A smell and smoke.

I'm exhausted.

Early Saturday morning we had a situation at our house that left us catching up the whole weekend (and here I am at 2:40 in the AM blogging... why?! Because my schedule is all jacked up!)... thankfully all is okay but it very much could have gone another way.

I was still awake around 1:45 Saturday morning picking up the house.  I am naturally a night owl and that is when I tend to do my chores.  Piston came out of the bedroom and was sniffing all around.  Which was odd... because he is most definitely a bum after a certain hour.  All of a sudden, I smelled it too.  I turned around and the kitchen was filled with smoke.

So I immediately woke Rob up.  We checked some rooms to see if we could see anything, we didn't but I grabbed the baby and headed out to sit in the truck anyway while Rob got Piston and called 911 -- at this point the alarms had gone off just briefly and there was still smoke.

A police officer rolled up first.  He didn't go in but he looked around the house to see if he saw anything.  He was quickly followed by two firetrucks.  They hopped out and walked in - and didn't reemerge for a bit.  I told them what had happened when they did come back out.  Initially they could not find the cause, but I explained to them I saw smoke coming out of the vent over the stove top and I remember hearing the air conditioner fan running, even though the a/c was turned off.

Which led them to the cause.  Our electrical panel that goes with the air unit had burned up.  I heard the fan because it basically tripped everything - which might have been lucky because it may have put the fire out itself (although Rob thinks the FD put it out.. I'm not sure they ever said there was an actual fire..).  They turned everything off so it could not turn itself back on, opened some windows to help get the smoke/smell out and positioned some fans before leaving around 2:30 AM.

We were up until almost 4:30.. and I have had a hard time catching up.

But I'm thankful.  It could have been SO much worse.  There was no damage to our stuff.  Sure, we have no a/c unit and who knows when it will get fixed (they were just out here roughly 2 weeks ago to replace the coil in it.. which they debated on just replacing the whole thing...).  But the weather has been cooler with lots of rain.  Plus - we have good friends here local that are willing to open up their house to us as needed.

We are alive.  We are well.  God is good my friends.

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  1. I'm so glad y'all are okay!!! Thank the good Lord.

  2. Scary! I'm so glad everyone was okay.

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so glad you are all okay!

  4. Bless your heart...what a scary time! So glad you and your family are okay! And your house too!