Looks like we made it...

First trimester... done and done.

Thank the sweet Lord above.

Because if being pregnant meant nine months of THAT.  We'd be one and done.  I promise you that.

Within the last week or two I've started feeling normal.  Even almost not pregnant.  Minus the swollen ankles and firm belly of course.  I'm not AS tired and I feel a bit more normal... knock on wood.

This here blog has been silent though because I've been on a two week vacation to Kansas.  One of my favorite places in the world... (the others... the lake, my Grandparents farm and with my little family in Georgia).  Which has been two weeks of busy.  It started with my cousins bachelorette party.  Then went into lake time.  Then became a wedding frenzy as my cousin got married.  This last day today has just flown by and tomorrow bright and early I board a few planes, travel in a bus and arrive back right where these last two weeks started... home.

I'm ready.  It is funny how getting older changes how you feel about home.  I'll always have two homes.  The one with my parents... and then the one with my husband and boys.  Our little gang.  I miss that second one when I am at the first and vice versa.  I guess that is life... always changing.

Of course once I get home things don't calm down in the least little bit.  However we do have an appointment scheduled to find out what we are having... so... YOU tell ME.

Over there on the left I added a poll.. and I'd love for your input.  Girl. Or boy.  Maybe next week I will be back with what we found out.  Or as my husband puts it... confirms.  ;)

Also, please know... every last one of those sweet congratulatory comments made. my. day.  I feel the love from you all.  Even when I've been so vacant recently.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Until next time my friends...

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  1. Finding out the sex of the baby was almost as much fun as finding out I was pregnant in the first place. It definitely made it more real!

  2. I never wanted another child after my labor and delivery experience with my first...but here we are 4 years later...having another one! It'll all be worth it!

  3. I missed the announcement, congrats!!

  4. Yay! Welcome to the 2nd trimester. :)

  5. Ah the first trimester always kicked my butt, second is when you feel the best before the nesting and hugeness comes with the third :) still super exciting! Sounds like you had a great trip!!!!!!

  6. Yep, the rest of pregnancy is easycakes. ;)
    Boy or girl, I wish your child healthy and happy, and an easy delivery for you both!

  7. I liked the experience of being pregnant, but my pregnancies were miserable. Here's to an easier rest of the journey to you!