One year.

So we have reached one.
I have a one year old.

It's crazy how FAST that went.  People always say... "it goes by so fast".. but I guess you don't realize it until you are holding your little one on their day of birth... and all of a sudden a year has gone by and you can't get them to sit still long enough for a good cuddle.

At one, Grace is...
17 pounds, 6 ounces (third!!! percentile).
29 and a half inches tall (71st percentile).
wearing a size 3 diaper.
wearing a size 9/12 month onesie, 12 month pants, 12 month sleeper.
wearing a size 3 in shoes.
sporting 7 teeth.
saying "mama" and "dada".
standing up and walking along furniture.
constantly mimicking people, especially laughs.
dancing and humming to catchy tunes.
nursing 3-4 times a day.
napping in her own bed (finally!!!).
eating anything and everything.
obsessed with her fur-brother Piston.
a complete ham.

Mommy loves the way you...
cross your ankles when you nurse.
snuggle me when you are ready for bed.
scream when you are told no (your parents laugh..).
like to sleep with your foot propped up on the nearest human.
carry on a "conversation".
need mommy and only mommy after a certain hour.
don't miss a thing.
aren't afraid.

Rob and I know we are blessed with this happy child.

[[BUT... her one year appointment was a bit disappointing for me.  At Grace's 9 month appointment she had not gained a whole lot of weight, and her percentile had gone down.. I figured we would definitely be in the clear at her 12 month appointment because she eats until you take food away from her.  So it was very disappointing when the scale registered a 4 ounce weight gain.  The doctor also said he was a bit concerned about the 3rd percentile stat.  Grace was an 8 pound, 5 ounce baby and her weight has always been in the upper half for her age.  Now all of a sudden we are barely registering.  It was an extra low blow when the doctor questioned the nutrients I provide her via nursing.  At this point, I feel a lot of babies are weened, so what I provide her should just be extra.. but we still have to go back in a month after starting her on some whole milk.

I'm disappointed.  But not super concerned.  My husband is tall and skinny - so it would not surprise me in the least, if this little girl follows that trend.  She does after all look JUST like him.  Whether or not she would already be following that trend at barely a year old... I'm not sure.. but I'm going to keep trucking as long as she is happy and healthy.. and eating.]]

Any advice in the whole baby weight department?

All pictures were taken by A.Looper Photography.

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  1. She is such a beautiful little girl. I am sure the weight situation will work itself out. My niece is very tall and skinny, my sister was always told she was too small but sometimes you just can't help genetics.

  2. Natalie was always underweight. I actually had to see someone to help boost her weight. They told me to feed her rice cereal more often. I really didn't, because she didn't want it. My husband was also tall and skinny. Now Natalie is basically a normal weight, but she's still on the skinny side.

  3. My babies have always been fat. It actually makes me kinda sad that my 6 month old weighs the same as your one year old. I wish she'd stay tiny forever. Avocado and eggs are supposed to be good. Maybe whole milk, since she's a year old? I even read something online recently where the doctor had the lady putting olive oil in the baby's food to help with weight gain. Hope you guys are able to figure something out!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Maybe Evelyn could send Grace a few of her extra pounds? ;-) Eggs and avocado are good. Hopefully the whole milk will help too.

  5. Oh my!!!! She is soooo stinking cute!!!! Lucas was always under weight and still is just skin and bones. Thinking of ya!!!!!

  6. She is so cute! It's been great watching her grow this past year. I hope all the tips help her with the weight gain. :)

  7. I'm no expert, but she looks pretty normal to me. From what I understand, the babies weight when they are born has more to do with how your pregnancy went and how much activity you were able to do based on how your body felt, so if you weren't up to being super active, she would have gotten more calories in uterus which would allow her to weigh more at birth. That's perfectly normal, but I don't think it's abnormal if her metabolism is now amped up while she's growing and staying on the smaller side. I would say, as long as she's getting healthy foods to supplement the sounds like you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Just don't feel pressured to go the olive oil up there ^ I get the concept, but I think the avocado and/or healthy grains are a much better idea. Just my two cents!