Two months.

I'm beginning to realize that whole "it goes by so fast" sentiment I heard so many times is quite literally the truth.  I always brushed it off while pregnant... but now I find myself saying it over, and over, and over again.  Too much in fact.  Sorry for the broken record.

TO my sweet girl: I value every single moment with you more than I ever thought possible.  I LOVE being a mom.  Thank you for changing my perspective on life.

At two months... your quirks...

.You hate shots.  Haven't heard of a baby yet that does like them.  For you I'm not sure if it was that we woke you up to get them or the shots themselves.  But I do know that I hate shots too.  Why?  Because it kills me seeing you do that no-breathing cry.

.When you are hurt you do the no-breathing cry.  Which is an awesome trait you picked up from yours truly.

.You wear a size 2 diaper.  We have decided we are Huggies fans.

.You wear size 0 to 3 month including 3 month outfits.  Your newborn clothing was all put away a few weeks ago to make room for the bigger sizes.

.You are so alert when you are awake.  The world truly fascinates you.

.You hold your own head up and like to sit up with assistance.  And recently you've started putting weight on your legs if someone holds you up.

.You smile all the time.  Especially when told you are pretty.

.You love to stare at the ceiling fan.

.You haven't started regularly napping in your crib yet.  Usually you take your afternoon slumber in your swing or sprawled across someone's chest.

.Your brother has become obsessed with you even more.  I truly think you two will be best friends.  He takes every chance possible to give you kisses and doesn't stop until someone tells him to.  He seems to think your coos are a personal call for him to lick you.

.You coo a lot.  Love to talk to us in between smiles.

.Your witching hour has for the most part gone away **knock on wood**.  You fall asleep between 11 and 2... but don't tend to scream like you used to.  You just love to cuddle before bed.  But once asleep you can go back to sleep by yourself.

This post has been sitting in draft since March 25th (her 2 monthaversary)... which just goes to prove how life has taken a new direction.  Ain't got time for nuffin.  ;)

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  1. She is such a precious little girl! :)

  2. ah, ceiling fans are the best babysitters!

  3. Babies take over yo' life! ;) I am amazed at anyone that can crank out more than 2 blog posts per week (with kids). There just aren't enough hours in the day! She is so cute though. No one can blame you for hanging out with her versus typing on the computer. :)

  4. She is adorable! Evelyn likes looking at the light coming through the blinds. I haven't tried the ceiling fan yet (because I don't like the air blowing on me), but I may have to try that soon!

  5. She's precious. And never realize how true the statement "where does the time go?" until you see your kids grow!

  6. She is precious!! They really do grow way too fast!

  7. Such a cutie!!!!! Time does fly, just wait until she gets older and it goes faster. We are huge huggies fans as well. Glad to hear the screaming has gone away and she can get herself back to sleep. That's an amazing quality for little ones to have :) Sounds like things are going good! :)