Summer Bucket List

It is June.
It is hot.
It is humid.
It is most definitely summertime in Georgia.

It's also my first summer with Grace.  So I do believe a bucket list is in order for this summer.

Got this idea from Melanie over at Ribbons and Rotor Blades.

--Take Grace swimming.  I am really not a pool person.. but my mom got her the cutest swimsuit ever.  And we have to have an excuse to use it!

--Make Rob's first father's day a memory he will cherish for years to come.

--Have professional 6 month pictures taken of baby girl.

--Finally graduate.  I've been done with my degree since August... and next month I will finally walk (totally would have skipped this if I were not graduating with honors!).

--Go garage sale-ing.. more than once.

--Host many barbeques (Our first one of the summer was on Saturday!  Several of Rob's buddies from work came over and he smoked the most amazing ribs in his new drum smoker.).. more than once.

Not looking at me OF COURSE.. but so proud!
Notice our yard... 
Grace and Layla.
3 months apart, but my baby girl looks huge next to her!
--Attend a fireworks display over July 4th weekend.

--Cherish every moment with all the family coming to see us this summer (Rob's grandparents are in town starting this weekend until July.  His aunt, her family and his uncle will be here over the fourth.  And my parents and sister will be here in July when I graduate.).

--Whip the yard into shape.. as in pull weeds, trim bushes and tidy it all up.  We are totally THAT yard.. the one that gets a note from TruGreen every single time they are in the area.. telling us they can take care of our weeds! (see above for evidence of it's awfulness.)

--Start taking regular walks with Grace and Piston.  Maybe Rob too.

--Eat on the patio at a restaurant over in the a/c (thanks Melanie for the great idea!).

--Light up the fire pit some night... sit around it with family or friends.  Laugh, drink a beer and enjoy it.

--Finally (hopefully) scoop up some fantastic gently used patio furniture!

--Invite friends with babies over for play dates.

--Redo our master bedroom, once and for all.  Small changes need to be done.. but I'm so not motivated to do it.

--Take tons of pictures.. of EVERYTHING.

Do you have a summer bucket list?! If so, what is on your summer bucket list?!

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  1. Aw that sounds like such a good Summer bucket list! I especially like the friends over for a cook-out one!

  2. I will totally go garage-sale'ing with you!! Maybe those walks too hehe. A great idea to have a bucket list!

  3. What a great list! Mmmmmm smoked ribs?! That's my kinda bbq.

  4. I totally love the idea of a Summer Bucket List! I'm totally going to do this :) And I want to start taking regular walks/bike rides with the girls - we have the bike trailer and I have a bike now and I WANT to make buying the bike worth it lol.

  5. This is a great list!!! :) Here is to an awesome summer!

  6. Sounds like a fun-filled summer! Can't wait to see the photo shoots.

  7. Nice list! I hope you get to do it all.

  8. Sounds like the mixing for a perfect summer!

  9. Great list! Why can't grass just grow nicely and lawns stay green on their own??? ;-)

  10. Love your list!!! I cannot wait to see what the Father's Day gift is. Please tell me you'll reveal it on here after Sunday??

  11. This is a great list! Lots to do!

  12. Sounds like an awesome bucket list :)