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A few months ago I saw posts around the Fort Gordon virtual community for a new spouse program being set up.  The idea?  To have the wives that have been married to the military for a significant amount of time [read close(r) to retirement...] mentor the wives who were newer to the game.

I immediately jumped at the opportunity.  I can't say I'm exactly fresh to this whole military spouse life.. I do have four years under my belt.  So I wasn't sure where I would fall in the program.  I know most of the basics [how to dress for most events, how not to act, ranks, etc.] but I've grown to learn that with the military there is ALWAYS something else to learn.

While e-mailing the ACS coordinator, I asked if by chance she knew of a Warrant Officer spouse I could be hooked up with.  I was in luck, she knew of one!  Since Rob is going away to WOCS [Warrant Officer Candidate School] later this summer, I know I have some new ropes to learn that will come with transitioning from the enlisted realm to the officer side of things.

Last Thursday the program had its first gathering where mentors and mentees got to meet and mingle with each other.

The event started with some break the ice type activities, before a few quick speeches and then the pairing up of the mentors and mentees.  I had a sneaking suspicion I knew who I was going to be paired up with when I saw who was present.  And I was right!

Courtesy the Fort Gordon ACS Facebook page
I was paired up with my mentor, Pam.  Her husband just made CW5 in December and Pam has already been a great connection and friend to have on post [while I did meet a few new wives at the event, a lot I already knew from the spouse's club I am actively involved in on post..Pam being one of them].. we got to Fort Gordon around the same time as her and her family... so when I first attended a luncheon for the spouse's club, Pam was one of the ladies I initially met.  [My favorite part about Warrant Officer wives, is they've been in the shoes of an enlisted wife, and they will be some of the first to go out of their way to help you].  She talked me into joining the board for the spouse's club.  When the day came for us to get results for the Warrant Officer selection, Pam texted me that morning saying it was a great day, and it turned out to be one [which she may or may not have already known...].  Pam was also the one that coordinated us getting a few meals from some of the club members after Grace was born.

It is safe to say, I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.

After we were matched up, brunch was served.  We mingled some more before signing the contracts to officially bind us as mentor and mentee.
Courtesy of the Fort Gordon ACS Facebook page
Finally we wrapped up the gathering with some fun group pictures.
Courtesy the Fort Gordon ACS Facebook page
Courtesy the Fort Gordon ACS Facebook page
While this program is just in the beginning stages, and we are essentially the test group...  I love this program and the potential that it has.  Think about it... if every ACS program, at every base, had a mentor/mentee program, you'd immediately have at least one connection at every base.  Such a small thing to ask for yet so needed!  And I can't speak enough about how fabulous the ACS program alone is.

If YOU are new (or not) to the military, I urge you to swing by your local ACS office and see what programs they offer.

Have you ever had a mentor (or mentee)?

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  1. You look fantastic, Amanda! I will never get over your hair color. But as for the ACS program- I think it's great! Perfect to have someone who knows the ropes help the newbies find their way. :)

  2. What a great program! I think it's especially helpful for brand new wives! When my sister move to Ft. Rucker, she was brand spanking new. I mean, zero military life at all. Her and her fiance moved to Ft. Rucker from St. Louis...straight from civilian to WOC School (after he did 6 weeks at basic that is). She had me to talk to but what my husband was going through was a little different (Navy, was enlisted, then went to the Naval Academy, then to flight school). After some time (sadly not too quickly) she met others and was able to get more comfortable in a new city, new life, etc.

  3. This is fabulous, I hope they're doing this up where we're heading next!

  4. That is awesome. What a great program.

  5. That sounds like an awesome program!

  6. Such a great idea! I wish they had it here.

  7. Wow what an amazing program!