10 reasons my heart loves July 4th.

It is no surprise that we love July 4th in this house.  But when I REALLY think about it... there are very specific reasons why I love this last holiday so darn much. (And yes I do realize it is almost two weeks later... but uhm, family left - and I am just now "recovered".. just in time for my parents and sister to get here for my graduation!)

One - Family time.  Not only did my husband get a four day, we also had family come and visit us from Maryland and Missouri.  We are super lucky (and believe me friends.. when I say I know it, I mean it) to be able to host our family, if only for a weekend.

Grace - her great Aunt - her second cousins.
The whole family.
Rob's grandma and grandpa.
Rob's Aunt, her husband and two daughters.
Rob's uncle.

Two - Red, white and blue.. everything.  Bunting, flags, clothing, hair bows, glow sticks.. you name it.

Three - Barbecues.  Our menu consisted of smoked pig, mashed potatoes, turkey, chips and dip and LOADS of desserts.  A very special shout out to my aunt through marriage for her amazing baking skills.. cookies, muffins, brownies.. Amazing.  All of it.

Four - The National Anthem.  Being sung loud and proud by Americans all across the country.

Five - Festivals.  Food, fireworks, good company, great friends.  Plus a little lot of sweat.
Hi phone quality picture... too cute to pass up.

Six - Beer.  'Nuff said.

Seven - Fireworks.  Big shows that make your heart beat with excitement (even if there is mad debris falling from the sky in the process) and small shows that make the neighbors you've never met come out and take pictures and silently creep from their driveway.  Big shows that make the baby stare in awe.  Small shows that make the baby cry in fear.
Reaction to the big fireworks show.

Eight - A full weekend of all American activities.  July 4th festivals, barbecues, games with the family by the lake and Cracker Barrel for breakfast come Sunday morning.  Because nothing says I'm an American like Cracker Barrel.

Nine - Grace's first 4th.  I've yet to find anything that can compare to celebrating your favorite holiday with your baby... in the land of the free no less.  She will always grow up knowing what freedom feels like.  Which hopefully one day she will truly understand how lucky she is to call this great nation her home.

Ten - I married a soldier.  When I married him... National Anthems, red/white/blue and the uniforms of our military took on a brand new meaning.  On days like July 4th, it is felt through every inch of my bone.  But everyday I see my husband in his uniform, serving this country... I feel pride.  Proud to be his wife.  And just as proud to call America my home.

Happy late birthday America!

P.S. Hoping to get back into a blogging routine... but this week things start back up with the spouses' club and my family is here for graduation.  So with that... we shall see.

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  1. Looks like you had a fun day.

    I love the food on the 4th of July.

  2. What a fun day! I love the picture of the 3 of you!

  3. Love the pics! You can't beat spending the holidays with family! I think that has to be one of my favorite parts of holidays, spending all of the time with family :)

  4. What a fun 4th! Love your fireworks shot and of course, all of the baby photos. She is too cute with those sunglasses!