On any given day.

You know how life just sometimes falls into the "norm" category?  I am a fan.  I know that our life here in Georgia is not Real-Housewives-of-Atlanta-style, but to me?  It's perfect... normal is great.

On any given day... in our house hold, you might see...

A toddler with a bucket or bag tucked into her elbow toddling around the living room.  Flinging herself across the dog, because she loves him so much.  Belly laughing at how uncomfortable it makes him.  Then moving on to her next target leaving a mess in her wake.

You'll find a husband wrapped up in a blue quilt hogging the couch, if he isn't grilling that is.  Most likely with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and his phone or tablet in the other.. all the while he is guarding the remote that the same toddler from above is probably trying to sneak away.

The TV probably has ESPN on.  The vacuum may be running.  Maybe the washing machine is going.  The ceiling fan has just started whirring again, moving the air just enough to keep the a/c off.

By now the dog has moved to "his" spot on the couch.  He is over-privileged in every sense of the word.  He may be snoring, and running in his sleep... or he is sleeping with one eye open because he knows that toddler is probably plotting her next visit.

Then you'll find a momma always moving, at least until dinner is over.  Loading the dishwasher.. picking up toys.. starting a load of laundry.. cooking dinner.  Border line OCD.  Possibly doing all of this with a kiddo on her hip... or squirming to get free to "help" unload the kitchen cabinets.

At the end of the day, we share some snuggles all in one king size bed... where we all drift away before starting another day that will probably look very much the same.

It isn't super fabulous, but it is comfortable.  It is us.

And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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  1. There is something amazing about the comfort of your routine and your space. :)

  2. I agree that the seemingly boring and mundane days can mean a lot more than people realize. And yes to always keeping the ceiling fan running.

  3. awe! i can't wait for my son and our pup to bond more. :)

  4. Sounds fantastic! And similar to our life.

  5. Normal life is pretty cool! I had enough wild life when I was younger. Was a lot of drama and hangovers I don't miss! Lol.
    But I mean if you ever want drama, they film The Walking Dead in Georgia..so there's that. Haha! Love your blog! :)