His 24th.

Every year I hit on how close my birthday is to my husbands.  Just three short days separate our special days.  Every year I hit on how thankful I am for my husband and all he does for me.  Every year I celebrate him and only him, for one entire day.

This year is the same, but yet so different.  This year I saw my husband in an entirely different light.  I saw him as more than a fur dad... I saw him as a dad to our baby.  I watched him experience a wide range of emotions when she was welcomed into this world.  I've watched him grow into his role as her protector and provider.  I see his face light up daily when she connects with him.  And boy does she connect.  I hear him brag about how she is his favorite (and I'm starting to believe it... girl LOVES her dad.)

This new side of my husband has made me fall so much further into love with him.  It is amazing how such a sweet little girl came in and rocked our world just enough.. in such a good way.

Happy birthday to my husband, my best friend, my baby daddy, my soulmate!  I hope today and everyday is one you treasure and enjoy.  All my love, always.

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