The Waiting Game.


I've got nothing to do but wait.
I guess that is all there is to do at the end of your pregnancy.
Wait for my sweet baby to make her grand arrival.

It may or may not come as a surprise to some of you followers... but I am not a patient person.  In fact I am VERY impatient.  Plus I get anxiety when things don't happen as switfly as I think they should.  Which means this whole waiting on a baby game... is not fun.

Rob's over it.  My emotions are like a roller coaster ride.  Usually he gets the butt end of the stick.  I mean he thought the last 8 months were kind of rough (since we found out in May) so this anxiety ridden impatient wait is basically the worst.

I've cleaned.
I've folded.
I've checked off the to do list.
I've shopped.
I've walked.
I've slept, well kind of.

And now... I just wait.

For those curious... I've had some pretty good cramping, but few actual contractions.  As for the rest of the process... there is little to no progress.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I still technically have over two weeks.  But 1 cm is nowhere near what I was hoping to hear this morning!

Pray I can find the patience needed to make it until this baby makes her debut.  Pray.Hard.

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  1. That's exactly how my daughter was 2 weeks ago. Finally they induced her and her wait was over. Good luck!!!

  2. The longer she cooks, the stronger she'll be!

  3. You can do the waiting game! When my due date came and went I was so grumpy/angry/depressed but the next day I let it go and she came a few days after that. It's hard when all you have to do is wait. Good luck! This will be amazing!

  4. You can do this! Not much longer and you will have a beautiful baby in your arms and all the impatience and waiting will no longer matter. So excited and happy for you.

  5. I hope she makes her appearance soon!

  6. I know very little in the pregnancy and baby department, but I will pray that you will have patients and she makes her appearance safely and soon!

  7. The last few weeks/days are the absolute longest!!!!

  8. Sam came about a week after his due date. I was CONVINCED, through no signs or doctor's predictions, that Molly would be born at 37 weeks. I was so on board with this idea that I started making fudge (for the doctors and nurses that would be attending my delivery) at 37 WEEKS. Naturally she came late. I know it's tough to wait and not know (especially when everyone is saying 37 weeks is full term and acting like that's the date you're supposed to deliver), but maybe you can make a little bucket list of things you won't be able to do after baby's here? (My go-to solution for everything = DISTRACTIONS!) Things like, see a late night movie, go to a fancy restaurant, sleep in past 6, read a book- you know, childless things. :) Just a thought. Hope the waiting gets a bit easier!

  9. Don't be discouraged! 1 cm can turn into 5 cm very very quickly :) And then you will be meeting your sweet baby girl! Can't wait to read about it :)

  10. Praying for you! I'm sure you're sick of hearing that babies come in their own time, but they do. :) Get sleep now while you can, 'cause once she's here sleep will be just a memory :) Praying for you to find your patience soon!!! :)

  11. P.S. I can always send you one of mine if you want a distraction for a week or two ;) jk

  12. I remember that feeling all too well when I was pregnant. It's hard to wait and be patient!