I had no problems this morning when my husband woke me up bright and early on day one of his four day for Martin Luther King Jr Day.  I knew his nervous energy would not keep him in bed super long... if at all once he was awake.

Today was day zero of his second countdown (the first being baby due date)... warrant officer board results would come out at some point today.  Some point being the key words.

We planned a few errands to keep his mind off of it.  He'd already checked almost 100 times in the few hours he'd been awake.  So I hurried up to get us out of the house.

I was standing in the kitchen fixing up some breakfast before we walked out the door.  When I heard this faint whisper behind me..

"It's out."

Followed by a pause.

His name was on the list.

My husband will be a warrant officer at some point this year.

Now we exhale and spend the rest of the day caught between excitement for the future and bragging about how awesome my husband is.

Thanks for the prayers y'all..

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