Dirty Diapers, Warrant Officer School and Surprise Family Visits

So now that my life primarily consists of little bit's schedule.. to include-dirty diapers, breastfeeding, sleeping, fussing, calming and cuddling.. life has slowed down just a tiny bit.

Randomness forthcoming->

Not that I'm complaining or anything... but I'm STILL working on mastering changing the baby.  She likes to cry and fuss like there is no tomorrow, then continue to do her business mid diaper change on the changing pad.  Someday she will hate that I put that out there.. but I've spent way too much time cleaning up dirty clothes, a dirty changing table, way too many wipes and multiple dirty diapers.  Something has got to give.

Also, how is it possible that such a little being can have such perfect timing?  The minute I get ready to do something I am needed for a feeding.  I'm finding myself sitting around waiting for her to wake up so that I can feed her and then tackle my to do list after she's done.  Like now.  Pretty sure I was warned about this.

We got dates for Rob's warrant officer schooling.  All I can say is someone up above is listening.  Rob doesn't leave for his 5 week schooling at Fort Rucker until August.  Which gives me plenty of time to adjust to baby girl and being a mommy.  Also super convenient because we get to go home for my sister's college graduation in May and Rob will be here for me to walk for my graduation in Atlanta in June.  Three cheers for all that winning-ness.

I'm feeling oodles better.  I'm still a wee bit sore, but that is probably to be expected with an 8 pounder.  My body has bounced back pretty nicely.  Obviously I'm still overly jiggly... but I've already shed all of the weight gained during my pregnancy.  Not that I'm bragging or anything.. as there is still PLENTY to shed.

Yesterday we got a surprise phone call from my in-laws.  They have been talking about coming down here but had not gotten any dates together yet.  Well surprise!! They are on their way.  They decided to leave Missouri in the middle of a snow storm, so they will arrive at some point later today.  Good news for baby Grace as I am sure she will be held up until they leave on Sunday.  Spoiled rotten.

And with that the baby is awakening... thus I am being called.  Mom life.

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  1. Ah I remember those days :) It will get easier, I promise. The diapers will become less and you will learn how to wait and know when she is done :)
    Yea for school not being for awhile and for in-laws coming to visit!!! Hopefully they arrive safe and sound!
    Enjoy your time with them!

  2. Molly never had any accidents on us, but I remember someone telling me that before you change baby's diaper, just open it up (so air hits their privates) and then put the diaper back on. I guess the cooler air makes them wanna go.... Extra laundry is no fun! Glad more family is getting to come see y'all!

  3. Yay for warrant officer school not happening until August. I know you are relieved. :)

  4. I've been reading your blog for a while now, I love you writing style! Anyway, I know you don't know me but it gets easier :) I've got a 22 month old & an 8 month old (definitely an R&R baby ha...). You'll have more bad days in the first few months than you like & thats okay. Especially as a first time mom. Its a whole new world & you both are trying to figure stuff out. A little trick I learned pretty quickly, with my first (my son) was to wait about 10ish minutes after you see/hear them dirty their diaper. Chances are, they will continue to squirt ha. That saved me a lot of diapers/wipes/laundry. Well, like I said earlier, I know you don't know me, but I'm so happy you have your beautiful baby girl with you & in your arms! It's an incredible experience this motherhood thing :)