What I wore.

Obviously I am not a fashion blogger.  I mean some days it's real luck if I even get out of the sweat pants I slept in.  Even then... I may leave the sweat pants, wear a "normal" non-fashionable outfit out, and then come home and slip back into sweats.  That's my life folks.  As a mom especially, but that's been my life for years...

When I was contacted by Eshakti to review one of their items for them.. I jumped at the opportunity.  Sure, fashion may not be my forte, but Rob was graduating from WOCS (yes.. this review has been due for awhile...) and I knew that I had an event or two that would require a dressier approach.

I found a winner in this black dress with capped sleeves...

Rob's WOCS Reception.
Christmas Eve.

Ordering was super easy.
Eshakti employees are awesome - they called to ask me some questions when they had them.
The quality is amazing.  This particular dress is fully lined and feels expensive.
It came in the mail FAST.
While the top part doesn't fit quite like I hoped, it is manageable with a tank top beneath.
It works with ANY accessories - turquoise or silver.. diamonds or pearls.

Obviously this dress has already worked for me twice since getting it in November.  It's my new favorite LBD.. and I am so looking forward to my next opportunity to take it out on the town.

Do you have a favorite LBD?
Are you a fashion person?

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  1. You look great! That dress was a perfect choice. And in that last photo, there's no way Grace is Rob's daughter. I see no resemblance, hahaha.

  2. I love it! So pretty.

  3. LOVE that dress! I do have a LBD that I love.

  4. You look so good! Love the dress!