2013... some goals in review.

Last year I posted a few goals I had for the year.. a short and simple list.. so let's examine how that list went over, shall we?

1. Finish the Couch to 5k and become more physically active.
...This didn't happen.  Basically it was cold.  Then when it started getting nice, I found out I was pregnant and dead tired ALL of the time.  So then I just worked on being pregnant and not working out.  Excuses, excuses... I know.

2. Land a job.
...Well I HAD not one, but two jobs.  I found a call center type job.  Which was long dull hours of talking on the phone to try and get people to come in for a job interview.  I quit that job when the job I really wanted offered me a job a few weeks after they had originally filled the position.  From the end of May to the end of July I worked my butt off as a chiropractic assistant.  I thought we were jiving until I was let go because "our personalities clashed".  Or so I was told.  I am maybe slightly bitter because I didn't think there was any problems.  Since then I've found out from a co-worker she thought I wasn't enjoying the job.  Well, I was in my first trimester y'all.. which is what I think the real reason for my separation may have been.. I got pregnant.  Of course... I have no proof.

3. Graduate.
...Done and done in August.  While I will not technically walk until June 2014, I've got the diploma in my house.  And thus I am a college graduate, take two. :)

4. Practice patience, laugh a little more and make it through alive and well.
...I practiced... I laughed... and I'm still here alive and kicking.  So I guess you could say check, check and check to that one.

Three for four... not too bad!

I can't believe it is already almost 2014.. a year that will certainly consist of many changes in our house hold.  It's nuts really... this year flew.

Stay tuned for my 2014 goals!

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