town, checking out the bingo palace on post... and eating.  Lord can my grammy cook.  More than anything we've been making those memories we will cherish long after that trailer has rolled back out headed North to more family.

It's times like these I appreciate having family here... near us.  I've said it a thousand times before, it is hard being military and away from family.  It never gets easier.  So when we get that time, as short or as long as it may be, we drop everything and spend every moment of our free time cherishing life, together.

So I hope you understand the vacancy right here on this lovely blog.  I can't promise that once they leave I will jump back into blogging more than once a week... but I do promise I will try.  I'm adjusting to this whole being a working woman stuff again... and like I said.  I'm dead tired.

But happy June!!! And I hope you'll stick around... even if it's kind of quiet around these parts.
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  1. So happy to see you posting! :) Hugs!

  2. Oh my dear girl, NO apology needed!! Enjoy your time. :)

  3. So glad you are spending such fun quality time with family! Enjoy! :)

  4. It sounds like such a great time with family! :)

  5. Hope you are having a great time with your family! We all need a bloggy vacay! Can't wait to see your next posts.

  6. oh girl, no need to apologize! we love you! :) visiting w/family and bingo and games and eating all sounds like fun to me!